Oct 03, 2012 Written by: MarshallR

7184.3MHz: ROG Breaks i7-3770K Frequency World Record & More!

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1) i7-3770K CPU Frequency World Record

Andre, TeamRU and Smoke, with assistance from Hazzan, Shamino and a boat-load of Liquid Helium cracked the i7-3770K CPU frequency world record at 7184.3MHz! See the validation below. Supporting hardware included the Maximus V Extreme, G.Skill DDR3, an Antec HCP 1200W PSU and Kingston SSD. Addendum 4th October 2012: See the video at the bottom for all the action on the day! 7184.3 That's not all though, because other world records broken include:

2) SuperPi 1M: 5.094s

Within a hairs width of hitting sub-5 seconds! 7.043GHz and G.Skill DDR3 at 2.683GHz CL6 1m

3) SuperPi 32M: 4 minutes 43 seconds


4) PiFast: 10.16 seconds

pifast1016 A gallery and video of the days events will be up soon! Join the discussion in our forums.

Event Video:

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