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  1. DTS output
  2. Will it fit?
  3. old card new issue
  4. Asus Xonar Phoebus Application CD
  5. How to record "what you hear" ?
  6. Essence STX II 7.1? Is this card dead ASUS????
  7. Can't enable SLI with Xonar phoebus installed
  8. Windows 10 Driver ?
  9. XEAR function missing in new driver?
  10. When pausing YouTube/iTunes channels switching!
  11. Sound Card Help Needed
  12. How to select DDO to allows the Xonar Phoebus to deliver 5.1 on the optical cable
  13. Upgrading speakers... but confused!
  14. Creative Have Driver Release Dates For Their Products, Why Not Asus ?
  15. Sound Card Issue when streaming and Uploading on youtube
  16. Flex Bass II in Windows 10 - Got it working using Version
  17. New owner of an ROG Xonar Phoebus and need help with settings?
  18. 1.08 drivers missing microphone noise cancellation?
  19. I can hear my own microphone
  20. Install The 2013 Driver On Windows 10 :D
  21. Asus xonar phoebus solo noise issue
  22. obsolescence/counterchip
  23. Let's Hit the Root Cause
  24. Equalizer
  25. Congratulations ASUS you've lost a customer for life
  26. Mic volume after lunch a game
  27. No more surround in windows 10
  28. Phoebus Win 10 Beta driver
  29. Asus Strix Raid & Soar sounds cards
  30. Xonar Phoebus & Logitech Z906 surround sound
  31. Asus Xonar U7 Compact 7.1 USB + Sennheiser HD700
  32. [Purchase] Asus Phoebus vs Asus D2X
  33. no "voice" in a song without environment effects???
  34. Best gaming sound system ever!!
  35. Asus Strix Raid DLX - Microphone sounds kinda canned
  36. Asus Strix Raid DLX - Problem with sound cutting
  37. Win 10 Phoebus changes front/rear channels, Dolby not working at all
  38. Pause/Play Issue
  39. The left headset sounds a lot more than the right.
  40. Phoebus pops while in windows, followed by channels getting mixed up?
  41. Asus Strix Raid DLX - Trouble with switching
  42. what happened to the drivers with A-Volute UI?
  43. Phoebus driver without Sonic Studio Pro?
  44. Problem with Netflix, Regedit and Pheobus soundcard
  45. SupremeFX Hi-Fi DAC as a standalone product?
  46. Switching from speakers to headphones
  47. Asus Strix Soar or Asus Strix Raid Pro
  48. Asus Strix Raid DLX headset Ohm settings in Sonic studio?
  49. Comparison ZXR vs Raid DLX ?
  50. Can someone please suggest me ? Pheobus new driver vs ZXR or Raid DLX
  51. Eletric/Buzzing sound during game
  52. Owned Phoebus for less than a month.
  53. Strix Raid DLX In-Game Sound Issues
  54. Latest win 10 update killed my xonar phoebus sound card software!!!
  55. New Beta driver with Fixed pop-up error
  56. Xonar phoebus EMI problem
  57. Phoebus does not support 4 pole jacks?
  58. Netflix and DRM issue On Other Hardware
  59. Strix Raid DLX New Firmware 1.14 how to flash
  60. Asus strix raid DLX No power message!
  61. Z906+Phobeus analog vs optical
  62. Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) problem
  63. Strix Raid DLX microphone volume win10
  64. Asus Strix Soar
  65. New asus phobeus buzzing
  66. STRIX RAID DLX Profile Question
  67. Flash plugin crash in Firefox 44 when using ASUS Strix Soar
  68. Strix Raid DLX new beta update 2016/02/23 (still 1.1.2 beta)
  69. New Phoebus Solo Driver
  70. Xonzr Phoebus vs Maximus VIII Formula SupremeFX 2015
  71. Strix raid box going crazy
  72. Any way to buy control box separately?
  73. alien voice with Xonas Phoebus solo
  74. Sonic Studio
  75. Asus Rog Phoebus Solo, many doubts!!
  76. Xonar Phoebus, no SPDIF sound
  77. Strix Raid DLX not recording any sound in shadowplay?
  78. Any suggestions on a OP-AMP upgrade for a Xonar Xense?
  79. Device-(Development) Support Asus Essence STX II??
  80. Op-Amp question STXII Muses8920 as Buffer?
  81. Xonar phoebus status as of May 2016
  82. Asus Strix RAID Pro - Mono sounds only play in left channel
  83. Asus Xonar Phoebus - Windows 10 and Dolby Home Theater
  84. sonic radar cant detect games...
  85. Xonar Phoebus or Strix Soar
  86. 3 question of Asus Xonar Phoebus Solo??? Help me!!!
  87. Asus Phoebus Solo software problems
  88. Strix Soar and video performance
  89. Flash player crashed in Firefox
  90. Hyperx Cloud Revolver + ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo - Worth it?
  91. Asus Strix 7.1 headseat and Asus Xonar Phoebus ROG
  92. HyperX Cloud Revolver with Phoebus Gain Question
  93. RAID DLX BOX not working anymore.
  94. Windows 10 "Anniversary Update" breaks Xonar U7
  95. Dolby Home Theatre gone after Windows 10 update
  96. Compatibility Issues between Sonic Studio (Strix DLX) and various applications
  97. Xonar Phoebus 4.29 Driver Released
  98. Ddl question
  99. [Strix Raid Pro] How to use headphones and speakers at the same time?
  100. Asus Strix Soar question about some things and weird beahvior
  101. Asus Xonar U3 - Windows 10
  102. Strix Sonic Studio needs Smart Volume or similar
  103. Windows Cumulative Update KB3194496 Breaks Strix Soar Driver
  104. Sonic Studio crashed applications
  105. ASUS Strix Soar - 5.1 layout wrongly detected as 7.1
  106. Strix Sonic Studio Crashes
  107. sound card not detected
  108. Xonar U7 driver question
  109. Win7 x64- Asus PHOEBUS- Which driver to pick?
  110. Xonar Essence Stx II
  111. Will the drivers for the Strix Soar ever be fixed ?
  112. [ASUS Strix Raid PRO] Noise in left channel when running games
  113. [Strix raid dlx] DRM issue (netflix and stuff) and mic volume issue
  114. Strix raid dlx VS formula IX
  115. Strix Soar - Volume Leveler
  116. Driver Phoebus_Setup_1114 Win 10 do not work
  117. Upgrade Xonar DX to Strix Soar
  118. Low-pitched sound at 48/96/192 kHz (Phoebus solo)
  119. Driver Phoebus 1114 Win 10 x64 - nhAsusPhoebusSvc64.exe memory leak ?!?!
  120. Can't Set Up Asus Strix Raid DLX 7.1
  121. I am about to buy asus phoebus??????? [win 10]
  122. 7.1 Virtual Surround broken in latest drivers
  123. Asus DLX RAID doesn't upmix
  124. Xonar U7 Dolby Digital Live
  125. should l upgrade from ASUS Xonar STX
  126. Hello from Canada
  127. Strix RAID DLX FlexBass Control
  128. STRIX Raid DLX - Headphones to control box or direct to sound card
  129. RAID DLX - Virtual Surround
  130. Xonar Phoebus - Dolby Digital Live not working Windows 10
  131. Phoebus xonar channel problems
  132. Asus Phoebus digital out to Razer Leviathan
  133. Do we need to run STRIX Sonic Studio as Administrator ?
  134. Xonar Phoebus - problem upmix
  135. Asus Strix RAID DLX Sonic Radar issue Headphones -Virtual Surround
  136. Xonar MKII Missing Audio Center and Virus Warning
  137. Switch (software command/tool) speaker and headphone output for Strix
  138. [bug] sonic studio lags programs and input devices
  139. How is Asus new soundcard the AE + Sonic Studio?
  140. Asus - Question about Bitrate and Frequency Headphones Virtual Surround
  141. Asus Strix RAID DLX Driver issue - Windows Timer Resolution
  142. Asus Strix RAID DLX event viewer crashes nhAsusStrixsvc32.exe
  143. Asus Strix RAID DLX HIGH DPC
  144. Xonar DGX Audio Center icon: I'm not able to remove the icon on the Toolbar. help!!
  145. [URGENT SUPPORT REQUIRED] PC reboot when installing driver of ESSENCE STX II
  146. SOAR cold boot issues with Ryzen and software issue on Win10
  147. Issue with recording game playback with the Strix Raid Pro
  148. Windows 10 + Strix dlx
  149. Strix Raid DLX Control BOX issue (firmware 1.14)
  150. 5.1 with Asus Strix DLX
  151. Asus Xonar AE - any reviews or examinations?
  152. Recommended Bitrate and kHz?
  153. Upgrading from xonar u3 need suggestion, strix soar, strix pro,strix dlx or u7?
  154. Download drivers doesn't work
  155. STRIX SOAR problem
  156. Any plans for ROG sound card with Aura Sync
  157. z270g with realtek audio driver - reads sennheiser g4me one as speakers
  158. Strix Raid DLX , when are new drivers ?
  159. Short blips of static every now and then with Xonar D2X
  160. Asus Strix Raid DLX Bass Clipping?
  161. Custom remote box for strix soundcard
  162. Sonic Studio won't work after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  163. Driver Xonar Phoebus 4.29 and Win10 1709
  164. Strix SOAR many issues
  165. New driver install problem
  166. crackling. squeak. noise. strix raid pro
  167. Recommended maximum allowed speakers for direct attach to Asus Soar?
  168. Best recommended connectivity for a Asus Trix 7.1 audio card and what amplifier opt.?
  169. Xonar DX and SPDIF to My Stereo
  170. Strix Raid Pro: Problems with upmixing browser stereo to 5.1
  171. Strix Raid DLX Unable to enable 5.1 sound in spdif output
  172. ASUS Xonar U7 Echelon Edition driver?
  173. Raid Strix DLX ingame sounds too low, audible enough for others thing beside gaming
  174. Asus Xonar U7 not recognized any more after Win10 update
  175. Asus Xonar U7 MKII with Echelon driver?
  176. Asus strix soar Noise MIC HELP
  177. Strix SOAR not detected [Resolved]
  178. Questions about Sonic Radar - Xonar U7 MKII
  179. Any way to setup balanced output on strix soar
  180. ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus
  181. Asus strix raid dlx
  182. Cannot install software for Xonar U7 MK II [Resolved]
  183. Asus DLX RAID Separate Driver Installation without GUI
  184. Asus DLX RAID can't do 5.3ms or 10.7 ms Latency
  185. STRIX RAID DLX - Can the control box be made functional under Linux?
  186. Looking for EQ presets | what does the compressor do?
  187. Cmedia/xonar u7 driver for Strix sound cards?
  188. Xonar Phoebus solo 6 pin cable
  189. Essence STX II/STX II 7.1 & Xonar D2X - incompatible with X370, B350, and X470 MBs
  190. Which Home Theatre Receiver?
  191. Phoebus Driver Question
  192. ASUS Essence STX II compatibility
  193. ASUS Essence STX II sound problem
  194. soundcard or onboard
  195. Original ASUS Xonar STX and the AM4+ platform
  196. Asus Strix Soar, Sonic studio sound enhancement
  197. strix raid pro problem
  198. Xonar u7 MK II 5.1 problem
  199. Asus Xonar D2X - not compatible with X370/B350/X470 series MBs
  200. Rog sonar Phoebus sound card.
  201. Strix Soar Vertical Mount
  202. ASUS Pheobus Solo stopped working
  203. Asus Strix Sonar 7.1 Sonic Get Freezed?
  204. Sonic Studio for Xonar U7 MKII
  205. Is ASUS Xonar DGX going to reign supreme for all eternity?
  206. Asus Strix Soar NoT detected Cold BOOT
  207. Anyone running STX II with Z390?
  208. Strix Riad DLX - Huge Mouse Lag in Games with Sonic Studio Open
  209. Xonar Phoebus solo Gone after Windows Update
  210. Asus Please remove Sonic Studio,and get normal Xear software on your cards
  211. Strix Raid Dlx vs STX (II) regarding music via speakers
  212. ASUS Strix RAID Pro cold boot/re-boot issues [Resolved]
  213. ASUS Xonar U7 MKII switching output device issue after driver installation
  214. Asus Xonar U5 stock firmware
  215. Strix dlx humming noise when i start a game?
  216. Asus Essence STX II delivers less sound to one channel. (headphones)
  217. Xonar Phoebus - How to switch profiles automatically
  218. Asus STX II - Op Amps question - Which to replace?
  219. Sonic Radar Pro does not save settings
  220. Sound Card Upgrade: ASUS STRIX SOAR vs ASUS Xonar DSX
  221. Xonar U7 MKII sound enhancements stop working since win10 1809
  222. Xonar Essence STX problem...
  223. Has anyone figured out how to get sonic radar AND ingame voice working in fortnite?
  224. Xonar U7 MKII - sound breaking
  225. Strix Raid Pro DLX - issues with card not being detected
  226. Asus Xonar Essence STX driver support dead?
  227. Card playing wrong speaker channels?? Strix raid DLX card
  228. Does the STX II work with the new X570 AM4 boards?
  229. Xonar SE Souncard Problems. Any Ideas?
  230. Can i use Asus Strix 7.1's Sound Station for other Headsets?
  231. ROG Xonar Phoebus causes issues with Asus x570 board
  232. STX II and a Code X mobo
  233. Strix soar slow starts after 30 minuts
  234. Asus Xonar DX Trouble, I think she's gone, analog side anyway. Any advice?
  235. Need help from Xonar SE owners
  236. Xonar DGX - using the SPDIF header
  237. Strix raid dlx
  238. Difference between the Windows Playback Device sample rate and Xonar Audio Center one
  239. Strix RAID DLX causing system to slow down with Aero Theme
  240. STX (1st generation) - no sound via digital output
  241. ASUS STRIX RAID DLX Microphone input level is jumping
  242. Upgrade to a ASUS STRIX SOAR 7.1?
  243. Asus Strix Raid Pro control box
  244. ASus Raid DLX : The digital signature of the object did not verify
  245. ASUS Xonar U7 MKII Driver Problems
  246. Asus strix raid pro control box dont work
  247. Asus STRIX SOAR - The digital signature issue - ETA new drivers for 20H2?
  248. [Asus Strix Raid Pro] Definition of ASIO channels
  249. [Asus Strix Raid Pro] Changing number of channels through ASIO