ROG Mars GTX 295 & Maximus VIII Extreme Gets GFP on 3DMark2001 SE

Apr 11, 2016 Written by:ROG Article

Dancop and der8auer, two of the most hardcore overclockers on the planet, got their hands on the limited-edition ROG Mars GTX 295 graphics card and pushed the bejesus out of it, in its heyday (2009) this was the biggest, baddest graphics card on earth and the first ROG graphics card with dual GPUs. They decided to see what the behemoth of yesteryear can do when paired with hardware of today.     

With the use of an Intel Core i7-6700K on the ROG Maximus VIII Extreme, the two german overclockers spent three days of intense overclocking to reach 182,593 marks on 3DMark2001 SE. This odd configuration proved potent as it allowed them to break the record that has withstood for more than a year, beating comfortably the 180,580 mark record set by sofos1990 and clinched Global First Place (GFP) in the 2-way SLI category on the 3DMark2001 SE benchmark.

der8auer also posted two Global First Places (GFP) in the 2-core category on HWBOT Prime and Geekbench3. Using a Core i3-6320 on the Maximus VIII Impact, he worked some magic - unlocking the non-K CPU, to reach an astounding 6.3GHz+.  


182,593 marks on 3DMark2001 SE with Intel Core i7-6700K @ 6,806MHz (+70.15%)

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Remember Mars GTX 295? 

Released in 2009, Mars GTX 295 was the first ROG graphics card with dual GPUs and only 1,000 of these limited-edition cards were ever produced. This card combined two GTX 285s each with 2GB of memory.  The GPU clock of the card is 648MHz and 1100MHz for memory. Dancop and der8auer somehow pushed the performance to 950MHz (+64.93%) / 1,220MHz (+22.12%)! 


14,798 points on Geekbench3 with Intel Core i3-6320 @ 6,348MHz (+62.77%)

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5,839.52pps (Primes Per Second) on HWBOT Prime with Intel Core i3-6320 @ 6,405MHz (+64.23%)

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