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  • PC Gamer

    Best of CES 2023

    The Azoth absolutely is the finest keyboard Asus has ever created

    UNITED STATES 01/12/2023
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  • PC Magazine

    Best in Show CES 2023

    This keyboard is Asus' first major sop to the DIY keyboard crowd, and quality and customizability exude from every inch.

    UNITED STATES 01/07/2023
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  • Gamesradar

    5 stars

    The best wireless gaming keyboard overall

    UNITED KINGDOM 07/19/2023
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  • Toms Hardware.co.uk

    4.5 stars

    Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard

    UNITED KINGDOM 07/06/2023
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  • Games Radar


    It's going to take a lot to knock the Asus ROG Azoth off my desk, and I would seriously urge anyone looking for a premium typing experience to keep one on theirs.

    UNITED KINGDOM 06/19/2023
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  • Tech Radar


    The Asus ROG Azoth is a brilliant compact wireless gaming keyboard with excellent build quality, and it offers a fast and responsive typing experience. It's also easy to replace the switches and keycaps, and the OLED display is a fantastic addition.

    UNITED KINGDOM 03/10/2023
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  • Games Radar

    Editors Choice

    GamesRadar+ Verdict GamesRadar+ Verdict "The Asus ROG Azoth is a revolution in hot-swappable gaming keyboards, setting the bar extremely high for 2023. " The Asus ROG Azoth is a revolution in hot-swappable gaming keyboards, setting the bar extremely high for 2023.

    UNITED KINGDOM 01/24/2023
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  • PC Gamer


    The ROG Azoth is absolutely the best gaming keyboard Asus has ever released, and the best enthusiast keyboard I've ever seen from a proper established brand that doesn't focus on the segment.

    UNITED KINGDOM 01/19/2023
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  • WePC


    The ROG Azoth looks good, feels supreme, and sounds incredible. The built quality verges on industrial and the typing experience delights in a way previously unseen in an ASUS ROG keyboards.

    UNITED KINGDOM 01/06/2023
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  • GBATemp


    I can say with no doubt in my mind that this is the best gaming keyboard I've used to date

    UNITED KINGDOM 01/04/2023
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  • Dexerto

    5 stars

    If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard with heaps of features, and want to dip your feet into the DIY keyboard scene, there is no better place to do it than the ROG Azoth.

    UNITED KINGDOM 01/04/2023
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  • hardwareinside.de

    Hardwareinside recommendation

    In practice, we enjoy the keyboard very much, no matter if we write long texts or adventure into games, the keyboard implements our inputs precisely and immediately.

    GERMANY 07/24/2023
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  • pcgameshardware.de

    Test Winner

    Test winner in "The Great Custom Gaming Keyboard Test"

    GERMANY 07/03/2023
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  • iF Design Award 2023

    iF Design Award 2023

    ROG Azoth Wireless Gaming Keyboard won the iF Design Award 2023, a global symbol of excellent design.

    GERMANY 04/22/2023
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  • Red Dot

    2023 Red Dot Product Design

    ROG Azoth won the 2023 Red Dot Product Design Award, a world-renowned design award.

    GERMANY 04/07/2023
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  • allround-pc.com


    Asus ROG Azoth in test: Wireless "custom" gaming keyboard

    GERMANY 01/23/2023
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  • Frandroid

    9 out of 10

    The Asus ROG Azoth keyboard has it all, and it does it well. This test could be summed up with this sentence, because this keyboard is so exceptional. Its impeccable construction, combined with its neat design and compact size, make it a very practical and pleasant keyboard to use on a daily basis.

    FRANCE 05/06/2023
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  • LesNumériques.com

    5 stars out of 5

    The Asus Rog Azoth is an outstanding gaming keyboard that boasts some very advanced features and design, with hotswappable and pre-lubricated mechanical switches, effective absorption foams and a dedicated settings wheel. The Oled screen is interesting [...] and the typing quality is really excellent.

    FRANCE 03/06/2023
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  • Gameblog.fr

    9 out of 10

    ...we can say that we have fallen in love. First of all, with the keyboard, which beyond the remarkable reactivity of its switches, provides a typing comfort rarely reached. We are also charmed by the mouse/mousepad duo, which manages to innovate in what is ultimately a very codified world.

    FRANCE 02/18/2023
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  • Cowcotland

    Silver Award

    A very good job on materials and soundproofing has been done on this keyboard which incorporates a lot of elements from the custom world [...] Add to that a nice aluminium top chassis, wireless connectivity including 2.4GHz RTF and Bluetooth and a small OLED display, [...] and you get a keyboard that is overall very pleasant to the fingers, ears and eyes.

    FRANCE 02/08/2023
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  • JeuxVideo.com

    5 stars out of 5

    Asus knows how to please gamers and this Asus Azoth mechanical keyboard shows us the brand's expertise. This 75% model has very practical features and fully customisable profiles to please everyone. [...] In short, this Asus ROG Azoth is particularly good at what it does and is perfect for gamers looking for a keyboard with a fetish.

    FRANCE 02/02/2023
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  • Guru3d

    Top Pick

    It doesn't change what a keyboard is, but at the same time, it sets a new high standard.

    NETHERLANDS 05/05/2023
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  • Techgaming.nl

    An excellent example in build quality

    Everything on and around this keyboard screams quality and highlights choices made by the Custom Mechanical Keyboard Community.

    NETHERLANDS 01/06/2023
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  • Techtesters.eu

    Editor's Choice

    The Azoth easily sets itself apart from the typical gaming keyboards with both the above-average solid construction, some nice feature extras such as the OLED screen, but especially those nice smooth switches that feel a class (or 3) better than the typical red switch.

    NETHERLANDS 01/03/2023
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  • Razorman.net


    An exceptional keyboard for gaming and office use, extremely silent

    SPAIN 04/28/2023
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  • Game it

    Premium product

    Simply perfect.

    SPAIN 04/12/2023
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  • Profesional Review


    Asus goes one step further than all of them by directly adopting a custom model.

    SPAIN 03/21/2023
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  • NordicHardware

    Nordic Hardware Recommends

    Azoth is a well-constructed build with many details that enhance the user experience. Sound profile, switch feel, stabilizers, mounting method and keycaps come together beautifully – like an orchestra.

    SWEDEN 06/09/2023
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  • DatorMagazin

    6/6 Top class

    If you are looking for a more compact but feature-rich gaming keyboard that is also suitable for more productive work, the Asus ROG Azoth will definitely be among the best you can find

    SWEDEN 01/03/2023
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  • Gamereactor Danmark


    Asus has designed their best keyboard to date.

    DENMARK 01/07/2023
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  • Tweak.dk

    9/10 Enhusiast exclusive

    I think the ASUS ROG Azoth keyboard has been a pleasure to have around. If you are in the market for a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard with an eye for detail, then here is a really solid offer, literally.

    DENMARK 01/04/2023
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  • Tek.no

    9.5 out of 10, Impressive, Best in test

    No over, no wood side off. The new gold standard for gaming keyboards.

    NORWAY 03/24/2023
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  • Gamereactor Norge


    Asus has designed its best keyboard ever.

    NORWAY 01/15/2023
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  • Tekcafe

    TekCafe Editor's Choice

    In the hands of Rog Azoth - Gamers can also customize the key

    VIETNAM 01/10/2023
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  • www.vmodtech.com

    Best Innovation

    Gaming Keyboard Freedom to Custom Accurate response with ROG NX

    THAILAND 02/15/2023
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    CD Action Recommendation


    POLAND 04/08/2023
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  • Tuttotek.it

    Tuttotek Score

    The ROG Azoth is a real gem, if you love compact keyboards, that will allow you to express yourself at your best in your games. Equipped with a not inconsiderable weight and a fairly sturdy design, this 75% compact keyboard possesses a truly exceptional responsiveness to allow a very small reaction time. However, in long sessions the absence of a wrist rest is felt given its slightly excessive height. Despite this minor problem, our test ran smoothly, thanks largely to a battery that was nearly

    ITALY 03/22/2023
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  • Everyeye.it

    Everyeye Score

    The Asus ROG Azoth is a mechanical keyboard that looks to the DIY world without diving into it entirely, offering a high-level experience and especially in line with the price at which it is sold in terms of quality of materials and ease of use, but it tends to be more expensive than fully custom products of the same level. The NX Red switches are superior to those you would find on any consumer-level keyboard but certainly not up to par with the Enthusiast options

    ITALY 03/10/2023
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  • Revues vidéo

    • Simply perfect

    • Crime Boss 💰🚔 Gang game experience

    • 75% Keyboard with OLED Display!

    • Meet the ROG Azoth

    • ROG Azoth Review - 2,000 Hours Of Battery Life?!

    • This Might Be Our Favorite 75% Keyboard Yet #shorts

    • This is one hell of a keyboard!

    • ROG Azoth Unboxing (ASMR) #shorts

    • I Made The New ASUS Keyboard Better.

    • With the ROG Azoth mechanical custom gaming keyboard, customising your keyboard has never been easier. Decide for yourself which switches you want to use and how "Thock" your keyboard will be.

    • Kabellose Custom Gaming-Tastatur: Asus ROG Azoth im Hands-On #ces2023

    • I WAS CHALLENGED to PLAY Mouse Keyboard again after 5 years and a half of playing with a controller! ⌨️🖱️

    • Asus ROG is entering the world of custom mechanical keyboards for the first time with their Asus ROG Azoth which is a customizable gaming keyboard in 75% format and wireless! For a brand specialized in gaming that decides to venture into an unknown territory, a bold move!

    • ASUS ROG: I tested the ultimate keyboard/mouse kit for gamers

    • Very surprised that ROG took this approach to enter the customizable mechanical keyboard market.

    • The Asus ROG Azoth could just be Asus' most refined pre-built keyboard yet. Packed with some features typically found on custom keyboards, the Azoth even has an OLED display on the top right corner.

    • This is our take on the newly launched ASUS ROG Azoth 75% Mechanical Keyboard which is hot swappable, wireless and luxurious. There are sound tests at the end of the video, the Oil Kings are further modded with the tempest tape mod besides being filmed and lubed.

    • This is the lightest mouse I have reviewed with amazing performance while gaming and doing productivity tasks

    • Perfect quality/price

    • Perfect

    • 異常な拘り。狂気に満ちたキーボード、ROG Azothを紹介するぞ!静音性・打鍵感への追及も最高レベル。しかも分解できるキーボード!?やりたい事全部セットキーボード、誕生。

    • 【競合不在】最近はピカピカ光るキーボードよりもこういうデバイスに惹かれるようになってきました。|ASUS ROG Azoth

    • 【分解する】便利な機能も全部盛り!DIYツール付き75%キーボード【ROG Azoth】

    • 【潜入】ASUS ROG 初のE-Sportsコレクション「ACE SERIES」発表会に行ってきた【自作PC】

    • 公式が分解推奨?分解が最高に楽しそうなキーボード ASUS ROG AZOTH を買ってみたので開封分解配信をやってみる!【新製品】【商品レビュー】

    • Gaming Keyboard Freedom to Custom Accurate response with ROG NX

    • Gaming Keyboard Freedom to Custom Accurate response with ROG NX

    • The New ROG Gaming Gear Good design and Accurate response

    • Here is the ROG Azoth, a keyboard that went beyond my expectations. It takes a lot from the world of custom keyboards and adds a lot of gaming features like the small monitor and wireless connectivity. I look at this keyboard from a gamer's perspective, it has its flaws but I consider it a good keyboard and a cool one. The price is a bit high but justified for the performance and build.

    • The ROG SWIFT PG259QN 360HZ is a top-of-the-line monitor with excellent performance. In fact, what is excellent is not only the image quality but the monitor also passed the color texture test.

    • This is a gaming keyboard. Overall, it is a good keyboard, targeting a specific audience, ROG enthusiasts. The switch sound is not bad for commercial use, but the stabilizers are unconvincing in both sound and tactile feedback. Strengths include the triple connectivity and the Oled screen, which provides a good experience. An additional strength is the accompanying keyboard kit for its care and customization.

    • ASUS accessories just keep getting better - and the company has decided to offer us the ultimate gaming keyboard. That means not only the best materials, but a fully modular design and a mountain of accessories that let you tweak your keyboard literally down to the last switch!

    • ROG Azoth detachable keyboard | Ryzen 7 7800X3D in action!

    • An incredible gaming keyboard.

    • ASUS ROG Azoth Review | ASUS Flagship. TOP 75% Gaming Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

    • The strongest modification and dye keyboard and the result is shocking !! Rog Azote

    • The most powerful keyboard in the world + fastest mouse / Rog Harpe Ace + Rog Azoth

    • Video review from the channel ASUS ROG CIS

    • Video review from the channel Starlinecomp

    • Video review from the channel Warkey

    L'avis des médias

    • Asus’ range of pre-built mechanical keyboards have steadily improved over the years, and the new Asus ROG Azoth is the Taiwanese company’s most refined keyboard yet.


      MALAYSIA 01/11/2023
      En savoir plus
    • キースイッチ取り替え&分解で自作erの心をくすぐる!ROG Azothレビュー


      JAPAN 05/12/2023
      En savoir plus
    • ASUS JAPAN「ROG Azoth」は“自作キーボード”の沼に誘い込む破壊力抜群のメカニカルキーボードだった

      ITmedia PC USER

      JAPAN 05/06/2023
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    • The Asus ROG Azoth ticks all the boxes of an enthusiast mechanical keyboard, and it still manages to impress.

      Digital Trends

      UNITED STATES 01/22/2023
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    • The Azoth is without a doubt excellent for typing, but how does it fare with games? This is a wireless keyboard, after all. Asus promises low-latency, reliable connections with its SpeedNova wireless technology in 2.4 GHz mode, and it lives up to that promise.


      UNITED KINGDOM 03/09/2023
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    • Editors Choice - 5 out of 5! " All told the Asus ROG Azoth may well be the best main-brand gaming keyboard we've tried. It's superbly comfortable to type on and gives a wonderfully satisfying sound too.

      Pocket - Lint

      UNITED KINGDOM 01/15/2023
      En savoir plus
    • Asus ROG Azoth: bridging the gulf between mainstream and custom mechanical keyboards

      Euro Gamer

      UNITED KINGDOM 02/10/2023
      En savoir plus
    • It’s the perfect bridge between gaming and enthusiast keyboards, and a joy to type on.


      UNITED KINGDOM 02/17/2023
      En savoir plus
  • 2,000 Hours OfThis is the ROG Azoth and as you can tell, it has the more unique 75% layout complete with an OLED display in the corner, it also features hot-swappable switches, 2.4GHZ wireless and other great things like a gasket mount design, dampening foam and much much more. Battery Life

    Tech 360

    SINGAPORE 03/11/2023
    En savoir plus
  • Whether you are a gamer or a custom enthusiast, this keyboard checks all the boxes.

    Yahoo Singapore

    SINGAPORE 02/22/2023
    En savoir plus
  • Like Shox, trust ROG and NVIDIA to perform in competitive games!


    FRANCE 01/31/2023
    En savoir plus
  • The ROG Azoth gaming mechanical keyboard had been the talk of town among keyboard hobbyists since its announcement. Featuring hot-swappable switches, a complete keyboard lube kit, on top of advanced gaming features, it is clear that the company is marketing this keyboard towards the venn diagram intersection between keyboard enthusiasts and gamers.

    the axo

    MALAYSIA 03/16/2023
    En savoir plus
  • スイッチ自体のカスタマイズもできるワイヤレスゲーミングキーボード、ASUS「ROG Azoth」発売

    Hermitage Akihabara

    JAPAN 02/24/2023
    En savoir plus
  • エイム練習サービスと共同開発したASUSのeスポーツ特化型マウス「ROG Harpe Ace」とマウスパッド「ROG Hone Ace」が3月10日発売


    JAPAN 02/24/2023
    En savoir plus
  • ASUS、スイッチまでカスタマイズできる75%ゲーミングキーボード

    PC Watch

    JAPAN 02/24/2023
    En savoir plus
  • Aim Labとコラボしたマウスやカスタム前提のDIYキーボードが新登場!ASUS ROG初のeスポーツコレクション「ACE SERIES」日本発売発表会レポート!

    funglr Games

    JAPAN 02/24/2023
    En savoir plus
  • 【イベントレポート】Aim Labとコラボしたeスポーツ特化ギア爆誕!ASUSがeスポーツ特化した新コレクションACE SERIESを発表

    Esports world

    JAPAN 02/24/2023
    En savoir plus
  • ディスプレイ付きで機能性が豊富。打鍵感・静音性も良好


    JAPAN 04/28/2023
    En savoir plus
  • Review the Rog Azoth keyboard - Custom Branding Gaming mechanical keyboard introduced at CES 2023


    VIETNAM 01/10/2023
    En savoir plus
  • The ROG Azoth keyboard is undoubtedly one of the best we have ever tested. Everything from the design to the build quality is truly amazing. The software doesn't make it perfect, but we find it hard to question the outstanding product. Azoth is the benchmark mechanical keyboard in the entire market, although its 299 euro list price is not for everyone.


    ITALY 02/28/2023
    En savoir plus
  • In summary, the ROG Azoth is a product aimed at those who want the best without any sacrifice. The cost is high, sure, but we are talking about a product that shares very little with almost all the alternatives, consequently it is also difficult to make a direct comparison with them. What we can say, however, is that this is a keyboard that excels in many respects (construction first and foremost), which is why satisfaction is assured, whatever sphere you choose to use it in.

    Hardware Upgrade

    ITALY 05/26/2023
    En savoir plus
  • ASUS has produced many beautiful and interesting mechanical gaming keyboards. But the ROG Azoth has surpassed all previous models in every respect. It is one of the best and most functional gaming keyboards available today. It includes all the best features of traditional gaming mechanics, plus the most attractive features of the so-called premium segment. ASUS ROG Azoth has a very sturdy, reliable and stylish case, a Gasket-mount design with several layers of damping and sound-absorbing pads.


    ITALY 06/07/2023
    En savoir plus
  • The ROG Azoth is a well-designed keyboard that can be used in several areas, among which the gaming side stands out: the cornerstone of this device, which does not prove to be affordable for everyone due to its price, but will be able to give a lot of satisfaction to users looking for a high-quality product.


    ITALY 06/30/2023
    En savoir plus
  • The ROG Azoth is an attractively designed keyboard, partly due to the presence of the OLED screen, and whose functionality is very good. Overall, this is a very good product.


    ITALY 05/03/2023
    En savoir plus
  • ASUS ROG Azoth is a keyboard packed with features, potential, and excellent accessories. Built with quality, it is solid and has a premium feel. And the price reflects all these qualities. Obviously, we are not dealing with a mainstream keyboard, but one with a premium profile for discerning gamers who spare no expense. In any case, its strengths include: its oled screen, cushioned keys, included tool and parts kit, and trivalent connectivity.


    ITALY 04/28/2023
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  • In its relentless quest for maximum performance, Asus ROG has created what it claims to be the "perfect gaming mouse" in association with Aim Lab, as well as the DIY Azoth keyboard

    PC Guia

    PORTUGAL 04/01/2023
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  • The keyboard sticks to the table like nails, the keys respond to your movements precisely, unambiguously and consistently, and in Armory Crate you will find more or less all the software gadgets that can make gaming easier for you. The switches and the entire mechanical design of the keys will fundamentally contribute to the good feeling of the massive keyboard. A sure grip, zero wobble, consistent feedback, these are attributes that you quietly accept, but if you lose them, you will loudly dema


    CZECH REPUBLIC 04/25/2023
    En savoir plus
  • But if I take it all the way around, Asus ROG Azoth is not aimed at the enthusiast community, but is trying to bring gadgets to a segment in which there have been few representatives so far and to spread awareness of the qualities and possibilities beyond us enthusiasts. And it certainly deserves thanks for that.


    CZECH REPUBLIC 05/08/2023
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  • Review: ASUS ROG Azoth Wireless Gaming Keyboard


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  • Review: ASUS ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition Wireless Gaming Mouse


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  • Mainstream gaming keeb.

    IGN Middle East

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  • ROG Azoth Wireless Gaming Keyboard - review

    Gadget Voize

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