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How to overclock to 5GHz and beyond on the new ROG Z270 motherboards

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The latest 7th Gen. Intel (Kaby Lake) processors bring a new level of overclocking potential for enthusiasts, ROG and ASUS as always are ready to squeeze out every hertz possible. ASUS engineers have found a way to the Holy Grail that is 5GHz, and all it takes is a click in the BIOS. You don't need to be a professional overclocker to achieve extreme speed.

OG OC Profile a

The 5G OC Profile requires that you have the latest Z270 processor paired with an ASUS/ROG Z270 motherboard, the 80% success rate means you've got a pretty good chance of finally hitting that 5GHz mark. Your thermal solution of course does matter so you'd probably want to invest in a good CPU cooler, and you'd be happy to know there are newly-designed cooling solutions for the latest Z270 motherboards for longevity and the confidence to push the system, not to mention they look incredible with Aura RGB lighting.


5G OC Profile in BIOS for ROG (left), ROG Strix (center) and ASUS/TUF (right)


Overclocking without entering the BIOS

OG OC Profile b

The DIP 5 (Dual Intelligent Processors 5) software integrates 5-Way Optimization, TPU (Turbo Processing Unit), EPU (Energy Processing Unit), DIGI+ power control, Fan Xpert 3, and Turbo App - everything you need to optimize your performance (whether speed, energy saving, stability or silent operation). You can now also use the new Stress Test Distribution feature to check for stability. To help you get the highest clock possible, you can adjust the distribution to match the scenario which best suits you - making sure there is stability for whatever you intend to use the computer for. Not many applications put the processor under 100% load, and you don't necessarily need to pass every stress test to have the system to be 100% stable for what you do. This software helps you find the right amount of stability you need, and the highest frequency (thus speed) possible by reverting to the last known stable configuration. Happy overclocking!

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