The Strix XG monitor series: an all-new lineup with killer specs at a great price

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Jul 04, 2024 Written by:ROG Article

XG27ACS on a table with keyboard mouse, etc

Your monitor is your primary window into your game worlds, so here at ROG we’re constantly pushing to get the latest display technology into the hands of more gamers. The ROG Strix XG gaming monitor lineup continues that tradition by offering high resolution and lightning-fast refresh rate displays at incredibly affordable prices. Let’s meet the latest additions to the family and see if one of these gaming monitors might be the perfect pairing for your new build. 

Resolution 1920 x 1080 2560 x 1440 2560 x 1440 3840 x 2160
3840 x 2160 (4K) 2560 x 1440 2560 x 1440
Refresh rate 380Hz 180Hz 180Hz 160Hz (4K) 
320Hz (1080p)
160Hz 240Hz 280Hz
Panel type Fast IPS Fast IPS Fast VA Fast IPS Fast IPS WOLED Fast VA
Curved No No 1500R No No No 1500R
Color space 110% sRGB 97% DCI-P3 95% DCI-P3 95% DCI-P3 95% DCI-P3 99% DCI-P3 95% DCI-P3
Adaptive Sync FreeSync G-SYNC Compatible FreeSync FreeSync G-SYNC Compatible FreeSync Premium FreeSync
USB-C Power Delivery No 7.5W 7.5W 15W 15W No 15W

ROG Strix XG259QNS: Ludicrously fast 1080p gaming

The ROG Strix XG259QNS on a black background with a sword wielding character on screen.

Sometimes, bigger numbers really are better. For esports gamers, having an ultra high-refresh rate monitor is a competitive advantage. Not only can you see your opponent before they see you, but your system also will likely have lower total input lag, the delay between a mouse input and an action on screen. 

Enter the ROG Strix XG259QNS, a 1080p 380Hz display designed from the ground up for gamers that demand the very fastest. While 1440p might be the new hotness for 27-inch monitors, 1080p still offers solid pixel density on 25-inch displays while offering access to much faster refresh rates. With an ultra-low 0.3ms grey-to-grey response time, a lightning-fast 380Hz refresh rate, and support for Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync (ELMB Sync), games that rely on quick reaction times and smooth motion will feel amazing on this monitor. ELMB Sync not only reduces ghosting and motion blur, but runs simultaneously with FreeSync Premium for a tear-free picture even if framerates drop. 

We pair the insane speed of the Fast IPS panel on the XG259QNS with pristine picture quality. The display covers 110% of the sRGB color spectrum, providing vibrant and punchy colors to bring your games and content to life. And with a VESA DisplayHDR 400 rating, enable HDR mode in supported games and movies to bring an extra level of realism to your setup. If you’re a gamer in search of an ultrafast monitor in an affordable package, consider the ROG Strix XG259QNS. 

ROG Strix XG27ACS: The 1440p sweet spot

XG27ACS front view, to the right

The ROG Strix XG27ACS might just have the optimal specs for mainstream gamers. Starting with a 1440p resolution paired with a 180Hz refresh rate, the XG27ACS will have esports titles and adventure games looking their absolute best. But this G-SYNC Compatible fast IPS panel doesn’t stop there, boasting a 1ms response time to keep ghosting to a minimum. For even clearer motion, enable Extreme Low Motion Blur. And as its DisplayHDR 400 certification attests, the XG27ACS will let you enjoy enhanced brightness and contrast in the games you play. 

At 27 inches, the XG27ACS will sit comfortably on most medium and even some small sized desks, while being immersive enough to keep you focused on your games. Choose from the tried and true HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.4 connections, or hook up to newer devices thanks to support for USB Type-C. The display also sports an integrated cell phone holder in the base, giving your phone a convenient home that’s still in eyeshot while you’re in game. (Perfect for keeping an eye on your temperatures and clock speeds with GPU Tweak’s Mobile Monitor!) 

The goodies don’t end there. Some quality-of-life features truly differentiate the XG27ACS from the crowd, including AI powered advantages. Dynamic Shadow Boost automatically brightens dark areas without overexposing bright spots for a competitive advantage in low light environments, and ASUS Variable Overdrive dynamically adjusts the overdrive settings as frame rates fluctuate, minimizing inverse ghosting artifacts. Despite being a gaming monitor, the XG27ACS boasts 97% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space and 133% of the sRGB spectrum for incredibly vivid and true-to-life colors. If you’re looking for a monitor that ticks the essential boxes that gamers are looking for, the ROG Strix XG27ACS might be the perfect choice. 

ROG Strix XG27WCS: Curved 1440p dark-room gaming

The XG32WCMS monitor on black background with OMNI on screen.

The next monitor to join the Strix XG lineup is very similar to its IPS counterpart, with a few key differences. First and foremost, the ROG Strix XG27WCS features a curved display. This 1500R curve is subtle, but helps ensure that viewing angles are always optimal. The XG27WCS also features a VA panel, with a 3000:1 contrast ratio for deeper blacks compared to an IPS panel. This is especially apparent if you’re the kind of gamer who dims the lights before settling in for a marathon gaming session. 

While VA panels tend to have slower response times than IPS, the ROG Strix XG27WCS combats this with its built-in ASUS Display Overdrive 2.0. This tech keeps response times low thanks to its automatic variability with refresh rate fluctuations, allowing you to enjoy those deeper blacks without excessive ghosting or inverse ghosting. 

95% coverage of DCI-P3 color space on the XG27WCS makes it nearly identical in color accuracy. Support for AMD FreeSync and ELMB Sync helps eliminate screen tearing and keeps motion clear, and it shares the robust connectivity of its IPS cousin. If you’re fan of VA panels and looking for an affordable Strix gaming monitor, consider the XG27WCS. 

ROG Strix XG27UCS: 4K gaming and content creation

XG27UCS front view, to the right

While 1440p offers a noticeable clarity bump over the 1080p monitors we all know and love, some gamers demand even more fidelity. Enter the ROG Strix XG27UCS, a 27-inch 4K 160Hz IPS gaming monitor. With specs that will make even a veteran PC gamer drool, the XG27UCS features an incredible pixel density for incredibly immersive games and video content. Whether you’re playing an adventure game, dabbling in esports, or working on a professional project that demands native 4K resolution, the XG27UCS is ready to perform. 

With similar specs to the previous two monitors, the XG27UCS is no slouch. The 160Hz refresh rate is enough to push even the beefiest systems to their limit at 4K, and the combination of NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatiblity and ELMB Sync will keep this gaming on this IPS panel silky smooth even when framerates fluctuate. DisplayHDR 400 certification lets you take full advantage of the wide color gamut, ensuring your games pop and that your professional projects are color accurate.  

All three of these 27-inch gaming displays share the same robust connectivity options, in addition to support for our DisplayWidget Center software. This tool eliminates the need to mess with the physical buttons and OSD on the monitor, and enables customization of settings like brightness, blue light filter strength, color temperature, and more. DisplayWidget Center is just one example in a long line of ROG features designed to maximize your time in game, not fiddling with settings. 

ROG Strix XG27UCG: Refresh rate or resolution; Why not both?

The XG27UCS monitor on black background with OMNI on screen.

For as long as I can remember, gamers have been forced to make a difficult decision: higher refresh rate, or higher resolution. Some games look their best at lightning-fast refresh rates, while others really benefit from the increase in clarity and visual fidelity you can get from a higher resolution display. Well, with the ROG Strix XG27UCG, you no longer need to agonize over your choice, because it offers the best of both worlds. 

This 4K 160Hz Fast IPS display offers amazing visuals in its native resolution, but also has an esports ready alter-ego waiting in the wings. With one toggle of a hotkey, it transforms into a 1080p 320Hz esports ready monster. No matter what game or style you’re feeling at the moment, the XG27UCG is always ready to deliver. 

ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG: A glimpse of the future

The XG27AQDMG monitor with the ROG Fearless Eye logo on screen, on a black background.

The last 27-inch monitor that we’re highlighting is something truly special. The ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG brings OLED technology to the XG series for the first time, with incredibly response times and contrast ratios for crystal clear and vibrant images. 

Featuring a 1440p resolution and 240Hz refresh rate, the XG27AQDMG already has the makings of an excellent monitor for mainstream gamers. But with an incredibly low 0.03ms grey-to-grey response time only possible with OLED technology, images in motion have never looked this clear. Not only that, the XG27AQDMG features an ROG-exclusive glossy panel, delivering deep blacks and supersharp visuals regardless of lighting conditions, letting you focus on the game, not your ambient lighting situation. With a 1,500,000:1 contrast ratio and 99% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, this monitor makes every image look vibrant and punchy. 

The XG27AQDMG uses a W OLED panel with MLA+ technology, offering 20% wider viewing angles and 20% brighter images*. An advanced custom passive heatsink allows for plentiful heat dissipation without the need for an active cooling fan, giving you peace of mind without the noise. Other features like support for ASUS DisplayWidget Center, Uniform Brightness across the desktop, and customizable aspect ratios further add to the value proposition of this incredible ROG OLED monitor. This is what the future looks like. 

*@100% APL in SDR mode. 

ROG Strix XG32WCMS: For when you need a bigger screen

The XG32WCMS monitor on black background with OMNI on screen.

For those with a little more desk space, the immersion you’ll get from the ROG Strix XG32WCMS can be hard to beat. This 32-inch curved 1440p monitor boasts not only more real estate than any other display on this list, but a superfast 280Hz refresh rate to boot. Whether you’re interested in the incredible realism that a larger monitor can provide in singleplayer games, or a lightning- fast refresh rate for a competitive advantage in multiplayer shooters, the XG32WCMS offers something for everyone. 

With many of the same features as the other XG series monitors, including ELMB Sync, support for USB Type-C video input and DisplayWidget Center, and an integrated tripod socket in the stand, the XG32WCMS is a versatile monitor that would be right at home on the desk of a huge range of gamers. A subtle 1500R curve, 1ms GTG response time thanks to its fast VA panel, and FreeSync Premium round out the killer features found on display. 

More to love in the Strix XG monitor series 

No matter what kind of gamer you are, we think you’ll find something to love in the all new Strix XG line of gaming monitors. Whether you’re an IPS fanatic, a curved display disciple, an OLED aficionado, or a 4K gaming purist, we’ve got a monitor with your name on it. For more information on pricing and availability of these incredible displays in your region, please contact your local ROG representative.