Jul 08, 2014 Written by: MarshallR

Guide: Overclocking Core i7 4790K (Devil's Canyon) With ASUS Z97 Motherboards

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ASUS PC DIY has tested overclocking Core i7 4790K CPUs (Devil's Canyon) - no less than six! - to push for a maximum overclock with an ASUS Z97 Deluxe motherboard and later on the Maixmus VII Hero, Sabertooth Z97, Z97-WS and the Z97-A - all providing a consistent experience and up to 4.8GHz CPU (all cores) and 2,400MHz DDR3 frequency. Out of the six CPUs tested they were all found to achieve at least 4.6GHz, with some fine testing and tuning of each core required to eek the last few MHz out. 

PC DIY further details how to use the ASUS UEFI options to tweak the new Z97 boards in the section appropriately titled "UEFI Options and the benefits of ASUS auto rules".

Hit the link below to read the full article and guide!


Article Tags: Guides
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