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Interview With Pro-Modder & Watercooling Guru, Malik

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Luke Plonka, more commonly known around the modding community as Malik, has been installing and modifying complex water cooled systems for a long while and has an impressive portfolio of projects. He was one of the first modders to use the now incredibly popular individually sleeved cables, as well an early adopter of compression fittings and angled barbs. He has a big following over at Xtreme Systems, with a thread documenting his years of tinkering and upgrading his various systems and loops.  We fired him a few questions to ask about his projects and his inspirations.


ROG: Why do you modify PC's?

Luke: Creating my own projects gives me great pleasure. It's a moment in time where you can be purely creative. It is also the opportunity to create something one of a kind, which you can not buy in a store.

Malik 8

ROG: When did you start modifying PC's?

Luke: The first project I created was about six years ago. This was a project where the basic parts were taken from a Thermaltake case. But using pre-built cases to start with didn't last long, and after that the adventure with liquid cooling and system designing started for real.

ROG: What do you enjoy about modding?

Luke: In modding I like that we create something that is unique. What makes this work...  priceless.

ROG: What's your favorite project?

Luke: My favorite project is MurderMod, created by Charles H. His designs are simply works of art.

ROG: Do you have any ideas planned future?

Luke: I have a few ideas for projects, but for now I will not reveal them. If I did then there would be no surprise in the future! (devilish grin)


ROG: Is there a project you'd like to do, but never have?

Luke: I think that this adventure will never end. You can always build even nicer and better design. So answering to this question ... it is certain that there's a project which I haven't done yet but will do in the future. It is a never ending story! ;)

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What do you think of Malik's deisgns, and have they inspired you to start a project? Let us know in the forums.

Thanks to Luke for his time answering our questions. For more information about his projects and mods, go to his website.

Articles: News PC Mods
Article Tags: PC Mods
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