Standout colors and clarity mark the ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG

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May 30, 2024 Written by:Eric Born

The ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG gaming monitor against a blue background

The debate over matte versus glossy display coatings has raged for years. Matte coatings can pay huge dividends in a room with multiple light sources, as they diffuse reflections for accurate colors and distraction-free viewing. But glossy coatings have their advantages, too. Even in spaces with higher ambient light levels, colors can appear more vibrant and blacks sharper and more inky when you use a monitor with a glossy coating. But we’re not here to tell you which display coating is best: as the only monitor brand who uses multiple OLED panel types in our lineup, we’re here to give you options. Today, we have a new OLED gaming monitor targeting the preferences of team glossy. The ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG is the first monitor on the market that pairs a WOLED panel with a glossy coating. It delivers excellent perceived black depth, and with its 1440P resolution and 240Hz refresh rate, it hits the sweet spot for detail and fluidity. 

Matte vs. glossy vs. semi-glossy OLED: picking the right display coating 

Competing monitor brands tend to pick one OLED panel type and display coating and stick with it. That’s not always best for you, because the different panel types and display coatings excel in different scenarios. To give you a choice, ROG offers monitors equipped with a variety of panel and coating combinations. 

A comparison image showing how glossy WOLED, anti-glare WOLED, and semi-glossy QD-OLED panels handle bright environments and dim environments

  • Glossy WOLED. WOLED panels with MLA+ tech are bright and offer vibrant colors, and they excel at delivering inky blacks even in brightly lit spaces. 
  • Anti-glare matte WOLED. People who game in the evening are often more concerned about how their monitor handles reflections than about color performance in bright rooms. Matte coatings diffuse reflections, and that can minimize distractions for a more immersive experience. 
  • Semi-glossy QD-OLED. Offering some of the reflection-handling qualities of anti-glare matte coatings and some of the color performance of glossy coatings, semi-glossy coatings split the difference between the other options, making them a great choice for all-around excellent QD-OLED panels. 

These panel types have their pros and cons, so you might have different preferences from your squadmates. But no brand gives you more OLED gaming monitor options than ROG. 

Take the lead with OLED 

The ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG pairs a WOLED panel with the latest MLA+ technology. These panels are up to 20% brighter than last gen* while offering greater burn-in protection than their predecessors. That gives you more immersive HDR gaming, better image clarity in brightly lit rooms, and even greater peace of mind that your monitor is built to go the distance. The display’s glossy coating helps ensure that colors pop with striking contrast even in well-lit rooms. 

ROG-exclusive features give you the most out of these upgrades. The XG27AQDMG features a custom heatsink that allows us to offer high levels of brightness at comfortable temperatures that your monitor can sustain for the long-term, all without requiring a noisy, distracting fan. Our Uniform Brightness feature reduces the automatic dimming you get when you increase the size of white windows for a better desktop usage experience. OLED Anti-flicker tech minimizes the flicker that some users experience with variable refresh rate (VRR) activated by stabilizing the refresh rate within a carefully optimized range. Three levels of this anti-flicker effect allow to enjoy smoother viewing experiences.  

Elevate your gaming experience with gaming-first tech 

As a 27-inch display with a 1440p resolution, the ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG checks off two important items on many gamers’ wish list. That combination gives them a welcome bump in visual detail over FHD and comfortable pixel density, all at a resolution that midrange graphics cards can power with ease.  

A rear view of the ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG gaming monitor

Modern gaming PCs can run competitive games at high FPS, even at 1440p. The ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG is armed with a fast and fluid 240Hz refresh rate that lets you take advantage of every frame. Exclusive Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) tech boosts image clarity in fast-paced action so that you can quickly track your opponents in the heat of battle. 

All the conveniences 

A wide set of ports, including DisplayPort 1.4 with Display Stream Compression (DSC) and HDMI 2.0 ports, makes it easy to connect the ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG to your gaming setup. An embedded tripod socket allows you to securely attach a peripheral like a webcam on top of the screen. To keep your desktop space wide open for your keyboard and mouse, the monitor features a compact base. This base has a mobile device groove so that it’s easy to keep an eye on your smartphone while you’re using your PC. 

The settings and adjustments for your monitor are incredibly easy to control with the DisplayWidget Center app. Without lifting your hands from your mouse and keyboard, you can access everything you’d usually open the on-screen display (OSD) to access. 

DisplayWidget Center also lets you access ASUS OLED Care, a full set of optimizations that protect your OLED panel against burn-in. These tools include Uniform Brightness, which reduces peak brightness to keep levels consistent for a better viewing experience, and Pixel Cleaning, which detects and corrects pixel degradation as necessary. Click here to learn more about ASUS OLED Care features.  

Command the action with the ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG 

The ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG puts together a WOLED panel, a glossy screen surface, and a complete set of gaming-first features to give you a premium display experience. For more information on the pricing and availability of the ROG Strix OLED XG27AQDMG in your region, please contact your local ROG representative. To check out our full lineup of gaming monitors, click here


*At 100% APL in SDR