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  1. Enabling XEAR Surround Speaker Changes Sample Rate
  2. How do I stop onboard sound from reinstalling itself on RoC maximus Formula
  3. 5.1 Rearspeaker setting help
  4. free at last
  5. Beta and Stable BUGS: ALL PLEASE POST!
  6. Sorry Asus !
  7. Phoebus Speaker not showing
  8. Battlefield 3 Phoebus HUGE SOUND BUG
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  10. Phoebus or other options
  11. Phoebus a 1x card?
  12. Uneven volume output between left and right headphone channel?
  13. ThunderFX Mico problem! , Warranty?
  14. Yaaaay! Finally a new official Win8 Phoebus Driver from ASUS :)
  15. Stereo Mix (what you hear)
  16. Sound in Phoebus using the DTS UltraPCII option is like being at bottom of a well.
  17. Phoebus new driver and openAL
  18. What is the purpose of Xear Surround Max?
  19. ThunderFX Control Panel Bug Report
  20. SupremeFX IV vs. Xonar DX Which is best for virtual 7.1 gaming?
  21. Phoebus_8_0_1_29: Did firmware update destroy my Phoebus Card?
  22. Protected Audio issue in Windows
  23. Phoebus is in the house
  24. Phoebus irq
  25. Dolby® Home Theater V4 using optical out
  26. LED light on the control box is not lit when mute the mic
  27. Razer tiamat 7.1+ xonar phoebus lack of bass in surround sound
  28. Creative GigaWorks THX 7.1 S750 connect Xonar Phoebus
  29. Phoebus latest driver ASIO bugs
  30. New to Xonar Phoebus - Upmix / Xear surround problems
  31. new Phoebus Solo ?
  32. Have problem with my Asus G53S sound
  33. Xonar u7 with usb-headphones
  34. Sony Vegas Pro 12
  35. Grave Flexible II.... bad bad bad.
  36. Change System Volume with ROG Xonar Phoebus Table Mic ?
  37. Dolby Profile (Bug or Feature?)
  38. Looking for Thunder FX
  39. Bug Report (already emailed) posted on forum see if anyone has any advice
  40. Worth buying or pass?
  41. Just a simple question to ASUS devs
  42. When new drivers?
  43. Windows 8 - Netflix app won't play if in 5.1 setting
  44. EAX 3+ not working in Windows 8
  45. Considering Phoebus Need Help
  46. Xonar Phoebus working with default windows drivers but not Asus drivers
  47. Just a Question about SPDIF and 5.1
  48. If you wonder how much does Phoebus`s hardware cost
  49. Grave flexible I exist?
  50. Phoebus, astros and hero
  51. New TFX Win8 x64 drivers on the way?
  52. Vista Drivers?
  53. Interference with micro // Noise on BF3
  54. Xonar Phoebus Problem help please.
  55. sonic radar
  56. Phoebus problems
  57. Worth it?
  58. No Sound In Teamspeak 3.
  59. [REQUEST] Linux Support / Drivers
  60. Stumbled upon advanced tunning for dolby home theatre
  61. Cant fint sonic radar ...I know..Im *** )
  62. Share your opinion/experience on the Phoebus here.
  63. xonar phoebus headset with one jack?
  64. Phoebus vs Titanium Fatal1ty Pro ?
  65. Xonar Phoebus - Which One???
  66. Worth buying? (Driver problems)
  67. Do ASUS have an official position on the mic humming problem
  68. Connecting THX 7.1 S750 to Xonar Phoebus
  69. Un-official drivers ?
  70. Computer Hard freezes with sound looping
  71. Xonar Phoebus vs Xonar DX for Razer Tiamat 7.1???
  72. ETA on Official drivers?
  73. Which headset should I get with the Xonar Phoebus?
  74. Control Box picking up sound.
  75. I needed firmware update without check ID card
  76. Xonar Phoebus Sound Quality, no bass, Settings
  77. Equalizer in Windows 8
  78. Best test for Windows 8 64 compatibility.
  79. Xear 7.1 vs Dolby Home V4
  80. upgrade from x-fi titanium
  81. BUG: Xonar Phoebus and Rapture 3D
  82. Any sign of a new driver ?
  83. Missing Hardware Audio in several titles that worked with Xonar D2X
  84. How should i connect
  85. Asus xonar phoebus makes strange noises in windows.
  86. Razer tiamat 7.1 problems
  87. Xonar Phoebus Solo Sound card
  88. ASUS Xonar Phoebus Solo, Where can I buy it?
  89. Essense STX sound card
  90. News drivers and fix?
  91. Xonar Phoebus Solo does not appear when starting the PC
  92. New Drivers?
  93. New Drivers?
  94. Phoebus: positionnal audio + stereo headsets = how to.
  95. trying to replicate my battlefield 3 xonar d2x settings on Phoebus
  96. Relays on the Card KEEPs CLICKING
  97. Best music settings for phoebus
  98. Mic Feedback Option?
  99. Asus Xonar Phoebus + Battlefield 4\Battlefield 3= HUGE SOUND BUGS
  100. Asus xonar phoebus
  101. Helicopters and crashes
  102. Dobly Home Theatre V4 + Win 8.1 ...No go ???
  103. Sound card for Windows 8.1
  104. Control Box?
  105. [ita]very big problem with Headphone Out..
  106. How to get Phoebus drivers working within Windows 8.1 64 Pro w/ Media Center.
  107. Xonar Essence STX Winodows 8.1 Drivers?
  108. Maximus v Extreme, Xonar phoebus, GTX 580 Dcii Problems
  109. Audio lagging issue
  110. @ASUS, Xonar ROG Phoebus driver?
  111. Help: The Xonar Phoebus wont change between headphones and my stereo speakers!
  112. How and why does everyone have problems with the Phoebus/Drivers ?
  113. Help please: ASIO Failed To Open?
  114. Xonar Phoebus Solo Buzzing Noise
  115. Asus ROG Xonar Phoebus No sound in BF4 and teamspeak3
  116. Phoebus worth it for windows 7 64?
  117. Cannot uninstall Phoebus drivers!!! HELP!!
  118. Xonar Phoebus Solo Question
  119. Xonar Phoebus Solo 7.1 Vs Xonar D2X
  120. Entertainment industry preasure and Phoebus?
  121. ETA of the driver?
  122. dolby home theater v4 question
  123. phoebus microphone static noise reduction?
  124. Some Phoebus/Solo questions
  125. Windows 8.1 fix
  126. Whql win 8.1 driver
  127. Is my sound card broken or is this issue software related? (uneven headphones volume)
  128. RIVE + GTX690 + Xonar Phoebus = No Sound Card Detected
  129. got the Phoebus SOLO with the PC360 have lots of questions
  130. Mic dosent work under Teamspeak and Skype
  131. ASUS Xonar Phoebus - 5.1 still messes up with latest drivers (
  132. Feature request
  133. Question about Smart Volume Normalizer
  134. Xonar Phoebus pcie x4 problem
  135. Asus phoebus solo + steelseries siberia v2
  136. New Xonar Phoebus driver realeased 12/27/2013 Version
  137. Presets Dolby Home Theater
  138. I accidentally bent something on my sound card. Is anything going to happen?
  139. Small Static sound at windows startup ( Xonar Phoebus )
  140. Phoebus & Dolby Pro Logic
  141. Control software issues
  142. Xonar Phoebus causing audio-pops and drop outs with official drivers
  143. Distortion of sound due to drivers.
  144. Windows 8.1 64Bit Phoebus when set to 5.1 only the Front Speakers are playing.
  145. Difference between ASUS Xonar D2X , Phoebus and Xonar ST soundwise?
  146. Request: Standalone Equalizer with Userdefined Presets for the Asus Phoebus
  147. Xonar Phoebus headphone volume very low?
  148. Xonar Phoebus ROG
  149. TS3 low mic volume and noises
  150. Asus Xonar Phoebus vanished (windows 8.1)
  151. Drivers for Windows 8.1 Stereomix enable this option? drivers are not very refined
  152. Xonar Phoebus driver Version stereo mix?
  153. Card games and I can not enable stereo mix (xonar phoebus)
  154. Phoebus Solo Noise
  155. Windows 8.1 drivers for Xonar Essence ST?
  156. STEREO MIX - function missing
  157. For when drivers Windows 8.1 enable stereo mix
  158. Confirmed no stereo mix (ASUS Xonar Phoebus ROG)
  159. phoebus break out box problem
  160. Centre speaker outputs to Sub, 5.1
  161. New driver released - :)
  162. Problem sound
  163. Asus Xonar Phoebus 5.1 to 7.1 upmix
  164. Older xonar sound card features vs phoebus
  165. Dolby Home Theater suppresses bass
  166. Problem: Asus ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo and Dolby Digital Live with WIN 8.1 64bit
  167. ASUS Phoeus EXE not opening
  168. Bass only in left headphone - Razer Tiamat 7.1
  169. A hard look at some stuff.
  170. 5.1 Channel is changing (one channel to right)
  171. Arcsoft Theater 6.1.150 can't find Headphones
  172. Control speaker volume with the remote not possible?
  173. Xonar Phoebus 7.1 Solo NO BASS
  174. New to the Phoebus and cant work it out!
  175. Previous problems are still present.
  176. When new drivers ?
  177. Xonar Phoebus 5.1 Speaker Mismatch
  178. EQ software needed. Any Advice?
  179. when is new driver and sound radar?
  180. DTS Ultra PC + EQ ?
  181. ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo - Problem with audio drivers.
  182. No audio playback with Splash pro video player, driver problem?
  183. When will we have Sonic Radar 2 for phoebus ?
  184. Serious bug in driver
  185. Choose a sound card
  186. Phoebus gets really warm
  187. ASIO playback and Dolby Home Theater
  188. cant hear left headphone speaker?
  189. Using the Razer Tiamat Headset with Phoebus? Could use your advice.
  190. Phoebus + Tiamat 7.1 + BF4 = Sounds Murky, Horrible
  191. RoG Phoebus audio profiles
  192. Dolby theater not working?
  193. Virtual Dolby over stereo SPDIF not working
  194. xonar dx drivers compatabillity issue
  195. phoebus with beyyerdynamic
  196. Phoebus with Beyerdybanuc headset?
  197. card dead?
  198. Essense STX II + Audio Technica ATH-ADG1 set up issues
  199. Is the phoebus discontinued already?
  200. HP Out not working
  201. when new driver arrives ?
  202. About the problem of radar
  203. Xonar Phoebus Solo: Must Restart
  204. Headphone out (solved)
  205. Xonar Phoebus and M Audio BX5 D2
  206. ROG Xonar Phoebus vs Motherboard
  207. Problem with sound in games - only front satellites sound
  208. Wrong LED color on control box
  209. Setup help
  210. Phoebus and Windows 10 Preview
  211. Asus Xonar Essence One
  212. TOSLINK (Spdif) with Yamaha amplituner problems with game sound
  213. Asus Essence STX II witch pcie slot
  214. Which Cable ?
  215. Driver and fw update for new card
  216. Xonar Phoebus Solo microphone noise. Which cards are affected?
  217. Had this card about a year, but now losing its quality
  218. No sound in certain games.
  219. Driver meses up FRONT/REAR??!!
  220. Razer tiamat 7.1 and phoebus
  221. THD & noise floor when DHT888 heat
  222. Phoebus card front jack panel microphone doesn't work
  223. ASUS XONAR ESSENCE STX II ( Small Issue Please HELP )
  224. [H] Xonar u7 - no sound from rear speakers output - others works fine.
  225. Phoebus sound card slow sound
  226. Multichannel 5.1 7.1 issue - using Headphones incl. working Workaround
  227. Xonar Phobeus Sound card humming issue
  228. Xonar DG sound balance issue
  229. Phoebus just died!!!
  230. UE 9000 with Xonar Pheobus Headset Module
  231. Phoebus driver for Windows 10 : There will be ???
  232. Phoebus - 2 channel to multispeaker
  233. New drivers Version 2015/01/22
  234. The DTS PCUltra II gone?
  235. Netflix issue back with new driver?
  236. Sonic Studio Pro Vitrual Surround goes back to default stereo upon restart.
  237. ASUS Xonar Phoebus - differences between models
  238. Sonic Studio with Xonar U7
  239. No DDLive in New drivers ??
  240. Xonar U7 - all rear 3,5mm jacks dead - RMA Revoked!! Iam helpless.
  241. Phoebus 7.1 or 5.1 headphone output
  242. Phoebus Card Issues
  243. Problem using ROG Xear Magic Voice in the new driver
  244. Asus G74sx-Replacing the SOUND CARD- Suggestion pls-Where can i get in UK?
  245. Issues with H.265 playback.
  246. Xonar Phoebus sound issues
  247. ROG Xonar Phoebus headphone and front out at the same time?
  248. Left driver not producing sound?
  249. Reporting noise when recording with shadowplay on windows 10
  250. change from sound card Creative Sound Blaster Asus ROG Xonar Phoebus ZX to agree ?