Dec 11, 2011 Written by: Suds McSoapdish

Rampage IV Extreme Overclocks Memory To 2700MHz

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There's a new video made by ASUS HQ that demoes RAM overclocking on both the top of the line Rampage IV Extreme and the mass market yet high end P9X79 DELUXE board. Both share the Intel LGA 2011 socket for Sandy Bridge-E CPUs with the X79 Express Chipset, and both have that 8-DIMM design we've been loving so much lately.

With memory speeds of up to 2,700MHz and no drop in stability, it becomes clear that the ASUS and ROG approach to board design pays off - meticulous testing with almost every memory module out there during development translates into boards that are so much more amenable to overclocking than your run of the mill product. Another key point to note is the very close and cooperative relationship ASUS has with memory makers like Kingston, Corsair and G.Skill, which aids in board development and troubleshooting. This inevitably leads to boards you can make better use of if tuning and competitive benchmarking are your thing. They are obviously great for getting more performance out of hardware for your gaming needs, and can take the added stress of overclocking with ease. This is why the P9X79 DELUXE was recently Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) certified, further showcasing its stability and durability. Of course, the user interfaces ASUS bundles with all of its motherboards, ROG and otherwise, sure help.

Here's the video, enjoy!



Article Tags: Hands OnVideos
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