Introducing the ROG Strix X399-E Gaming motherboard for Threadripper CPUs

Aug 10, 2017 Written by:ROG Article

Today, gaming is more than just playing. There’s a whole world of streaming and broadcasting that has turned it into a form of entertainment watched by millions. A product of this new regime, ROG’s Strix X399-E Gaming motherboard unleashes Threadripper’s horsepower on high-quality streaming and complex post-production while our comprehensive cooling controls keep thermals in check. But it still has one foot firmly planted in hardcore gameplay, plus advanced lighting that gives builders everything they need for tricked-out machines.

Stay cool and drink plenty of fluids

Processors of Threadripper’s magnitude require potent cooling, so the Strix has a collection of options for liquid and air. Dedicated headers for stand-alone pumps and all-in-one coolers simplify setup for liquid endeavors. Those connectors can be reconfigured for fans, but there’s little need, because the board already has six additional fan headers. There’s enough capacity to drive the cooling for a complete rig.

Cooling is managed by our critically acclaimed FanXpert intelligence. Rather than restricting each fan’s response to input from a single temperature sensor, the latest incarnation lets you associate individual fans with multiple sensors, including the GPU diode on compatible graphics cards and the wired probe included with the motherboard. This allows FanXpert to react to a diverse range of loads, whether you’re hammering the CPU with complex rendering or pushing the GPU with binge gaming.

The motherboard power circuitry responsible for satiating Threadripper’s 180W TDP needs special attention. To improve thermal dissipation for the VRMs, the Strix X399-E Gaming pipes heat to a finned radiator and fan discreetly tucked under the I/O shield. The fan only spins up when necessary, making it silent for everyday tasks but responsive when you need a boost.

Cooling considerations also improve the prospects for M.2 SSDs prone to thermally induced throttling under heavy sustained loads. The primary M.2 slot sits under the chipset heatsink, while the secondary one mounts drives vertically in the path of airflow around the memory slots. If you want to avoid M.2 drives entirely or augment them with an additional NVMe goodness, the Strix’s U.2 port connects to 2.5” SSDs that have their own heatsinks and fit into chassis drive bays.

Get the best from the platform inside and out

Threadripper is all about performance and bandwidth, but you don’t need to be an expert to harness the beast. With a single click, our 5-Way Optimization software automatically finds the overclocking sweet spot for your processor and cooling based on the unique characteristics of your setup. The auto-tuner is highly configurable, enabling experienced enthusiasts to experiment without the tedium of trial and error. A full slate of manual tweaking options rounds out the package, making the Strix X399-E Gaming ideal for pretty much everything but sub-zero adventures with liquid nitrogen.

The CPU’s mother lode of PCI Express lanes is shared between high-speed interfaces for SSDs and PCIe x16 slots for graphics. Multiple high-end GPUs are required for truly cutting-edge gaming and VR experiences, so the Strix takes up to three double-wide cards in SLI or CrossFireX. SafeSlot protects your investment by reinforcing the main graphics slots against damage from increasingly heavy GPU coolers.

With so much bandwidth inside the platform, we had to give the X399-E robust connectivity for reaching outside the box. The board’s Intel Gigabit networking controller delivers a reliable wired link for competitive play, while its 2x2 802.11ac Wi-Fi offers wireless convenience right out of the box. For external devices, USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports provide 10Gbps links in Type-A, Type-C, and front-panel flavors. Add eight USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, and there’s enough room for an army of gaming peripherals and VR accessories.

Light the way forward

Designed to be shown, the Strix X399-E Gaming layers highly customizable Aura lighting over a stylish foundation that matches a wide range of other components. Diffused RGB LEDs illuminate multiple onboard zones and combine with headers for both conventional and addressable strips to extend a personalized glow across your entire system. Addressable strips allow control over each LED individually, opening the door to advanced effects and exciting possibilities for chassis, fans, and other devices.


We’re expanding the Aura ecosystem beyond onboard LEDs and headers to improve interoperability and foster development. The Strix X399-E is part of a growing family of Aura Sync parts that use a single intuitive interface to synchronize colors and effects across your entire PC. Developers get to add their own software to the mix using the Aura SDK, which will expand to encompass new features and hardware.

To satisfy all your senses, the onboard audio is upgraded to the latest generation of SupremeFX. This iteration has tweaks to improve recording quality, so your voice comes through loud and clear when broadcasting to an audience and discussing strategy with teammates. The newest version of our Sonic Studio software also makes it easier to direct audio streams to different devices; you can assign game audio to headphones, music to speakers, and video to an auxiliary display with just a few clicks.

Pricing and availability

The Strix X399-E brings Threadripper into the Republic of Gamers at a more affordable price than our flagship ROG Zenith Extreme. Please check with your local ASUS ROG representative for specifics on the street date and pricing in your region. And be sure to check out the X399 motherboard guide at ASUS Edge Up for more info on all of our Threadripper platforms.