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  • gamezoom.net

    Technic Award

    Pro: clean and stable processing Durable and replaceable switches precise sensor lies well in the hand (right-handed) very long battery life latency-free radio connection (2.4 GHz radio) Sliding capacity clearly arranged and comprehensive software Profiles, Macros Onboard memory Transport bag included in the scope of delivery

    GERMANY 10/14/2019
  • Techtesters.eu


    A bit like a compact laptop office mouse, with a ditto neutral look and excellent battery life as you would expect with such a compact mouse. But then with all the qualities of a proper gaming mouse.

    NETHERLANDS 01/14/2021
  • Lowyat.net

    8.8 out of 10

    We’ve came across with a few physically connected (wired) gaming mice right? Well, guess what, today I am about to share my experience using a gaming mice, wirelessly from ASUS known as ROG Strix Carry.

    MALAYSIA 01/05/2020
  • Tech Cyn

    8.8 out of 10

    ASUS ROG Strix Carry Review-Featuring dual 2.4GHz/Bluetooth wireless ergonimic optical mouse

    MALAYSIA 01/05/2020
  • Gadget Pilipinas

    Gadget Pilipinas 8.7/10

    Priced at Php 3,300 the ROG Strix Carry is relatively expensive as a travel/office mouse but is competitively priced as a gaming mouse. Spending a bit more for a better "work" mouse gets rid of the crucial problems such as responsiveness, tracking, and battery life. The gaming features of the ROG Strix Carry works well with pixel intensive tasks as well as working with multiple devices. It's a great temptation to procrastinate and play games during work.

    PHILIPPINES 04/04/2020
  • www.ddworld.cz

    DD´s Recommended

    These small compact mice are very good for use on the go, and the new ASUS ROG STRIX Carry is probably the best mini mouse I've ever used. It has a great shape, excellent workmanship and functionality. Don't be fooled by the small size. It is as good and well equipped as many quality large gaming mice. And for a good price.

    CZECH REPUBLIC 04/14/2020

    PC Crazy Creative

    Because of all mentioned, I give the mouse a PC Crazy Creative award that represents exactly what the name says.

    CROATIA 03/24/2020

    PC CRAZY Creative

    All in all, the ROG Carry is one little surprise from ASUS with a handful of options and options for any situation.

    CROATIA 03/24/2020

Video Reviews

  • All in all, the ROG Carry is one little surprise from ASUS with a handful of options and options for any situation.

  • Video review from the channel konsumer