The ROG Gladius III and Gladius III Wireless gaming mice are leaner and meaner than ever

May 13, 2022 Written by:Bryson Gong

The ROG Gladius series of mice have long accompanied gamers on their way to the winners’ circle. At CES 2021, we’re bringing all the latest upgrades in gaming mice together in the Gladius III series. The championship-class Gladius III and Gladius III Wireless meld a brand-new design with a host of cutting-edge technologies, including new switch sockets, sensors, and available wireless connectivity. 

ROG Gladius III-03
The ROG Gladius III gaming mouse

The hybrid body shape of the Gladius III is the next evolution in the ROG Gladius series. It’s carefully carved to fit palm, claw, and fingertip grip styles like a glove. The ROG Gladius III duo has been hitting the gym, too. The Gladius III Wireless’s weight has fallen by 35%, from 130g to a svelter 89g. That makes it perfect for split-second reactions and whip-like movements. The wired version is even lighter at 79g. The low weight helps prevent wrist and arm strain during marathon gaming sessions, as do our 100% PTFE ROG Omni mouse feet and the highly flexible, low-drag ROG Paracord cables. On the Gladius III Wireless, the cable is detachable and connects with a convenient USB Type-C port. 

Switch it up

There are a total of six programmable buttons ensconced in the mouse body, but the stars of the show are the two main mouse buttons and the switches that rest underneath. Each main switch sits in an ROG Push-Fit Switch Socket II, an exclusive quick-swap system that lets you easily replace the switches with any compatible three-pin models. In a first, it’s also ready for a new generation of five-pin optical switches. The reinforced structure of these sockets also reduces switch wobble for improved tactile feel and clicking accuracy.  

Beyond extending the life of the mouse, the Push-Fit Switch Socket II lets you customize the switch type and feel for your personal preference using a wide range of compatible micro switches. An extra pair of switches is included in the box in the event that the pre-installed units should ever fail. 

Smarter wireless, sharper sensor

We're quite proud of the cord-free connectivity of the ROG Gladius III Wireless. The mouse employs our most advanced RF technology to date. Its optimized data protocol results in a total click latency of under 1ms, the lowest in the market. We've also taken great care to ensure the data polling is smooth and jitter-free so that your hand movements are transmitted in a consistent, predictable manner. 

ROG Gladius III Wireless_01
The ROG Gladius III Wireless gaming mouse

Besides 2.4GHz connectivity, the wireless ROG Gladius III Wireless supports Bluetooth 5.1 LE, and it can store up to three device pairings for on-the-go convenience. A single flick of a switch is all it takes to select 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, or wired modes, and a dedicated button lets you easily toggle between devices in Bluetooth mode. 

The sensor on the underside of both Gladius III mice is a brand-new optical unit with a resolution up to 19,000 DPI, capable of handling 50g of acceleration and tracking at up to a whopping 400 inches per second. We’ve made sure this sensor offers 1:1 tracking for pixel-precise movements, and it’s devoid of annoying angle snapping or other motion processing. Regardless of whether you're playing high-octane twitchy shooters or enjoying some quality time planning out your conquests in real-time strategy games, the ROG Gladius III will track even the most subtle movements with utmost precision. 

User-serviceable parts inside

The user-serviceable switches and the detachable cable extend the longevity of the mouse by allowing for easy repairs. We've included an extra set of mouse feet in the box to save you the trouble of sifting through endless e-tail listings looking for replacements. As noted, the ROG Gladius III ships with an extra pair of Omron optical switches in the box for the main buttons in the event that one should give up the ghost. The wireless version comes with a dedicated slot for storing the 2.4GHz dongle inside the body so you won’t lose it when you're on the go for work, school, or a gaming session. 

ROG Gladius III Wireless_05

The build quality and attention to detail doesn't end there. Since different setups and users require unique settings, we've increased the ROG Gladius III's onboard memory to save a total of 5 profiles, easily selectable with the dedicated profile button on the underside. The customization options extend to the three-zone Aura Sync lighting present on the logo, the scroll wheel, and a bespoke laser-engraved anti-grip side panel adorned with a futuristic cyber-text motif. 

For more information on pricing and availability of the ROG Gladius III and ROG Gladius III Wireless mice in your region, please contact your local ASUS representative.