Pump high-end power into your gaming PC with the ROG Strix 650W and 750W PSUs

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May 27, 2019 Written by:ROG Article

At the heart of every dependable PC is a power supply built to deliver clean, stable energy. Although it can often go underappreciated, a good PSU helps keep your electricity bills low, protects valuable hardware from damage, and minimizes the noise emanating from your chassis.

Last year we launched the first ROG PSU, the Thor 1200W, and for Computex 2019, we’re expanding our lineup with the ROG Strix 750W and ROG Strix 650W. These PSUs emphasize the virtues of owning a high-quality power supply, and come complete with 80 PLUS Gold certifications, a thermal solution that draws on our expertise cooling graphics cards to keep noise to a minimum, and 10-year warranty to protect your investment.

Keeping cool never looked so good

It’s difficult to design an enthusiast-oriented PSU that does its job without getting loud under load, but the Republic of Gamers has been in the business of building quality PC components for more than a decade. To create the most effective cooling subsystem possible for our Strix PSUs, we drew from our experience with the Thor, our first foray into the power supply space, and tapped into the technology that cools our latest graphics cards.


A free-flowing fan grille up top facilitates unimpeded intake, and a closer look through the slats on top reveals oversized sinks covering the PSU’s hottest components. By drawing heat away from those parts, internal temperatures stay lower for longer, requiring less intervention from the 135-mm fan.

Under light loads, both ROG Strix PSUs can operate passively without their fans spinning at all, and a toggle switch next to the AC power socket gives you control over this 0dB Technology mode. Turn it on to run silently or disable the feature to keep air moving.

ROG Strix 650W Gold 3

Even with the fan spinning continuously, you’ll enjoy a near-noiseless computing experience, because the Strix PSUs feature Axial-tech fan design that has trickled down from our top-end NVIDIA RTX graphics cards.  During our internal tests, this dual ball-bearing fan pushes 21% more air volume than competing fans when running at a noise level of 25dB. The ROG Strix 650W and 750W can quietly pour out plenty of power to your gaming machine and maintain a comfortable temperature without causing a racket.

Cooling considerations extend beyond the PSU itself with a set of fully modular cables that allow you to plug in only what is needed. Clearing the clutter of unnecessary cables makes it easier to optimize the way air is pulled in from the front of your case and exhausted out the back or top. Of course, keeping things neat and tidy also gives builds a more professional look overall.

High efficiency and unflagging reliability

The ROG Strix PSUs make quiet cooling seem effortless, partly because they don’t get that hot in the first place. The 80 PLUS Gold efficiency means that under 20% load, both models waste less than 13% of the energy they draw as heat. At 50% load, that figure shrinks to 10%. And at maximum capacity, the tolerance increases to 13% again.

Reliability is further enhanced by a platform composed of premium parts. Japanese electrolytic capacitors are widely regarded as the industry’s finest for their ability to withstand harsher conditions than competing caps, and the Strix PSUs use Japanese-made electrolytics exclusively. When you couple the high-quality capacitors with 80 PLUS Gold efficiency and low operating temperatures, the result is a power supply so hardy it comes with 10 years of warranty coverage.

Make a statement

The ROG Strix 650W and ROG Strix 750W both feature an all-black frame accented by a red stripe that slashes across its top and sides, but these PSUs wouldn’t be ROG if they didn’t also have a sprig of decorative style to go along with their performance-oriented specifications.  

ROG Strix 650W Gold 4

While power supplies aren’t the first thing people think to customize, not every PSU is installed in the same case or oriented the same way, so what’s showing in one build could be completely hidden in another. To that end, each Strix PSU comes with few pieces of flair so you can dress yours up to match your build. The included ROG logo magnets can be placed wherever you like, and there are even larger magnets that cover the red accents if you favor a stealthier vibe.

Our newest PSUs are on show at Computex 2019 in Taipei and will be available later this year. Check with your local ROG representative for information on pricing and availability in your region.

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By Paul Cross