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ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z & MATRIX HD 7970 Review Roundup

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The RSS feed has been full of ROG reviews hitting the net lately, so clearly it's been a busy week in the media review labs! See the latest Crosshair V Formula-Z and MATRIX HD 7970 reviews below. If you spot any more, be sure to give us a shout in the forums!

HardOCP: ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z AM3+ Motherboard Review

HardOCP gives the C5F-Z its Editors Choice: Silver Award, with the following concluding remark:

The ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z is an incredibly feature rich motherboard for the price. It is well built and well designed. It has more overclocking BIOS options than you will probably ever need and possibly more than you would ever want. For the diehard AMD overclocker, the Crosshair V Formula-Z should be the perfect motherboard. Had we stellar overclocking results with our FX-8350 sample the motherboard would have likely rated a Gold award, but we have just not seen that first hand.

Be sure to read the full, in-depth review here for all the details.


eTeknix: Asus Matrix HD 7970 Platinum 3GB Graphics Card Review

The eTek-crew put the latest MATRIX through the ringer and it pops out with a big thumbs up and an Editors Choice. From their conclusion:

Asus have done a simply amazing job with this card and it’s down to every last detail, much like a Ferrari with the addition of the DirectCUII cooler, the plentiful overclock, the added features for voltage control and even the bundled MOSFET heatsink for those wanting to push it under LN2. We’ve looked at cards like this before on the GTX 680 level, but never had a chance to really see a 7970 that can take on the world until now.

Check out the full 16-pages of testing here.


Hardware Canucks: ASUS HD 7970 3GB Matrix Platinum Edition Review

Another MATRIX review, this time from the Canadian Canucks:

The ASUS HD 7970 Matrix Platinum represents a seamless combination of bleeding edge performance, excellent acoustics solid software and sky-high overclocking potential. It truly is a poster child that represents just how far graphics card technology has progressed over the last few years. It may just be the best card currently available and it wins all three of our awards, becoming only the fourth product in the history of Hardware Canucks to do so. 

See the full 21-pages of testing here.


Legit Reviews: ASUS Matrix HD 7970 Platinum Video Card Review

Legit reviews back up the MATRIX opinion further with an Editors Choice:

The ASUS HD 7970 Matrix Platinum 3GB (MATRIX-HD7970-P-3GD5) retails online for for $499.99 shipped. You can run out and get the lowest cost AMD Radeon HD 7970 for $387 shipped after rebates, so it costs $113 more than the reference design.  Is it worth the extra cash? Absolutely! The ASUS HD 7970 Matrix Platinum is an entirely different beast and for those that want the best and like to brag about what they own, this is as good as it gets. We love that ASUS keeps raising the bar when it comes to what one can expect from their flagship video cards.  Innovation is something that is needed to keep products better for consumers and we are glad to see ASUS leading the way. 

The full review and testing.



Late entry on 20th Nov:

Tech of Tomorrow: Maximus V Extreme Review and Benchmarks

Tech of Tomorrow starts its review by recognizing that "Asus ROG series is always a force to be reckoned with now more than ever", and then proceeds to put the latest Extreme through its paces, with this remark among the conclusions:

With the inclusion of such features as the OCKey, VGA Hotwire, Subzero Sense and 4 Way SLI this board can do pretty much anything you task it to do and probably more but the simple way of it is that its overbuilt for anything a gaming rig could be used for.

Prepare your scrolling finger, because it's a looooong and detailed review.

Article Tags: Product News
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