The ROG Destrier gaming chair has your back with next-level ergonomics

Jan 04, 2023 Written by:ROG Article

The ROG Destrier chair in a white room next to a desk with a gaming PC on top.

Nothing brings the look of your battlestation together like a well-matched gaming chair. And while we love the racecar stylings of chairs like the ROG Chariot, we know some prefer the comfortable, high-tension mesh material that’s become so common in ergonomic office chairs lately. That’s why we’re introducing a new gaming chair: the ROG Destrier, chock full of ergonomic adjustments and a bit of ROG flair. 

The ROG Destrier is built with an aluminum frame for excellent rigidity and a breathable mesh that keeps you cool even in a warm office, all styled with a futuristic aesthetic. Unlike some smaller office chairs, the Destrier is an all-enveloping cradle, with a detachable acoustic panel on the top that shields you from distracting sounds from behind you, while also adding to the gravitas of your gamer throne.

The ROG Destrier chair on a black background with the back rest reclined.

Most importantly, though, the Destrier is fully adjustable for ideal ergonomics. The two-way lumbar support allows you to adjust it up to 7cm vertically and 2cm in depth, so you can find the right spot for the curve in your own spine. Constant adjustment is the name of the game, so the seat height and depth are also adjustable, along with a backrest recline that lets you move back and forth as your day goes on.  Our 3D armrests can rotate a full 360°, and the headrest offers two-way adjustment with up to 12cm in height and 6cm in depth. 

A special mode designed for mobile gaming even allows the armrests to be raised up to 14cm, elevating your arms and keeping your elbows comfortable with special pads. Handheld gaming with the ROG Phone 6 has never felt so at home. 

For more information on pricing and availability of the ROG Destrier gaming chair, contact your local ASUS representative.