Harness the hurricane with the airflow-focused ROG Hyperion case

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Jan 04, 2023 Written by:ROG Article

A front view of the ROG Hyperion case with its RGB logo illuminated.

The world of PC building has changed. From next-gen graphics cards like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 to faster-than-ever USB data rates and charging, your PC case needs to support the latest and greatest technologies. We built the ROG Hyperion to be a durable, elegant chassis that’s ready for the future of DIY gaming rigs — with an airflow-focused design that keeps your components running in top shape. 

This is the next generation of ROG chassis. The ROG Hyperion has been completely reimagined to offer an uncompromising vision of luxury and performance, engineered to take your next DIY build to new heights. Our top priority with the Hyperion was airflow, with huge channels in the front for air to pass through alongside a grille along the top. Coupled with support for up to two 420mm radiators, you can rest assured your components will stay frosty and perform their best, whether you’re using your own heatsinks, all-in-one liquid cooling, or a fully custom loop designed from the ground up.

A side view of the ROG Hyperion case with its side panel opened, on a black background.

The ROG Hyperion has also been designed with next-gen components in mind. It supports up to 12 inch wide E-ATX motherboards, dual USB 3.2 gen 2x2 Type-C ports on the front, and plenty of expansion slots for future upgrades. The latest GPUs, in particular, reach untold new levels of performance, with large heatsinks to keep them cool and quiet, and the Hyperion is spacious enough to fit even the largest graphics cards like the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090. Go with a traditional horizontal mount of up to 460mm wide, or mount your card vertically with up to 130mm of space for present and future cards. The built-in aluminum 2-way graphics card holder will keep the card from sagging in either orientation, no matter how large it is — while also aiding in cable management for the rest of your build. 

And you won’t just be stuffing your cables behind the side panel and hoping it closes, either. We’ve provided 34mm of space behind the motherboard for all your cables, with multiple grommets and a wide panel along the back with built-in hook-and-loop cable ties to keep everything neat and tidy. Plus, with our translucent acrylic door, you can keep all your cables contained before you ever put the back side panel on, while also providing more space for heat dissipation. A built-in ARGB controller even provides a place for all your Aura Sync devices to plug in, with support for up to 8 ARGB devices and 6 PWM fans.

The inside of the ROG Hyperion case, showcasing the blue and purple ROG logo inside the case.

The Hyperion is a fully-featured PC case with plenty of room to work — without being colossal. And the little conveniences are what really take the Hyperion to the next level. With most builds, you’re stuck stashing extra screws, cable ties, and PCIe slot covers in a box somewhere, hoping they don’t get lost before your next upgrade. The ROG Hyperion saves your closet from clutter with a small embedded drawer along the bottom, with dedicated storage for your screws, accessories, and even a small screwdriver. The side panels are completely tool-less, and the power supply shroud has been designed to allow airflow while keeping the holes small enough to prevent screws from falling through. We even left a small opening in the shroud for the ROG Thor’s OLED panel, so you can see your power usage at all time. 

Finally, no case is complete without the aesthetic flourishes that help it stand out from the crowd. The interior panel next to the motherboard allows space for your radiator, ARGB fans, multiple 2.5-inch SSDs, or — if you don’t need that extra mounting space — you can install the included lighting board, which adds a bit of ROG visual flair to the otherwise empty space. The case's aluminum frame also acts as a pair of sturdy handles, which travel down the front panel of the case and meet under a black-tinted ARGB logo. 

As the DIY PC space rapidly changes, the ROG Hyperion is ready to accommodate all the latest components with exceptional cooling, and grow with your needs over time. For more information on pricing and availability of the ROG Hyperion, contact your local ASUS representative.