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Crossblade Ranger - ROG's First FM2+ Motherboard. The Core of Gaming

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New AMD Gaming BrandSlide57

Crossblade is a new FM2+ brand from ROG, for AMD gamers looking to build an overclocking friendly PC, at great price : spec ratio.

Best Gaming Networking

Intel™ Ethernet + LANGuard + GameFirst III – ROG takes game networking to the next level.

Best Gaming Audio

SupremeFX2014 + Sonic Studio, + SenseAMP + SoundStage + Sonic Radar II – New and improved audio for gamers that’s beyond compare.

Best Gaming Interface

KeyBot and TrueVoltUSB: Instant keyboard upgrade and rock-steady 5V USB supply.

ROG Front Base Compatible

Features ROG-EXT header

Available: July

ASUS ROG Crossblade Ranger Gaming Motherboard

Article Tags: Product News
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