The best relaxing, casual games to play on the ROG Ally

Dec 02, 2023 Written by:ROG Article

Need a break from the fast paced, heart-racing games you usually play? Sometimes, all you need is a moment to relax, make a hot beverage and cozy up on the couch with your ROG Ally. Here are our favorite games to play when you simply want to experience your own story in a more comfortable setting.

This is part of our ultimate guide to the ROG Ally series of articles. For more great games, check out our best-of roundups.


A large wooden structure in an open field surrounded by trees and a cloudy sky.Image source: Microsoft

Let the sweet solitude begin as you venture into Firewatch’s captivating forest scenery. Playing as Henry, you take on a new job as a fire lookout and soon find yourself in the middle of a strange mystery. Surrounded by beautiful sights accompanied by memorable voices and humorous conversations, this is one of my top picks for spending time with your ROG Ally in handheld mode. You can pick up Firewatch on the Xbox store, or play it on the Ally with a Game Pass subscription. 

Dave the Diver

Ever wondered what it’s like to explore the depths of the ocean, then swim back up to the surface and run a sushi shop? Dave the Diver may be one of the more unique RPG adventures out there, but it’s an absolute treasure. Sometimes, all you need is a game to keep you busy for a few hours, without stressing too much about combat. Descend into the ocean, explore secret terrain and level up your underwater fishing skills to keep your customers happy on the surface. Okay, maybe your time under the sea is a bit more relaxing than running the restaurant, but some of the best moments in this game are getting to know the characters and their silly quirks through every cutscene. With a charming and an endearing story, you may find this one hard to put down. Dave the Diver is available to buy now, and runs great on the ROG Ally. 

A Short Hike

A pixel art bird sitting next to a campfire in the woods.Image source: Microsoft

No need to go touch grass today, because A Short Hike is a stunning wildlife adventure, all contained within the ROG Ally. Playing as Claire, a little bird who must reach the mountaintop for some important news, you experience the magic of flying over treetops and rushing streams. I love the way this game draws you into the scenery through the different camera angles: as you squeeze between boulders, fly over snowy mountain caps or chat with adorable characters, there is always a new point of view. There are plenty of relaxing activities and quests to complete in A Short Hike, all while you work toward your main objective of reaching the mountain’s peak. This might be the coziest game on our list, so if you’re looking to truly relax, A Short Hike could be just the ticket. You can grab A Short Hike on the Xbox store or play it on Game Pass


A small boat floating in the water with video game stats visible.Image source: Gamesplanet

We’re going fishing again, but this time, it’s a little bit spooky. As a fisherman, you arrive on an island you know nothing about, and soon learn there is something strange going on. This is a fishing adventure for those who enjoy a simple minigame, but don’t want to mindlessly cast a line over and over like in some sims. In Dredge, your fishing, selling, and inventory management all lead to discovering more secrets of the deep, dark sea. This game is sure to keep you hooked as you come to know peculiar characters inhabiting the islands and dive further into what’s beneath the surface. Dredge is available to buy on Gamesplanet

Night in the Woods

A cartoon cat running down a street with tall houses.Image source: Microsoft

The scene is set in a small town covered in autumn colors, but the air feels awfully chilly as you begin a Night in the Woods. Mae is back in her hometown after struggling to choose her path in adulthood, but she starts to experience some seemingly paranormal events. Explore town, talk to old friends and neighbors, and investigate Possum Springs to uncover the mysteries. While surrounded by the crisp, colorful leaves, you’re sure to fall into this story and find yourself caring deeply for the characters and experiencing an incredibly real representation of life in your early twenties. You can pick up Night in the Woods through the Xbox store

Strange Horticulture

A video game screenshot of different flowers and plants on a shelf, with a book showing text describing them.Image source: Gamesplanet

Which will you choose: the dark path, or will you be the good guy? In Strange Horticulture, you seem to live a normal life as a plant shop owner, but you actually sell botanicals with magical (and some dangerous) effects. Day by day, you discover new plants and uncover secrets about those you are selling to, revealing an ominous plot beneath the surface. Strange Horticulture is a quick playthrough, but I was so invested, I played three times to experience different endings. You can buy Strange Horticulture on Gamesplanet

Little Misfortune

Your actions always have consequences in Little Misfortune. This narrative-based game is unique because it isn’t the sweetest story...yet you’ll find yourself laughing aloud at the commentary from main character, Misfortune. On a quest for “eternal happiness,” you follow a mysterious fox and guide Misfortune around town, trying to determine whether these events are merely part of her imagination. intriguing choices and plot twists, I recommend this for your next story game. Little Misfortune is available to buy now


A gold ribbon-like bridge connecting the ground with tall ruins.Image source: Gamesplanet

Prepare yourself, because this game is sure to transport you into a different world. Starting in solitude, you are left to discover if there is more than a desolate sandscape with no way of talking to other characters. That is, until you are acquainted with someone just like you. While you can play completely alone, Journey has a special online multiplayer component where somewhere along the way, you might encounter another player with the same powers. You can travel together and only communicate through sound cues, so it creates a unique bond as you run around and explore together. After you complete your adventure, your usernames are revealed, giving you a chance to make a new friend! You can grab Journey on Gamesplanet

Black Skylands

A small ship flying in the air, firing cannons at a much larger ship.Image source: Gamesplanet

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good nostalgic-feeling pixel art game? This top-down shooter is a pleasant adventure, both in the sky and on land. It’s simple—get revenge on the ruthless outlaws, gather resources, and conquer new territories! When you’re not fighting among the clouds or taking down enemies upon rocky cliffs, there are ancient relics to discover and tons of building and upgrade options. Take your time growing crops for profit and exploring the open world as you make your new base feel like home. Black Skylands is available on Gamesplanet and the Xbox store

LEGO Builder’s Journey

This visually driven story is so heartwarming, yet simple, making for a relaxing way to unwind. Playing as a child accompanied by their parent, you build your way through each puzzle with LEGO pieces, in a similar vein to the now-classic Monument Valley (another great relaxing series if you haven’t played it already). Watching those LEGO come to life as you drag and click them into place is like hugging your childhood self. Buy LEGO Builder’s Journey now, you won’t regret it. 

Out of all the games you can play on your ROG Ally, it’s worth checking out some of the lighthearted, casual stories when you need a break from the grind. In case you’re looking for more, we also recommend Spiritfarer, Ooblets, Dorfromantik, and the latest Game Pass sensation Jusant. These games offer wonderful adventures that you’ll be sure to remember.

By Olivia Wilson