Scan UK Launch

Dec 12, 2013 Written by:ROG Article

Scan UK's Super Workstations-slash-Extreme PCs, named "The Bear" and "White Tiger", are 6-grand monoliths of extreme tuned, liquid cooled, custom cased, premium PC tech everyone would love to own! It should be little surprise then that at their very heart is a Rampage IV Black Edition. The Bear recently won the CustomPC 2013 Dream PC. "Every 3XS gaming PC is tailored to your specific requirements, but if you're after a true piece of art then you'll want to check out one of our Dream PCs. Each Dream PC design is the result of months of research and development, resulting in a truly individual system that offers the ultimate in cutting-edge technology, aesthetics and acoustics." For more info, hit the link to Scan below! the-bear