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Press Release: ASUS ROG Announces ROG GX700 Liquid-Cooled Gaming Laptop

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ROG GX700 was easily the most popular topic on the ROG website last year (will have to remember that 2015 has come and gone!), even compared to everything before it was unveiled at IFA 2015!

You have waited eagerly for this day to come, it is here, today is the day! ROG has just announced the GX700 powered by an overclockable Intel K-SKU processor paired with Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 with 8GB of GDDR5 VRAM! If you noticed that it’s a 980 (not 980m), no it’s not a typo - GX700 is not using the mobile variant! How is it possible to squeeze out all that performance and not start a fire? One way is by incorporating the world’s first liquid-cooling solution on a laptop. The ROG-exclusive solution dubbed Hydro Overclocking System is the answer to not only unmatched cooling capabilities, but opens up the possibility of superior overclocking, you can overclock the CPU by up to 48% (up to 4.0GHz)! Even the DDR4 memory can be overclocked by up to 43% (up to 2800MHz)! With abundant power, it would only make sense ROG included a 4K Ultra-HD display with G-SYNC for detailed and smooth visuals (Full-HD version is also available). 

Many people have asked whether it is entirely necessary to carry the dock with you or put it on your lap, rest assured - you will have the world's most powerful single-GPU laptop even when not connected to the dock. GX700 offers incredible performance on the go, and while docked - you can kick it into a whole new gear. 





For more pictures you can check out the gallery.  Here's the official ROG GX700 video:

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