In the world of ROG, gamers fight for freedom

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Sep 23, 2021 Written by:ROG Article

ROG has never been satisfied with following conventions. Our teams are passionate about innovating to create something truly special—which is why we've created an entire artistic universe that celebrates gaming and the passions that drive us. 

The world of ROG SAGA

We've teased tiny pieces of this universe over the years, even writing about the inspiration behind this fictional world. But in 2019, the story truly began with our introduction to the ROG SAGA. In an age known ironically as the epoch of utopia, people are obsessed with maintaining the status quo, suffocating under oppression from those in power. The world is torn in two when a population of superhumans known as G.A.M.E.R.s have their abilities revealed to the public. Persecuted by the rest of humanity for their gifts, a conflict rises between the two sides. But as an apocalypse threatens to split humankind, seven G.A.M.E.R.s band together to fight for freedom. 

The saga’s heroes were inspired by the values that drive us at ROG. G.A.M.E.R.s are vanguards of their society, just like we aim to always be the leader in our field. They're rebels, standing for what they believe in, and they fight for the freedom of everyone—regardless of race, gender, status, or born superpowers. In the cyberpunk world of the ROG SAGA, these principles are always at stake, and our heroes refuse to surrender them in the face of dystopia. That DNA is infused in everything we do, and each of those characters is crafted with that DNA in mind. 

Seven heroes reignite their souls 

Now, after years of trailers, teases, and countless hours of work, we're ready to truly show you the threads we've woven. The world remains broken. As G.U.N. establishes an oppressive new world order under the guise of peace, the G.A.M.E.R.s continue to fight for the fate of mankind, reigniting hope among the people in an effort to turn the tables. 

The ROG SAGA is made up of seven heroes: HORSEM4N, the knight of death who quad-wields his guns with his robotic arms; SE7EN, a cyborg ninja assassin with incredible agility; AKIRA, a ronin who fights with dual cyber swords; AchT, a brilliant hacker that passes between the physical and digital dimensions; GO, a sturdy technician donned in cybernetic-enhanced combat armor; OMNI, the mascot android with a bratty personality; and PKD, a noble lone wolf  who manipulates liquid-like micro-machines with his psychokinesis. At the new ROG SAGA portal, you’ll learn how each of these heroes came to join the revolution. You’ll see in-depth maps of the universe they inhabit, how the age of dystopia came to be, and all the concept art we’ve created so far. 

We have a ton more we can't wait to show you, some of which is yet to come—but there's a whole lot waiting for you in the world of ROG right now. Join the Republic.