ROG bridges the worlds of PC gaming and athletics with the ROG x Spalding Basketball

Aug 24, 2022 Written by:Eric Born

ROG x Spalding-1

Today’s ROG gamers don’t just game. We play, create, and explore across a wide field of interests. Our passion for sports often goes beyond digital battlefields and esports tournaments—we’re enthusiastic fans and unrelenting competitors in traditional athletics, as well. For all the ROG gamers who are just as likely to join a pickup game of basketball with their friends as they are to squad up for a few rounds of Valorant, we’re thrilled to announce the ROG x Spalding Basketball.

Take your shot

As the developer of the world’s first basketball, Spalding has a long history of providing athletes with high-performance equipment. Between their proven expertise in crafting game balls and our engineering and design prowess, we constructed a basketball like none other.

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The snakeskin-embossed surface of the ROG x Spalding Basketball gives it a look of cool sophistication. Its black finish brings the iconic aesthetic of ROG laptops and PC components to the basketball court, while the brash gold lettering makes an unforgettable style statement. Pixelated ROG markings show respect for the history of gaming, while our “Fearless Eye” logo asserts the indomitable spirit of ROG hardware.

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Constructed of a hand-bonded synthetic composite, this basketball is built from the ground up with materials that meet exacting ROG standards. An included ROG drawstring bag protects the ball when you’re headed to and from the court, and its custom stand holds it securely when you have it on display back in your gamer den.

Get in the game with Seth Curry

We’ve teamed up with superstar Seth Curry to give you an inside peek at the ROG x Spalding Basketball—and give you a chance to watch Seth get competitive in a few rounds of his favorite online game, Call of Duty: Warzone.

As a lifelong gamer and professional athlete, Seth loves to compete on and off the court. He grew up playing video games with his brother and his cousins, and he was pleasantly surprised to find that he could still enjoy games while pursuing his athletic goals. “There’s a lot of downtime while playing professional basketball, especially on the road,” Seth told us. “Gaming allows me to have fun while staying off my feet and resting at the same time.” It gives him opportunities to stay connected with his friends—and make new ones when he plays online.

seth curry-2

Building an ROG-powered PC helped Seth take his skills to the next level. He said, “I wanted to get better at Warzone, and I knew that building a PC would help my performance.” He used his free time during the coronavirus pandemic to research everything about building a PC. His favorite part of the building process? Learning all about the individual components—”and how cool the lights look every time I turn it on,” he admitted.

curry build

Seth is passionate about bridging the gap between gaming and sports culture, so he’s excited to see ROG and Spalding team up for our new basketball. “Gaming and sports culture has always been connected, with so many players gaming and bringing their setups on the road,” Seth explained. “The competitiveness of sports culture also translates to gaming, especially in the online community.”

For a chance to see Seth’s legendary competitiveness in action, head over to the ROG Twitch channel. On August 27th at 4:00PM CDT, Seth will battle against Jordan Fisher for an exciting Call of Duty tournament. Tune into the livestream to watch the action, get a chance to win prizes, and participate in other giveaways.

The new dream team

ROG x Spalding-2

ROG is no benchwarmer in the field of PC gaming hardware, and Spalding’s history of excellence in the field of athletic equipment is unquestioned. Now, you can enjoy the legendary quality of ROG and Spalding at the same time. Every time you bring out the ROG x Spalding Basketball on the court, its high-quality materials, premium embossed surface, and iconic ROG markings make a statement that your opponents can’t ignore. For all gamers who are equally ready to climb the leaderboards at their local gym and in their favorite online games, the ROG x Spalding Basketball is the basketball to get.