ASUS Power Supply Units

Years of experience in power delivery and thermal designs from our venerable motherboard and GPU product lines have been leveraged to produce industry-leading power supply units for a variety of builds. All series are capable of supporting the latest multi-core chips from Intel and AMD, as well as the NVIDIA Ampere Architecture. Learn about our design philosophy, survey our series options, and estimate how many watts your build will need below.

Thermal Design

ROG heatsinks and fans

Components used in high-current power supplies generate a lot of heat, requiring robust cooling solutions to ensure long-term reliability. ASUS has decades of experience developing heatsinks and fans for high-performance motherboards and graphics cards. We leverage all of that knowledge to design PSUs that maintain a quiet acoustic profile, even when fueling the latest CPUs and GPUs.

Power Delivery

ASUS Super alloy power 2 components

Modern multi-core architectures in CPUs and GPUs operate in low-power modes at idle and rapidly boost to maximum performance on demand. This necessitates efficiency and transient response tuning so the system receives the right amount of power at all times. Performing in-house engineering for motherboards, GPUs, and PSUs allows ASUS to guarantee stable, high-performance results for any build.

Choose By Series


ROG Thor series PSU


ROG Thor PSUs are designed to elevate flagship builds. Brushed aluminum and a mirrored side panel perfectly compliment ROG motherboard aesthetics. And Aura Sync RGB lighting and an integrated OLED display enable unique customization and monitoring options. Under the hood, high-quality components, a 135mm PWM-controlled fan, and large heatsinks allow Thor PSUs to deliver incredible performance while maintaining whisper-quiet operation.

ROG Strix Series

ROG Strix series PSU


ROG Strix PSUs are designed to fulfill the demands of high-end gaming rigs. Premium components and customized thermal solutions, made possible by our years of industry experience, provide the efficiency, performance, and quality needed to fuel the latest processors and graphics cards.


TUF Gaming series PSU


TUF Gaming PSUs are designed to beef up mainstream rigs. Military-grade components and an advanced Axial-tech fan with dual ball bearings increase the product’s overall lifespan. It's the perfect PSU to slot into a TUF Gaming build and power through AAA games for years to come.

Choose By Wattage

The calculator below has been designed to help you choose the right PSU wattage for your build. CPU and GPU power consumption is drastically affected by overclocking, so we’ve provided PSU wattage recommendations for non-overclocked and overclocked configurations. If you plan to upgrade your build in the future, we suggest selecting a PSU based on overclocked wattage.





Recommended Wattage