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    Best Gaming PC

    The GA15 PC shows that ASUS nailed the gaming machine markets this year - even with the arrival of Nvidia's latest cards, the GA15 makes a great argument for a considered, great value and plenty-powerful gaming machine. An excellent beast.

    UNITED KINGDOM 10/15/2020
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    JAPAN 11/27/2020

Video Reviews

  • ROG has designed a beautiful RGB case and it also has a lot of vents for a perfect air travel

  • This is an amazing RIG for the gamers and can be purchased in different specs. Cooling management was very amazing.

  • Played many high end games and got some amazing frame rates and the system also did not heated at all.

  • A perfect gaming desktop for entry level gamers

  • 너란놈 갖고싶다! ASUS에서 출시한 게이밍 데스크탑 ROG STRIX GA15

  • ROG Strix GA15 - Primed for Battle | 이스포츠 경험을 통한 노하우를 담다

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  • ROG STRIX GA15 G15DK is worth more than assemble yourself, starting price 26,990 baht. Comes with Windows 11 Home, beautifully decorated from the factory, worth the price, worth playing.

  • Who is looking for a computer to use With a budget of 27k, check out this review. ROG STRIX G10DK with a price of 26,990 baht can play games. Can be used in general Able to edit video

  • ROG STRIX GT15 G15CF is worth more than assembled by yourself, starting price 74,990 baht Comes with Windows 11 Home, beautifully decorated from the factory, worth the price, worth playing.

  • G15CF ready-made computer, powerful specs, i7-12700F, RTX 3070 graphics card, at a price compared to self-assembly but got on-side service insurance

  • Body with dynamic lighting and carrying handle | ROG Strix GT15 - gamers will appreciate it!

Media Reviews

  • This nimble gaming machine can take anything you throw at it, with some caveats and it is pretty competent gaming machine, especially for eSports players


    INDIA 06/04/2020
  • ASUS ROG Strix GA15 is beautifully designed desktop which comes with great features and a full range of functionality


    INDIA 06/13/2020
  • The ROG Strix GA15 is one desktop in the ROG lineup from ASUS that is on point. With its pricing as well as the performance of the device, the company has hit the sweet spot


    INDIA 06/15/2020
  • Asus ROG Strix G15DH is powerful to handle 1080p and 1440p gaming and other graphics-intensive tasks like photos and video editing


    INDIA 07/10/2020
  • The ROG Strix has a pretty powerful CPU and a mid-range GPU, and its performance goes along the same way. You can do almost any productivity task with ease. In terms of gaming, you can rest assured that you can run most games at 60fps or above in Full HD resolution.

    My Smart Price

    INDIA 08/04/2020