New Unigine Heaven World Record - Make possible what seems impossible

Sep 06, 2016 Written by:ROG Article

Today, a big milestone has been reached by the number one overclocker, Dancop. After trying  for weeks, he finally reached the 10K score with a single GPU on Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset and tear apart the previous World Record hold with the power of two GPUs. 

In the same benching night session he also achieved two Global First Places on GPUPI - 1B and 3DMark11 - Performance in the single GPU category. 

Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset 1XGPU - 10682.86 DX11 Marks with Intel i7 6700K @ 6,735.98MHz (+68.40%) and Titan X Pascal @ 2,414MHz (+70.36%)

What is surprising is that Dancop used the Maximus VIII Impact to reach this performance. Both i7 6700K processor and Titan X Pascal graphics card were on cold in order to reach the maximum frequencies. 


If we look at the performance of previous scores with a single GPU, Dancop's score is far in front with more than 2000 DX11 Marks. Joe90br, #2 Global First Place with one GPU only reached 8630.52 DX11 Marks.

Compare to the previous World Record hold by Xtreme_Addict on Maximus VIII Extreme and two GTX 1080 graphics cards, the points difference is down to 13.21 DX11 Marks. The main difference between the two scores can be observed in the CPU frequency performance and the efficiency of using one GPU as well as tweaks. 

Unigine Heaven System picture


GPUPI - 1B 1XGPU - 9sec 146ms with Intel i7 6950X @ 5,078.66MHz (+69.29%) and Titan X Pascal @ 2,543.5MHz (+79.50%)

Dancop also achieved a Global First Place (GFP) in the single GPU category with 9sec 146ms with the help of the Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard.  

GPUPI 1B_1xGPU_9sec146ms


3DMark11 - Performance - 42600 Marks with Intel i7 6950X @ 5,078.66MHz (+69.29%) and Titan X Pascal @ 2,443MHz (+72.41%)

He also achieved a Global First Place on 3DMark11 - Performance with 42600 Marks. However, few hours after, Kingpin posted a backup score of 42627 Marks and took back the Global First Place.