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ASUS Announces Strix 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset

The Strix 7.1 a gaming headset that delivers 7.1 surround sound from its ten neodymium magnet drivers. Built using the same Strix design as the DSP - with orange lighting and USB Audio Station - the 7.1 offers a different audio experience than the single-super-sized driver in the DSP. For stereo audio sources like music, video streams and TV, there's a tuned stereo mode that works across the five speakers-per-ear.

The USB Audio Station features include a headphone amplifier, 90% environmental noise cancellation performance for clear voice capture, and four game-audio spectrum profiles so you can tailor the audio experience to the type of game being played.

The cups are cushioned with ultra-soft, full-size memory foam, covered with highly breathable protein leather, which reaches 130mm across at its widest point. For transport the ear cups are fold-able and can lie flat, while the microphone boom is detachable for storage, making the headset easy to bring with you out the house.

For the full spec and details, hit the PR button below the pics.

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Press Release

ASUS Announces Strix 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset

Headset and USB audio station deliver immersive gaming audio and clear in-game communications

Taipei, Taiwan (26th November, 2014) — ASUS today announced Strix 7.1 True 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset, a top-of-the-line gaming headset that boasts a premium design with 10 discrete drivers for incredibly-immersive surround sound and precise positioning, as well as stunning lighting effects to let gamers express their own unique gaming style.

Strix 7.1 comes with a plug-and-play USB audio station that features a headphone amplifier, 90% environmental noise cancellation performance for clear voice capture, and four game-audio spectrum profiles that enable gamers to tailor their audio experience to the type of game being played.

Taken from the ancient Roman and Greek work for owl, Strix is the name for the stunning new ASUS gaming-gear series. Strix means the keenest hearing and sharpest eyesight, and the ability to feel the environment, enabling the player to detect and react to even the slightest movement. Strix means survival on the very edge of instinct. Strix is in gamers' blood, just as it is in ours.

True 7.1 surround sound

Strix 7.1 delivers incredibly-realistic surround sound that dramatically enhances any gaming experience. Its premium design with 10 discrete neodymium-magnet drivers — five discrete drivers in each ear cup — enable true 7.1-channel surround sound. Together with the optimized position of each driver and precise chamber mechanics, Strix 7.1 provides truly-immersive audio that makes every gamer feel the excitement of being right in the center of the game.

In addition to its incredible surround sound, Strix 7.1 also features a fine-tuned stereo mode that gives gamers an optimized audio experience when listening to music or enjoying other two-channel content, such as YouTube videos. This fine-tuned stereo mode uses the headset's multiple discrete speaker drivers to deliver sound that is more engaging and detailed than almost any dedicated stereo headset on the market.

Strix 7.1 comes with audio controls that make it easy for gamers to achieve the best possible sound in any situation. Its dedicated volume controls for each surround channel lets gamers fine tune the sound balance for different games as well as to suit their personal preferences. Additionally, gamers can change between multi-channel surround sound and stereo sound immediately with just a click of the toggle switch on the USB audio station.

Plug-and-play USB audio station

Strix 7.1 comes with a dedicated plug-and-play USB audio station that works as a USB sound card and provides useful in-game audio controls. The audio station provides up to 90% environmental noise cancellation, so gamers can enjoy clear in-game communication free from distracting background noises such as keyboard clicking and nearby conversations.

Strix 7.1 offers four game-audio spectrum profiles, including first-person shooter (FPS) Gunfire Mode, FPS Footsteps Mode, Action RPG Mode, and Racing Mode. These profiles are instantly-selectable from the USB audio station and let gamers choose the best audio experience for the type of game they are playing. For example, FPS Footsteps Mode enhances the sound of footsteps in first-person shooter games, helping gamers to pinpoint enemies quickly and gain a competitive edge.

In addition to the dedicated switches on the Strix 7.1 USB audio station, it also has an HDMI speaker jack, giving gamers the ability to connect their favorite stereo or multi-channel speakers with an included HDMI-to-3.5mm adapter.

Static and ‘breathing’ lighting effects

Strix 7.1 has a bold design that incorporates stunning lighting effects to let gamers express their own unique gaming style. The ear cups of the Strix 7.1 headset feature the iconic Strix owl-eye design that lights up while it is in use. Gamers can click a dedicated button on the USB audio station to switch between a constantly-lit static lighting effect and a gently-pulsing ‘breathing’ lighting effect.

Comfortable ergonomic design

Designed not only with style in mind, the Strix 7.1 headset is incredibly comfortable and made to be worn for extended gaming sessions without producing any ear fatigue. The headset is cushioned with ultra-soft, full-size memory foam — 130mm across at its widest point — and is covered with highly breathable protein leather.

Strix 7.1 has a lightweight, travel-friendly design featuring conveniently-foldable ear cups that lie flat, making the headset easy to bring along to a LAN party or tournament. The microphone boom is detachable for easy removal, travel, and storage. 





USB (via the audio station)

Speaker driver dimensions

Front: 40mm

Subwoofer: 40mm

Center: 30mm

Rear: 20mm

Side: 20mm

Driver material

Neodymium magnet


32 ohms

Frequency response


Lighting effects






Pick-up pattern


Frequency response



-40 ± 3dB

Audio station


ENC performance

More than 90% environmental noise cancellation


Master volume control, individual surround channel volume controls, microphone volume control, headphone amplifier, game-audio spectrum profiles (FPS Gunfire Mode, FPS Footsteps Mode, Action/RPG Mode, Racing Mode), lighting effects control


[1]   Specifications, content and product availability are all subject to change without notice and may differ from country to country. Actual performance may vary depending on applications, usage, environment and other factors.




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