Winners Announced: 100 Words 2 Win 1 Of 3 ThunderFX

Sep 10, 2012 Written by:ROG Article

With over 100 entries it took quite a while to read them all and decide the winners! Thanks everyone for joining in! The three winners of a ThunderFX each are:

  • Najirion

This ROG board is way cooler than its predecessors. The signature black-red color added with a beefy heatsink that now offers a unique watercooling solution spells power all together! Packed with features like wifi and bluetooth capabilities which aren't really common features in boards yet is indeed a great idea. New ideas like the hybrid thermal solution makes this new breed of motherboard is truly impressive! It wouldn't only push extreme overclocking to new heights, it also shows why ASUS is the leader in making extreme gaming motherboards others are trying to copy. Congratulations to ASUS.

  • Cody_Irwin

This appeals to alot of gamers going into the higher market, Having Air and Water Cooling ready solution available, what also sets this apart from others for gamers are the mPCI and mSata ports to allow Wifi and SSD capabilities. The on-board Audio technology regarding interference and the Software Priority Online: Game First II, just a amazing added bonus because honestly, the worst thing is annoying mic problems in the middle of a raid, or a strategy discussion in FPS ect. Bluetooth a little overkill but overall the Maximus V Formula is Great for gamers, Asus Stepped it up! Amazing!

  • ParamedicSam
Before I start I just want to state that whenever there is a give-a-way I notice a lot of new posters (1 post only) makes me think spammers. Okay with that said let me explain why the Maximus V Formula/ThunderFx just work perfect together. You are pairing two great products together for one insanely low price. Then on top of that you throw in Hybrid Thermal solution, an mPCIe combo, AND SupremeFX IV! I mean really, Asus is basically setting you up with the perfect rig; you cannot mess it up. Finally, the motherboard is backed up with great support and a great community via the ROG forum. Asus stands behind their products and it shows with the Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX. 
For those who missed out but still want to win some cracking ROG gear, be sure to show off what you cool off.