Landscape games made better with the ROG Phone 6

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Apr 03, 2023 Written by:ROG Article

Two people holding ROG phones in landscape mode, with mouths open excitedly.

When you're playing a landscape game that requires cunning, stealth, and focus to solve complex puzzles, the last thing you need is an immersion-breaking cable getting in the way. 

Tat’s where the ROG Phone 6's side charging port really comes in handy. We’ve partnered with Pocket Tactics, the world’s biggest mobile gaming website, to bring you a glimpse of the best games to play in landscape mode on the ROG Phone 6. 

Dead Cells 

Originally a hit on PC and console, this speedy and chaotic roguevania has been seamlessly ported over to mobile devices, leaning into the pint-sized platform's unique quirks. Shake off your chains as you awake in an ever-shifting castle, full of sinister horrors and your fellow failed experiments. Try to break free, but beware the sting of permadeath.  

A deeply challenging yet rewarding game, Dead Cells requires a creative mind, and a solid piece of hardware to play it on. Proceed through the narrative in a way that suits you, push through every conflict you can, or explore the creepy castle and unlock the story of its past. This 2D platformer is perfect in landscape on a phone, and with the ROG Phone 6's side charging port, you won't ever need to break away from the action.


A beautifully spooky game full of traps and contraptions, Limbo is one of the most visually appealing side-scrollers available on mobile. Slowly descending into the stuff of nightmares, with spindly foes and rigged obstacles behind every screen, you must guide your hero to each puzzle's complex conclusion.  

Using the ROG Phone 6 in landscape mode just makes sense for a game where you'll be tinkering with mechanical puzzles and engaging in deadly trial-and-error. The controls have been beautifully ported over to mobile, allowing you to solve the puzzles and scratch that itch whilst still staying deep within the terrifying surroundings of the game. With the ROG Phone 6's side charging port, you'll be able to play for hours, retrying each puzzle until you reach the end. 

Kingdom Two Crowns 

For the mobile gaming novices among us, Kingdom Two Crowns is the perfect side-scrolling starter game. Encapsulating the best parts of pocket gaming, its beautiful visuals support high refresh rates, which pairs perfectly with ROG Phone 6's 165Hz screen. 

Build your kingdom from scratch as a monarch atop a faithful steed, while keeping evil creatures and Greed at bay. Allow your subjects to thrive in a nation that meets their needs, either alone or with another player. Using the ROG Phone 6 for Kingdom Two Crowns' co-op mode is perfect, as it prevents that irritating moment when your phone's battery stops your game. Simply plug in the charger to the side port and play for hours in local split screen or tabletop co-op modes.  

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