Extreme Engine DIGI+ III

The Extreme Engine DIGI+ III is an upgraded VRM system designed by ROG for Intel 4th generation series 'Haswell' processors. It is used by all Maximus VI series motherboards.


10k Black Caps, BlackWings, NexFETs

Building on the 10k black metallic capacitors from the previous Rampage IV and Maixmus V series, new additions include the (ASUS branded) BlackWing chokes that improve surface area and thus, cooling, and NexFET all-in-one MOSFETs.



The CPU and memory VRMs are controlled by ASUS designed DIGI+ control chips. This, combined with the ROG UEFI controls or 4-way optimization software can get the most from your PC, whether you're overclocking or use in specific scenarios.


Finally, thanks to ROG's RD, the Maximus VI Extreme exclusively unlocks the 2V limit on Intel 4th generation 'Haswell' CPUs, allowing extreme overclockers to really push for world records.

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