The ROG Phone 8 and ROG Phone 8 Pro beyond gaming with a slim new design

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Jan 09, 2024 Written by:ROG Article

The grey ROG Phone 8, black ROG Phone 8, and black ROG Phone 8 Pro floating on a black background.

Since 2018, we’ve built six ROG Phones, each built to be cutting edge. Blazing performance, top-notch cooling, incredible battery life, and immersive audio were paramount every time. When coupled with exclusive gaming features like capacitive AirTriggers and our performance-boosting X Mode, the ROG Phone has consistently been the pinnacle of mobile gaming. This yearIn 2024, we’re doing it again, while making the ROG Phone thinner, lighter, and more mature for a true do-anything daily driver. 

When we went to the drawing board for the ROG Phone 8 series, we looked toat user feedback from the previous generation. You said you wanted a top-tier camera, a slimmer design with more water resistance, and more features like wireless charging. So that’s exactly what we did: introducing the ROG Phone 8 and ROG Phone 8 Pro. 

Sleeker, lighter, and more compact

A low-angle shot of a man holding the ROG Phone 8 Pro.

The ROG Phone 8 is all about shrinking the dimensions in just the right places, without sacrificing what makes the ROG Phone line great. The ROG Phone 8 Pro is 9% lighter than its predecessor, the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate, weighing in at only 225g. We also made it 15% thinner, now taking up only 8.9mm of space in your pocket. We even shrunk the bezels, up to 14% on the sides at 71% on the top. This actually let us shrink the height of the phone while keeping the same 6.78” screen, for a whopping 94% display-to-body ratio. And we did all this while keeping our must-have AirTriggers on the side of the phone, allowing you easier control over your games, and while making the phone more weather resistant, with an IP68 rating. And don’t worry: we kept the headphone jack. 

The ROG Phone 8 comes in two colors: Rebel Grey and Phantom Black, each with their own quad-LED Aura RGB logo on the rear, customizable with different lighting patterns through our Armoury Crate app. But we made the ROG Phone 8 Pro even more special: for the first time ever on a phone, we’re bringing our AniMe Vision display to mobile, with 341 programmable mini LEDs that you can customize with different animations and images. We’ve preloaded over 20 animations to choose from, with a few secret ones hidden in the system for those who know where to hunt. 

Powerhouse performance

Three friends playing games together on three ROG Phones.

It wouldn’t be an ROG Phone without the latest and greatest in high-performance hardware. The ROG Phone 8 and ROG Phone 8 Pro are built with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform, boasting a 3.3GHz CPU clock for 30% faster CPU performance, plus 35% faster GPU performance for all your games. Even when compared with other Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-based phones, the ROG Phone 8 pushes performance to new heights thanks to our exclusive X-Mode. Our GameCool 8 advanced thermal system also contributes to this, using the Rapid-cooling Conductor, plus Boron Nitride, two Graphite Sheets, and a vapor chamber to eke every bit of power out of the chipset. When you need even more of a boost, our AeroActive Cooler X snaps onto the back of your phone and uses its built-in thermoelectric cooling chip and dedicated fan to drop temperatures on the back cover up to 28° C — along with a few physical buttons to make controlling your games easier than ever. 

The ROG Phone 8 will be available with up to 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 512GB of UFS 4.0 ROM storage, while the ROG Phone 8 Pro gives you even more room for gaming and multitasking with up to 24GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. Whichever model you choose, your ROG Phone 8 is ready to stand the test of time — as is the battery, which can charge from 0 to 100% in 39 minutes and can last up to 17 hours of Instagram scrolling, or 3.42 hours of games like Genshin Impact. Qi 1.3 wireless charging gives you extra convenience when you need a quick top-off, and our dual-cell design prolongs battery health in the long term, so you can keep on gaming. 

Advanced pro-level cameras

The ROG Phone 8 camera app, taking a photo of a man dancing.

The biggest change to the ROG Phone 8 series is in the camera. You asked for a camera that can handle the high-level demands of daily life, so we delivered. The new camera unit consists of three lenses: one main camera with a 50MP IMX890 image sensor and 2X lossless zoom, one ultrawide camera with a 13MP image sensor, and one telephoto camera with a 32MP quad-pixel sensor with 3X optical zoom and 10X Hyper Clarity zoom. The telephoto camera also contains built-in optical image stabilization, while the main camera includes our best-in-class 6-axis Hybrid Gimbal Stabilizer 3.0, the same found on the highly-regarded ASUS Zenfone 10. Your video has never looked smoother than it does on the ROG Phone 8 series, letting you get the shot — and not worry about whether the final video is going to be shaky. 

We’ve put countless hours into perfecting the main camera’s exposure, white balance, and color representation to not only improve over the previous generation, but to give you one of the best phone cameras on the market today. Whether you’re taking bokeh-laden portraits, ultra close-up shots, or vast landscapes with the telephoto camera, you’ll be amazed at the results 

Revolutionary gaming display technology

A woman lying on a bed holding the ROG Phone 8 Pro above her head, playing a game.

When building a gaming product, there are two crucial features that can make or break the experience. Performance is obviously important but the display is what lets that performance shine. True to form, our ROG Phone 8 series continues to push the boundaries of mobile screens, with a 6.78” Samsung E6 flexible AMOLED display capable of a whopping 2500 nits of peak brightness and unparalleled color accuracy for incredible HDR experiences. Coupled with a class-leading 165Hz refresh rate and 720Hz touch sampling rate, this display will knock your socks off whether you’re gaming, watching movies, or just scrolling through your recent photos. The LTPO adaptive refresh rate saves battery for basic tasks that don’t require ultra smooth motion, and the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 glass protects against drops, even on rough surfaces like concrete. 

Through Armoury Crate, you can customize how your games fit on the screen: either filling the entire width of the phone, shifted to the right to avoid the hole punch, or centered for a more classic experience. The display can also show notification indicators while the screen is off, so you never miss an important message. 

Finally, a killer display deserves killer audio. Our AI Noise Cancellation continues to improve your gaming experience, keeping your audio clean for both incoming and outgoing communications. DIRACT VIRTUO spatial sound gives you theater-like immersive audio, whether you’re listening over Bluetooth, USB-C, or a 3.5mm wired connection.

The ROG Phone 8 and ROG Phone 8 Pro are just a few of the many new products that we’re announcing at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Click here to learn more about our latest laptops, monitors, peripherals, and more. And for more information on pricing, availability, and carrier compatibility of the ROG Phone 8 series in your region, contact your local ASUS representative.