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G750 Review Roundup

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Here's the best the net has to offer in G750 Reviews. If you spot some more, please drop us a note in the forums!

ASUS G750JX-DB71 REVIEW @ Digital Trend

“No gaming laptop currently sold offers a better mix of affordability, power, and quality." claims Digital Trend, before awarding the G750JX-DB71 the Editor's Choice Award. Having put them through some of the latest games, further assessment reached the conclusion that “There are few games on the market today that can challenge the hardware in this system, even when enjoyed at 1080p.”

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With The ASUS G750JX, Is The Hunt For The Perfect Gaming Laptop Finally Over? @ Forbes

With a title like that you know it's got to be good! Forbes appreciates the understated styling as it puts it through its paces; “…this is a laptop you won’t be embarrassed to use in the office. And one you’ll appreciate having in your arsenal when it’s game time.” and “It also happens to be the coolest gaming laptop I’ve ever tested.” - that's even after specifically referencing both the Razer Blade and MSI GT70.

Even after blasting it with 3DMark’s Fire Strike benchmark and Heaven 4.0 simultaneously. Using their maximum settings. For 12 hours straight. The final conclusion came to; “…the ASUS G750JX is simply the best laptop I’ve reviewed to date, and it gets my most enthusiastic recommendation.”

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ASUS G750JX-DB71 Review @ Laptop Mag

Laptop Mag pits the G750JX-DB71 against competitors in 19 benchmarks, with the G750 lasting nearly 5 hours in Laptop Mag's own battery life test, for example.

Ultimately the team award it 4/5 stars with the conclusion; "The ASUS G750JX's biggest strength is value. Gamers looking for a similarly-specced notebook in the MSI GT70 and Alienware M17 would have to pay $2,099 and $2,199, respectively -- which is considerably more than the G750JX's $1,899 price tag. Overall, the G750JX-DB71 is a very good choice for gamers searching for a powerful gaming rig at a reasonable price."

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Asus Republic of Gamers G750 Review @ Digital Versus

Digital Versus breaks down the G750 through a series of tests - including a thermal camera - to rate exactly each part. Ultimately it scores the full 5/5 stars, conclusing with; "The Asus Republic of Gamers G750 has loads of connectivity, high processing power, a quality screen and great speakers, providing a top-notch laptop gaming experience. Great stuff for 2013."

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ASUS ROG G750 Gaming Laptop @ Techware Labs

Techware Labs prefers to test in Frame Times rather than absolute FPS, providing an interesting and alternative insight into the performance. In this six page review they award the G750 the Gold Hardware Award and conclude, in part, with the following; "In the end the G750 is a great machine and offers excellent performance on a budget in a nice spacious 17″ gaming platform." and "If you want more gaming power and a faster HD then select one of the higher end G750′s from Asus line and you are all set. "

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Article Tags: Product News
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