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    BenchLife Silver Award

    But for the launch of Ryujin III this time, there is obviously no one option, because the Asetek 8th Gen solution, coupled with the integrated water cooling of the large-size display panel, is the only ROG Ryujin III. In the absence of any stress, the Ryujin III all-in-one water cooling is the first choice we recommend.

    TAIWAN 04/29/2023

Revues vidéo

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  • Asus Rog Ryujin III 360 ARGB

  • In this video, I build a SETUP dedicated to eSPORT and competitive gamers with a 540Hz screen, an ROG PC equipped with an RTX 4080 and an i7 14700KF, and low-latency keyboard/mouse peripherals!

  • This is my new PC from ASUS! Finally a decent machine for WOWko ❤️

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  • Video review from the channel Starlinecomp

    L'avis des médias

    • If I didn't have to deal with money and the price/performance ratio and wanted something a little more extra, I would go for the ROG RYUJIN III 240 ARGB.


      CZECH REPUBLIC 02/23/2024
    • Earlier this year we reviewed ASUS' ROG RYOU III series of CPU liquid coolers, and we found them to be amongst the best performing CPU coolers that we have ever tested. Now ASUS is taking things one step further with their new ROG Ryujin III series coolers, boasting significant upgrades over their Ryujin II and a lot of snazzy add-ons.


      UNITED KINGDOM 05/17/2023
    • ASUS Ryujin 3 is certainly a high end cooler with pretty good performance, but the main selling point is of course the 3.5 inch screen which is a gimmick for some but a cherry on top for others who want to make that super personal build. I do like the improvements ASUS did over the gen 2 like the single cable connection which is using magnets. I hope they fix the software issues with the fan controls and make all work in a single menu. Other than that, it is a cool product for those who can afford it.

      A2K Media

      SINGAPORE 10/01/2023
    • Php 200K Productivity PC Build Guide (Q3 2023) – Core i9 13900K + ProArt RTX 4080

      Gadget Pilipinas

      PHILIPPINES 09/15/2023
    • デカすぎる!重さ20kgのモンスターケース、ROG Hyperionで超ハイエンド自作


      JAPAN 07/01/2023
    • Asus Rog Ryujin III 360 will be useful for those who want to maximize the potential of the top processor and does not want to engage in self -assembly of the full contour of the SRO. And for special aesthetics there is also a version of this system with ARGB backlight fans.


      UKRAINE 07/17/2023

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