Micro ATX Prodigy Mod: Prodigious by adamski07

Apr 22, 2013 Written by:ROG Article

The Bit Fenix Prodigy is a mini-ITX case, but Rig Noobies member adamski07 wanted more, he wanted a full water cooling loop, a GTX 680 and a micro ATX motherboard in his Prodigy. Despite not even remotely resembling the original case at the end, it’s still one of the most impressive micro ATX, let alone mini-ITX, projects we've seen, and its definitely checking out the full project log.



One of the first things adamski07 had to do was resize and rotate the motherboard tray to fit the Maximus V Gene, while still keeping enough room for the PSU. He did this by reusing the PCI assembly from another micro ATX case and making his own rear panel from aluminium. This rotated the motherboard and PSU, and gave room for a pair of 80mm fans to exhaust hot air. He also made and painted a custom front panel from acrylic, giving it a stunning, futuristic-industrial vibe.

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The hardware is cooled with a custom loop using EK waterblocks on the motherboard, CPU and GTX 680 graphics card and dual 120mm fan radiators. The internals of the case are custom painted to match the outside panels and radiators. Every possible part features some modification; for example the PSU is not only individually sleeved to fit the color-scheme, but also features a custom grill on the back of it.

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 Adamski07's Prodigy is not only one of the best Prodigy mods, but one of the most comprehensive we've seen. He's covered every possible part, changing it to fit the theme and his needs. It’s a truly a work of art.


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What do you think of this mini-ITX come micro ATX conversion mod? Let us know in the forums.