Jun 03, 2013 Written by: MarshallR

Total Domination! Team ASUS & Maximus VI Extreme Overclocking Champions!

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Andre Yang and TL Ng of Team ASUS dominated the Corsair Overclocking event, winning 8/11 categories! In addition to this, the Maximus VI Extreme won a total of 10/11 categories: a 91% success! oc event domination Here's some pictures from the days happenings: How it looked pre-setup. So neat! Yet not for long... IMG_0908 Showing the Russian duo, Smoke and Slamms, the GTX Titan Andre Edition. Yes, it requires five PCI-Express connectors. IMG_0917 8 Pack bought a different set of OC weapons!   IMG_0925 Splave joins Asrock in-house overclocker, Nick Shih, OCing their new Z87 board. IMG_0928 Gotta have a lot of LN2! IMG_0931 Some of the overclockers who chose the Maximus VI Extreme: IMG_0938 Hardware hand-out time by Corsair. I'll have some free memory, SSDs, PSUs and a graphics card too, pleeeease. IMG_0946 Still going on that hardware... IMG_0951   Pick carefully! Which one will OC the best? IMG_0954 The Gigabyte guys even brought an oscilloscope. IMG_0956 A little liquid keeps the teams refreshed. Can't beat an open bar.


The HKEPC guys also chose Maximus for their OC rig.

IMG_0961 And another Maximus! IMG_0967 100% concentration from TL and Andre, mid-bench. IMG_0970 6.7GHz? Yea that'll do nicely! IMG_0973 5.4 second SuperPi record, done! IMG_0976 Dino22 and HiCookie from Gigabyte. IMG_0992 The HKEPC guys setting up their Maximus BIOS. IMG_0995 Andre's monster Titan winning another 3DMark bench. IMG_1003 570k is the Aquamark record of the day: IMG_1007 Extreme Tweaker. A name of literal meaning. IMG_1010 We popped upstairs to have a nose at Corsair's new case; here it is below! It's square, with the power and storage hidden on the other side, and overall it's extremely lovely. Check out your favorite tech site this week for more info. IMG_1019 1.65GHz core clock on a Titan! IMG_1043 Winners get the money and trophies, not the ladies. IMG_1046 Oh Hai! IMG_1055 The OC community is really a great bunch :-) IMG_1061 Truly, the Choice of Champions! IMG_1067 Drop us your thoughts and congratulations, in the forums!
Article Tags: EventsGallery
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