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ASUS Unveils Full Range Of Z97 And H97 Motherboards

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Intel Z97 and H97 motherboards are here and ASUS has looooooooads to choose from. Motherboards launching now include (Note: not every board is available in every region):


  • Z97-WS (ATX)
  • Z97-Deluxe/NFC & WLC (ATX)
  • Z97-Deluxe (ATX)
  • Z97-Pro/Wi-Fi AC (ATX)
  • Z97-Pro (ATX)
  • Z97-A (ATX)
  • Z97-AR (ATX)
  • Z97-C (ATX)
  • Z97-K (ATX)
  • Z97I-Plus (mini ITX)
  • Z97M-Plus (micro ATX)
  • H97-Pro (ATX)
  • H97-Plus (ATX)
  • H97M-Plus (micro ATX)
  • H97M-E (micro ATX)
  • H97I-Plus (mini ITX)

Z97 Deluxe As you can see, this generation's Z-series design uses a deeper gold, first shown with the X79 Deluxe (2013). Like it? Let us know in the forum! ASUS Z97 motherboard new features include 5-Way Optimization and 5x protection, Fan Xpert 3, Crystal Sound 2 (version 1 was launched with ASUS P55 motherboards) and Turbo LAN. All of them feature M.2 and most include SATA Express too (see the spec table for exact details). NFC Express 2 is an external accessory that incorporates wireless Qi charging with NFC, for compatible phones and tablets. The Deluxe comes with these and ThunderboltEX II in an optional package. More Z97 motherboards supporting ThunderboltEX II will be announced as they pass qualification. 3D+TB dual Home Cloud is also a core feature of ASUS Z97 motherboards, allowing you to setup your own private Cloud storage to make your files securely available from anywhere. At the high-end there's the usual Deluxe and Pro offerings, which are followed by the performance mainstream letters and the Z97I Plus for mini-ITX fans. The H97 range is similar, although omitting the overclocking side.


  • Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 (ATX)
  • Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2 (ATX)
  • Gryphon Z97 Armor Edition (micro ATX)
  • Gryphon Z97 (micro ATX)

This generation, the TUF boards come with or without Thermal Armor out the box. For Sabertooth: Mark 1 is with Armor and Mark 2 without. Other key features are the new Thermal Radar 2, Dust de-Fan and TUF ICe, in addition to the upgraded Fortifier, Dust Defenders, TUF components, the server-grade testing and a 5 year warranty.


  • Maximus VII Gene (micro ATX)
  • Maximus VII Hero (ATX)
  • Maximus VII Ranger (ATX)

We'll cover the new Maximus VII range in more detail soon, but suffice to say we have more announcements at Computex in early June! M7G CPU area All ASUS, TUF and ROG 9 series motherboards support Intel 4th Generation 'Haswell', 'Haswell Refresh' processors, and future Intel 5th Generation 'Broadwell' LGA1150 processors as well. For more info, press the PR button below.

Articles: Product News
Article Tags: Product News
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