The ROG Ally X enhances the handheld gaming experience

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Jun 02, 2024 Written by:ROG Article

The ROG Ally X handheld on a blue background with light shining from behind.

Last year, we introduced the ROG Ally – a portable gaming handheld that runs on Windows 11, so you can play all your games, anywhere you go. Built with the AMD Ryzen Z1 series of APUs, the Ally offered incredible graphics performance in a lightweight package for AAA gaming on the go. We spent the past year collecting feature requests from the Ally’s vibrant community of users, and today we’re proud to announce a brand new model crafted with those requests in mind. The ROG Ally X takes everything that made the ROG Ally great, and improves it.

Play more, play longer

A man playing the ROG Ally in bed while his wife sleeps next to him.

When we looked at the feedback you provided for the ROG Ally, there was one request that stood above everything else: you overwhelmingly wanted more battery life. So we delivered! The ROG Ally X comes with an 80Wh battery, double the capacity of the original Ally – meaning you’ll be able to play even longer on-the-go. And we managed to do this while only increasing the weight by 11.5%, so the device doesn't feel bulky or heavy.

That’s not the only thing we doubled, though. We also saw a number of users upgrading their storage on the Ally, going so far as to modify the device to accept larger form factor SSDs. We wanted to make the ROG Ally X storage easier to upgrade, while also reducing the number of users that felt they needed to upgrade. So the Ally X comes with 1TB out of the box, with built-in compatibility for more common M.2 2280-sized drives for even easier storage upgrades.

Finally, we also added more memory. With the latest games requiring more RAM and VRAM than ever, we equipped the ROG Ally X with 24GB of memory so users don’t have to worry about how to allocate their pool of RAM. With 16GB for the system and 8GB for the GPU, plus an upgrade to 7500MHz speeds, games should run smoother than ever.

Feel the difference

Two hands holding the ROG Ally above a stone street.

With more room for games and a longer runtime, you’ll be playing your ROG Ally X for hours on end – so it better be comfortable. With rounder handles and more slanted triggers, the ROG Ally X is more ergonomic than its predecessor, without being noticeably thicker. Once this device melts into your hands, you won’t want to put it down.

We also improved the controls based on feedback from ROG Ally users. New joystick modules offer improved durability, with tighter springs that give you more control when aiming and a new stem for a smoother feel. The D-pad has been updated with a more tactile feel and a premium matte finish. The face buttons are springier, the triggers feel excellent, and the macro keys on the back have been shrunk to reduce accidental presses during gameplay.

Built for the community

A man playing the ROG Ally on a couch.

The feedback we got didn’t stop there. You guys asked for more USB ports and more open standards, so we made it happen. In place of the original Ally’s XG Mobile port, we’ve outfitted the ROG Ally X with two USB Type-C ports, one of which is USB 4 and compatible with Thunderbolt 4 devices. With such flexible IO, you’re free to plug in just about anything, whether you’re powering up your handheld with an external GPU or plugging in our new low-latency Cetra True Wireless SpeedNova earbuds.

Since we had to redesign the motherboard and chassis for all of these improvements, we also took a look at the cooling solution. The ROG Ally X now uses smaller fans to reduce weight and make room for the new battery – but despite having thinner fan blades, they actually push more air than the previous model. And a new tunnel in the fan housing diverts some air up and out toward a third exhaust vent along the top of the Ally X, allowing up to 24% more airflow than the original Ally. This not only cools the internal components, but also keeps the touch screen up to 6° C cooler – another request from you.

Whether you’re a power user looking to upgrade your existing device or you’re completely new to the handheld space, we built the ROG Ally X for you. We’re committed to providing the best handheld gaming available today, and that extends to every aspect of the experience: from new accessories like a much-requested hard case, a new version of Armoury Crate SE with a more customizable interface, and higher levels of repairability and upgradeability. Thank you for your continued support and dedication – we can’t wait for you to get your hands on the Ally X. For pricing and availability, contact your local ASUS representative.