World Record: Strat Hits 79960 Marks in 3DMark05 with Maximus VIII Extreme

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Nov 02, 2015 Written by:ROG Article

Strat (a.k.a. StrategosSan), is a well-known French overclocker. This past week, he posted some really nice scores including a Global First Place in the 4 cores XTU category and wPrime 32M at 3sec 109ms - matching the Global First Place set by fredyama.  However, it's first come, first served, so Strat will be honored with second place. 

Finally, it's time to shine for Strat with his incredible score of 79960 marks in 3DMark05 with 2 x GPUs.

System Specs

Motherboard: ROG Maximus VIII Extreme

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K

Graphics card: Matrix GTX 980

Memory: HyperX DDR4


3DMark05 2xGPU - 79960 marks @ 6,400MHz (+60.00%) & @ 1,430MHz (+17.60%) / 1,800MHz (+2.33%)

See submission

The previous world record was set by Dancop with a single GPU accumulating 78917 marks using the Maximus VIII Extreme and running an i7-6700K @ 6,533.11MHz (+63.33%). Graphics card-wise, Dancop used a Strix GTX980 Ti @ 1,076MHz / 1,753MHz (Stock)

Strat surprised everyone while running his i7-6700K @ 6,400MHz (+60.00%) and running 2 way SLI Matrix GTX 980 @  1,430MHz (+17.60%) / 1,800MHz (+2.33%). Clearly the performance of his graphics cards compensated and prevailed despite the 133MHz difference in CPU performance.

Another surprise, Strat ran 3DMark05 with Windows 8.1! Usually legacy benchmarks perform better under Windows XP or Windows 7.


image_id_1503189 From left to right: sale_quiche, Mylth, Strat, DrTank and S4ch4Z

The French overclocking team Klan-OC is gathering often to push the performance of their hardware.  Next weekend they plan to push the limits of the Maximus VIII Impact. Stay tuned!