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  13. Can Xonar Phoebus do 3D Sound Simulation for Headphones
  14. uninstalled a bunch of bloatware now my sound randomly switches from mute to umute .
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  16. Sound card dead, good timing, or not?
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  27. Phoebus Warranty
  28. best settings for gaming
  29. ETA on Phoebus?
  30. 5.1 Speaker settings - error in manual?
  31. Game crashes since install
  32. Minor Request for feature
  33. Xonar Phoebus Hissing
  34. Dolby Issue
  35. Xonar Bug report form
  36. Headphone Gain Setting Question
  37. Xonar Phoebus - any way to make it light up red? I really hate blue...
  38. ***Possible Short Term Work Around For Xonar Phoebus!!!***
  39. LAN NVM configuration corrupted Thunderbolt version
  40. Xonar Phoebus
  41. Main Volume Control - Was Stuck
  42. I finally got a response from Asus ROG on Facebook regarding the Phoebus!!!
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  45. New Vulcan Pro ANC, Orion and Orion Pro Headsets
  46. about ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus that i shoudl know about?
  47. Aussies can now CELEBRATE it's HEEEEEERE!!! :D
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  49. Mic always playing through headphones
  50. ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus Vs Media Player Equalizer
  51. Phoebus World of Warcraft SPDIF problem
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  53. No bass?
  54. GX causes problems in Max Payne 3
  55. Asus control panel when hooked up via SPDIF enable digital dolby live
  56. ALL PHOEBUS ARE DEFECTIVE !! NEED TO BE SENT ON RMA !! (news from asus support)
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  58. S/PDIF out only optical?
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  61. after one month .. We Need a Compensation from asus !
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  67. Noise/humming in microphone while playing games
  68. Not Booting at first time.
  69. Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  70. Damage the headphones with higher gain then nominal impedance?
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  72. Asus RoG Xonar Phoebus VS Asus HDAV1.3 Deluxe
  73. Phoebus and Linux
  74. Splinter Cell Conviction no Punkbuster crackling
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  76. Sound card not recognized
  77. Xear 3D EX and SoundRadar
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  79. SPDIF Issues
  80. What is this?
  81. BF3 and Movie sound stuttering
  82. HardOCP Gives poor review of Phoebus
  83. Thunderbolt, Line in/ Line out?
  84. New Phoebus BETA 7.20 driver is available
  85. So which settings to use ?
  86. New Phoebus BETA 7.20 driver
  87. Phoebus is a step backward compared to DX
  88. optical adapter
  89. Xonar Phoebus cause lagging while playing LOL and web flash media
  90. Regarding the gain/ohm on the Phoebus
  91. SPDIF/optical bug or how the soundcard controls the output method
  92. Which settings for Sennheiser PC360
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  95. temperature
  96. Vista 64bit drivers??? Why no love?
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  98. Best settings for Battlefield 3
  99. Official Video: RoG Xonar Phoebus
  100. Casse e cuffie consiglio per giocare
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  102. Hardware Canucks Reviews the Phoebus - Post Newest Drivers :-P
  103. Echo in headset microphone
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  107. ETA Windows 8 Drivers [Xonar Phoebus]
  108. Bass Response?
  109. Headphone jack output impedance
  110. Can Xonar Phoebus upscale 5.1 games to 7.1? I'm having issues with Razer Tiamat
  111. Phoebus bad sound through hp jack, very echoey
  112. Xonar Phoebus not starting on initial boot.
  113. Sound Sync in games Phoebus
  114. Trouble with centre channel
  115. Problems with VLC and Spotify
  116. ThunderFX mic volume really low
  117. Phoebus and the Logitech g930
  118. Essence Stx vs ThunderFX
  119. Tiamat 7.1 with sp2500's
  120. help with set up 7.1 cs :go
  121. Phoebus after a clean install of Windows 7
  122. Phoebus & MKV files
  123. z5500 and phoebus or dx?
  124. suggestion for speaker setup and settings
  125. Does Xonar Phoebus have Dolby Headphone?
  126. Xonar Phoebus and Windows 8
  127. Thunder FX and Coolermaster Sirius
  128. Is Rampage 2 Extreme compatible with Xonar Phoebus? Cant detect the soundcard WIn7
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  131. Xonar DX ASIO problems
  132. What sound card do you recommend for Tiamat 7.1?
  133. ENC problem with Phoebus
  134. Downsample 5.1 to stereo?
  135. Need help with some sound card questions.
  136. Settings for Phoebus + Tiamat 7.1 +BF3
  137. settings for siberia V2
  138. Astro a50 + Phoebus optical stuttering
  139. Thunder fx?
  140. ASUS Xonar Phoebus
  141. Downmix 5.1 to stereo w/ Xonar Essence One?
  142. ROG Xonar Phoebus and Battlefield 3 Lockups?
  143. Does Phoebus work on 16x long PCI-E slot?
  144. broken optical adapter
  145. Xonar Phoebus Driver
  146. my bf3 keeps crashing whit the sound card !
  147. Low Sounds too sub
  148. BFBC2 Issue?
  149. Xonar Phoebus Not Support punkbuster
  150. spdif connection to home theater
  151. Phoebus - Tribes:Ascend audio crackling/popping
  152. ThunderFX and Windows 8
  153. Phoebus Thoughts
  154. Tiamat + ThunderFX = ???
  155. are this the normal problems till now with phoebus? is there a fix coming ??
  156. ASUS Phoebus software UI needs a update
  157. Xonar Phoebus Spdif Input
  158. Phoebus Missing From Website?
  159. Phoebus - Annoying noise when moving mouse, scrolling web pages, graphic card loaded
  160. Phoebus not recognizing speakers/headphones
  161. Saddly I have problem with my Phoebus
  162. phoebus and spdif out
  163. - Phoebus Sound Problem - (Everything sounds 2 Pitch Lower)
  164. Now I have problems with my Phoebus
  165. Stutter/clicking in Media Player about 20 seconds before the end of each track
  166. Phoebus and guild wars 2
  167. skype + bf3 = no sound?
  168. Do I have things setup correctly?
  169. Phoebus non beta drivers ETA?
  170. MX Black ROG Keyboard
  171. Audio enhancement problem
  172. phoebus with razer tiamat7.1 settings
  173. Asus ROG Xonar Phoebus driver for windows 8???
  174. Xonar Phoebus and Windows 8 weird headset sound problem
  175. The mic on the Phoebus control center thingy...
  176. Anoying noise on mic imput
  177. Microphone problem
  178. Verry weak sound in COD BO2
  179. Xonar Phoebus volume knob button do anything?
  180. Diablo 3 FPS/lag problem
  181. Audio in games, cracks/pops/skips
  182. Extremely low volume with the Phoebus.
  183. Desktop sound recording
  184. New Beta Phoebus-3.08(CR)
  185. Xonar Phoebus installation advice needed PLEASE...
  186. Strange Microphone Problem
  187. about xonar phoebus(Dobly for Music)
  188. after a few day's testing the new BETA 3.08(CR)
  189. Question about the Phoebus with the Razer Tiamat 7.1
  190. I need help with my ThunderFX and RCA input
  191. Dolby Digital utility for Asus Xonar
  192. Phoebus VLC,sound disappears
  193. Phoebus Specs (Need more info)
  194. Vulcan/phoebus vs Supre
  195. Vulcan/phoebus vs SupremeFx and Trtton
  196. Xonar Phoebus settings won't save.
  197. Mic Volume issue.
  198. Games like MoH - Warfighter won't start (blackscreen) with xonar phoebus
  199. Xonar Phoebus not detected !!!
  200. audio pitch issues with phoebus card?
  201. Phoebus been discontinued?! Has Asus given up on this card??
  202. Black ops 2 Phoebus Low sound
  203. Phoebus latest driver bugs.
  204. Xonar Phoebus ENC / Command Center issues?
  205. Still haveing issues with Headphones in BF3
  206. 5.1 with the Phoebus?
  207. Xonar Phoebus Blue Screen in BF3 with all drivers.
  208. Home Theatre v4
  209. mic and speaker volume.
  210. control box
  211. lol more crazy bugs
  212. Static noise when people talk
  213. Silly question about the AMP
  214. Update on New Drivers?
  215. Xonar Phoebus - soundcard Help!
  216. Suggested EQ app to work with Phoebus
  217. Phoebus control box: volume control knob function?
  218. Microphone Question
  219. Xonar Phoebus - Line-in Input Latency
  220. Asus Xonar Phoebus Settings (BF3)
  221. Phoebus and 2.1 system
  222. ROG Xonar Phoebus. How good are they.
  223. Asus Xonar Phoebus Sizzle with my Headset
  224. Windows Sound Settings
  225. Anyone get this with the Asus Rog Xonar phoebus ?
  226. phoebus Sound stutter and surge in games
  227. Phoebus card: Static blips at the end of each song
  228. Sims3 No Sound
  229. Phoebus under Win 8 64bit > audiodg.exe up to 20-30% CPU usage
  230. New to forum an jsut bought Xonar phoebus need soem help please
  231. HsMgr Application What is the purpose?
  232. Phoebus bass to headphones; is something wrong?
  233. Are we likily to see AEC in the phoebus card ?
  234. No Digital-In (For Console Rec.)? ; Stereo-Mix (EQ & DSP Stuff) for Digital Out?
  235. Phoebus beta driver suddenly "Can't find any device"!!
  236. sus ROG Xonar Phoebus 7.1 issues going to send it back. unless there is a fix
  237. analog 5.1 outputs completely screwed up
  238. Does GX mode even work?
  239. Sound Card Recommendation for SP2500 + Which New Gaming Headset
  240. ...And I'm an idiot.
  241. Still waiting for new driver
  242. Dolby headphone in Phoebus ??
  243. black screen, system locks up in bf3 and blackops 2 after about an hour of gameplay
  244. Benefit of GX 3.0 Mode?
  245. Is it possible to produce sound through headset and Speakers?
  246. windows 8
  247. Phoebus - What Headphones do you use?
  248. gforce 6 series and phoebus
  249. ROG ThunderFX_x64
  250. Huge problem with phoebus Card. Try to uninstall locks up PC