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    HKEPC Editor's Choice

    ROG RYUO III 360 ARGB adapted Asetek 8 gen which can help cooling efficiency increased

    HONG KONG 11/23/2022
  • basic-tutorials.de

    Basic-Tutorials Gold Award

    The AiO offers a very high cooling performance, even at low noise levels. This is due to the large radiator and the three fans as well as the Asetek pump, which is also convincing in the eighth generation. Furthermore, the AiO is especially visually a highlight and offers a consistent black design, ARGB lighting and an AniMe matrix display, which allows many animations, the display of hardware information but also own customization options.

    GERMANY 01/19/2023
  • hardwareinside.de

    Hardwareinside recommendation top class

    The ROG Ryuo III 360 ARGB convinces all around. The new Asetek pump does an excellent job without producing any annoyingly noticeable noise during operation. The three 120 mm ROG AF 12S fans dissipate heat quickly and due to the increased volume of the radiator, they don't even have to run at high speeds. The workmanship, especially at the pump, the performance and the ARGB colors are convincing all along the line.

    GERMANY 01/08/2023
  • Overclocking.com

    Silver Award

    ...it gave us very good temperatures on our Ryzen 9 7900X, better than some 420mm kits, [...] performance is really there...

    FRANCE 03/31/2023
  • Razorman.net


    It is a system that has pleasantly surprised us with its performance, one of the best we have tested.

    SPAIN 03/29/2023
  • Profesional Review


    Liquid cooling systems that have given us the best results.

    SPAIN 01/06/2023
  • XFastest

    performance first

    Since Intel launched the 12th generation processor, Asetek's 7th generation cooling solution is actually a little bit powerless, but after the launch of Intel's 13th generation processor, Asetek finally launched the 8th generation water cooling solution, and ROG's new The Ryuo III series is the first batch of radiators equipped with the new solution, and there is also a newly designed Anime Matrix LED panel on the water block, which brings better performance and visual feast to players.

    TAIWAN 02/01/2023
  • www.vmodtech.com


    ROG's latest AIO Cooler in the ROG RYUO Series that has been tested with the Core i5 13600KF CPU system at full efficiency with a cool temperature.

    THAILAND 12/21/2022
  • smartworld.it

    Smartworld Score

    ASUS ROG RYUO III 360 ARGB is a product for the few. Not so much because of the (very high) cost and its peculiar design, but because it needs to be placed in the right context to shine as it deserves. The AniMe Matrix LED display is a one-of-a-kind item that allows you to experiment with effects and animations. For this, the ROG RYUO III 360 ARGB deserves to be in a build with an aggressive look, full of other components with RGB LEDs and lots of colored lighting.

    ITALY 03/06/2023
  • PC Ekspert

    Editor's Choice

    Both the black and white versions are special in their own way, and we especially liked the cut aluminum case with a diamond-cut edge so that everything looks and feels premium.

    CROATIA 12/21/2022
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    • The ROG Ryuo III ARGB is a heatsink that boasts excellent aesthetics and design. The fans that reach a maximum speed of 2200 rpm have excellent build quality and are not noisy at all. Performance side, it is noticeable that it is a high-end and quality product. In fact, it fully passed the stress test. In conclusion, we are looking at a top-of-the-line product from first-class performance.

    • The ROG SWIFT PG259QN 360HZ is a top-of-the-line monitor with excellent performance. In fact, what is excellent is not only the image quality but the monitor also passed the color texture test.

    • To assemble my pc, I used the TUF Gaming AX6000 WiFi Router, TUF GT 502 case, ROG Ryuo III heatsink, TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A monitor, TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB fans, graphics card GeForce RTX 4080 TUF O16G, TUF Gaming 1000W Gold power supply, TUF Gaming AX3000 router

    • Assembling a Custom PC in 2023 is easier than ever. Here is the ultimate guide to assemble your Gaming PC or work PC with all the tips on how to assemble an Intel, AMD and NVIDIA PC. For the guide I decided to use several products including the Asus ROG Crosshair X670E motherboard and Asus ROG Strix Z790 as well as an Asus ROG Ryuo 3 360mm heatsink

    • Used for Diablo pc assembly

    • I was not fully satisfied with my PC workstation and decided to make an investment and build my own build. Such a machine is definitely a step forward in terms of performance for handling video editing and streaming. I used an Asus rog strix b760 g gaming WiFi D4 motherboard, Asus TUF Gaming rtx 4070 ti gpu, Asus rog loki 850w power supply, Asus rog ryou 3 heatsink and Asus prime case ap201.

    • ROG RYUO III liquid cooling is really successful in gaming, the reasons for this are the 8th gen Asetek pump, the large copper surface of the sub cooler and the addition of two more liquid channels in the radiator.

    • stream PCDIY by Asus


    • Tuff Gaming PC 🫵🤩 A group at the end of the year and the experience of Nafidia technologies

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    • Do this piece reduce the temperature of the 13900 processor and the rhizen 9, or laugh at people ???

    • Do this piece reduce the temperature of the 13900 processor and the rhizen 9, or laugh at people ???

    • Installation and construction of ASUS collection from A to Z with the testing of Gaming PC Build 2023

    • Design, quality of materials, ease of installation, performance, AniMe Matrix screen, warranty.

    • Video review from the channel HDTanel. Rating 6.5/10

    • Video review from the channel StupidmadWorld

    Media Reviews

    • ゲームに強いRyzen 9 7900X3DとASUSのゲーミングブランド「ROG」で“極上のゲーミングPC”を作ってみた!

      AKIBA PC Hot line!

      JAPAN 04/17/2023
    • ASUS ROG Ryuo III 360 ARGB Quick Review


      VIETNAM 12/22/2022
    • Radeon RX 7900 XTX - Touching the pride of AMD for a price of 33 million VND


      VIETNAM 01/04/2023
    • The ROG Ryuo 3 heatsink is a product with excellent quality and aesthetics. Although there was no doubt about its heatsinking capability, it further managed to amaze us by managing to quietly keep a 12900k at bay despite being theoretically undersized for that CPU


      ITALY 04/12/2023
    • To assemble my pc I used TUF GT 502 case, ROG Ryuo III heatsink, TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB fans, GeForce RTX 4080 TUF O16G graphics card, TUF Gaming 1000W Gold power supply


      ITALY 04/21/2023
    • I have no complaints about the performance and noise, the tuning of the revolutions can also be solved, so the only thing left is the price, which is high.


      CZECH REPUBLIC 04/21/2023

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