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ASUS Announces ROG Maximus VIII Extreme

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Republic of Gamers today announced Maximus VIII Extreme, the new flagship Z170 gaming motherboard many of you have been waiting for.  It comes loaded with new overclocking technologies and gaming features.  Based on the new Intel Z170 Express chipset and LGA 1151 socket for the latest 6th-generation Intel processors, Maximus VIII Extreme established its performance prowess on the new platform by setting eight world records and twelve global first places at launch.  

Designed and made for hardcore enthusiasts, the new OC Panel II with a 2.6-inch display is featured for monitoring and expert overclocking.  Like its predecessor, it provides real-time monitoring of parameters including CPU temperature, ratio, base clock and fan speeds while sitting inside the 5.25-inch bay, instant overclock and fan controls are also accessible.   When it's time for advanced tweaking, OC Panel II can be taken out to be used as an external console for quick-access to ROG-exclusive features such as Subzero Sense, VGA Hotwire, Slow Mode and Pause switch.  Even if you don't know how to use it, chances are neither do your friends, so you can pull it out and tell them you can hijack any device on your current network and see if they believe you.

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To Maximus your performance you have 5-Way Optimization auto-tuning for instant performance boosts,  Pro Clock to achieve incredible base-clock frequencies, second generation T-Topology technology for extreme DDR4 overclocking, and Extreme Engine DIGI+ for precise, dependable power delivery even when you've pushed the system to the limits.  

SupremeFX 2015 has been redesigned from the ground up starting with the implementation of professional-grade audio components including an ESS ES9023P digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with Hyperstream technology, ultra-low-jitter clock, Nichicon capacitors, 2VRMS headphone amp, and Sonic SenseAmp to automatically detect the impedance of your headset and optimize accordingly (impedance mismatch will result in higher distortion, meaning poor sound quality).  Not only the hardware has been upgraded but also the software - Sonic Studio II has also been tweaked to take advantage of the new hardware.  New features include Perfect Voice noise-cancellation technology for both incoming and outgoing communications, and Casting Enhancer for all you aspiring streamers out there.

To eliminate lag in online gaming , the complete package including the latest Intel Gigabit Ethernet (I219-V),  ASUS LANGuard and GameFirst technology are featured to maximize throughput and protection against surges and static electricity, while minimizing CPU overhead.  The latest and best connectivity options should be expected with a board of this caliber, so Thunderbolt 3, NVMe U.2, M.2, SATA Express and USB 3.1 are all supported. ASUS-exclusive USB 3.1 Boost technology can take you even further -  up to 932MB/s for read speed (16% faster) and 875MB/s for write speed (14%faster).

RAMCache technology is available to cache an entire storage device so your favorite games and apps load even faster, while minimizing the risk of data loss.  KeyBot II is the new successor to upgrade your existing keyboard with macros and much more.  You also get free access to Overwolf which is an unobtrusive in-game overlay featuring exclusive ROG skins now downloadable from Overwolf’s app store.

Another exciting new addition is the customizable LED lighting.  You can set it to change shades to indicate CPU temperature, or have sound-activated effects if you want everyone to know who unleashed that bullet.

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