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ASUS ROG-TJ11 Diablo III Case Mod By Ban Nguyen

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Late last year we saw the fantastic ROG Rampage Mod by Ban Nguyen, and now he's back again, this time attacking a standard Silverstone TJ11 to shoehorn in some watercooled ROG love, all wrapped in Blizzards upcoming Diablo 3 designs with his latest ROG-TJ11 Diablo III Case Mod. Be sure to see the link to bit-tech's modding forum for more intimate updates, but first here's from start to finish:

1. Stripping down the TJ11

2. Making the radiator brackets

This fits two Black Ice GTX 280 radiators, with the idea that it's easier to install/remove with a central bracket.

3. Preparing the pumps and BitsPower barbs

Two D5 and RP450 pumps from Koolance, with a complete set of BitsPower 90º rotary adapters and SLI connectors.

4. Preparing the GPU blocks and taking it for a test run

The EK VGA blocks for his two ASUS GTX 580 DirectCU II. At first it was a bit difficult to setup:

5. The interconnect plate

Measurements are take for the rear interconnect plate - a signature feature of Ban, where he uses solid piping to move the liquid plane movement into a fixed area. The effect is always aesthetically beautiful.

The bottom plate connects the pump, radiator and graphics cards.

6. Custom Reserviors

Customized reservoirs were made to fit the TJ11 specifically. Acrylic and super glue (CHCL3) provide an air-tight seal.  It connects both pumps to two separate loops.

To make it look nicer, Ban covered it in custom cut Diablo 3/Blizzard covers. Note how he uses the O in to fit a barb.

7. Testing out the red lighting

Looks good so far!


8. Close-ups of the fitted ROG hardware as it progresses

With the neatest way to overcome the watercooled SLI issue:

9. Testing the interconnect plate

10. Adding red detailing to the TJ11

11. Cabling update

12. Front panel design

You'll see the effect in the final pictures on page 4...


The final result: ASUS ROG-TJ11 Diablo III Case Mod, By Ban Nguyen

Let us know your thoughts, in the forums!

Articles: News Mods Galleries
Article Tags: Mods
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