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X99 Domination: Rampage V Extreme Overclocking World Records!

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World-wide extreme overclockers have already used the Rampage V Extreme to break a huge number of world records on day 1 of X99! Big thanks to G.Skill for sponsoring their Ripajaws 4 DDR4 extreme memory and Cooler Master for the powerful V1200 power supplies. The world records are all linked inside, but key scores include In addition there is a flood of 3DMark and Catzilla results across single GPU, 2-, 3-, and 4-way multi-GPU scenarios you can see in the table below. Congrats to overclockers 8Pack, Wizerty, Hazzan, Gunslinger, Slamms, and Elmor! R5E-world-records

World Records Breakdown & Links

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Benchmark 1x GPU 2x GPU 3x GPU 4x GPU
3DMark Fire Strike 3DMark_FS_2x_28863_8pack&Wizerty 28863 8Pack/Wiz 3dmark_fs_3x_30840_Vlad 30840 Slamms 3DMark_FS_4x_36976_8pack&Wizerty 36976 8Pack/Wiz
3DMark Fire Strike Extreme 3DMark_FSE_2x_15011_8pack&Wizerty 15011 8Pack/Wiz rog-logo-150 17746 (R4BE) 3DMark_FSE_4x_26417_Mike 26417 Gunslinger
3DMark 11 Performance 3DMark11_1x_P25342_8pack_Wizerty 25342 8Pack/Wiz 3DMark11_2x_P38291_Vlad 38291 8Pack/Wiz 3dmark11_3x_P41638_Vlad 41638 Slamms 3DMark11_4x_P43864_Gunslinger 43864 Gunslinger
3DMark 11 Entry rog-logo-150 29081 (R4BE) rog-logo-150 32901 (R4BE) rog-logo-150 32173 (R4BE) 3DMark11_entry_4x_E44535_Gunslinger 44535 Gunslinger
3DMark Sky Diver rog-logo-150 47115 (R4BE) 3DMarkSky_diver_sli_66507_Vlad 66507 Slamms 3dmark_SD_3x_74836_Vlad 74836 Slamms 3dmark_SD_4x_74368_Vlad 74368 Slamms
3DMark Vantage 3DMark_Vantage_1x_P81955_8pack&Wizerty 81955 8Pack/Wiz 3DMark_Vantage_2x_P102545_Mike 102545 Gunslinger gunslinger_3dmark_vantage___performance_2x_geforce_gtx_780_ti_102545_marks 102545 Gunslinger 3DMark_Vantage_4x_P106457_8pack&Wizerty 106457 8Pack/Wiz
Catzilla 720P Catzilla720p_2x_58127_8pack&Wizerty 58127 8Pack/Wiz rog-logo-150 57011 (R4BE) rog-logo-150 59928 (R4BE)
Catzilla 1440P wizerty_catzilla___1440p_2x_geforce_gtx_780_ti_22641_marks 22641 8Pack/Wiz rog-logo-150 25307 (R4BE) rog-logo-150 30109 (R4BE)
CineBench R11.5 cb11.5_25.24_Peter 25.24 Shamino
CineBench R15 cb15_2283_Vlad 2283 Slamms
XTU xtu_2798_Vlad 2798 Slamms
HWBotPrime HWBOTPRime_9618_gunslinger 9681 Gunslinger
Wprime 32M slamms_wprime___32m_core_i7_5960x_2sec_135ms 2.135 Slamms
Wprime 1024M Wprime_1024M_62.025s_Peter 1min 2sec 324ms Slamms
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