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  1. G20aj Dust
  2. Installing evga gtx980 sc problem???!
  3. Can the G20AJ's motherboard be used in a new build?
  4. Anyone get the Windows 10 upgrade notification?
  5. Desperate to get Linux properly up and running on my Asus ROG G20AJ.
  6. PC is shutting down after a while
  7. Pre-installed Wallpapers Request
  8. Selling 230W Power Brick and GTX 960 (Upgraded to 330W Brick and GTX 980 TI
  9. Asus G20AJ GTX 980 TI Smoking Fast
  10. New Asus ROG G20AJ is to loud
  11. ASUS ROG G20AJ Fan runs at max speed for no reason
  12. Thinking about getting a G20. Need some informations please.
  13. Want cooler temps on your G20? do this.
  14. Want to put gtx 970 in ROG G20?
  15. Windows 10 anyone?
  16. DO NOT install w10 on the G20
  17. Aegis disfunction "System is busy" G20
  18. Having Issues with windows 10? I'm here to help
  19. ROG GameFirst 2
  20. New G20CB appears...
  21. Help please, g20 failed upgrade to windows 10
  22. 780 Watt Asus G20AJ Mod
  23. Will Samsung EVO 850 fit in Rog G20 SSD Bay?
  24. Windows 10 update problem
  25. Asus software gone after clean WIN10 upgrade.
  26. I need a pretty big favor
  27. Need link to reinstall GameFirst II
  28. Ran Realbench for the G20AJ
  29. Problem on my Tytan G30AB after Windows 10
  30. Can the case LEDs be disabled?
  31. Please help/advise
  32. New Problems
  33. Asus G20: Turns on then shuts off after a second.
  34. Asus G20 Stuttering ONLY while playing online games
  35. asus g20 upgrade?
  36. G20AJ is acting weird with my T.V
  37. Blue Ray Drive?
  38. Why g20 seems not a ROG?!
  39. G20aj not working
  40. Video or detailed guide on how to disassemble the G20 for GPU upgrade?
  41. How do I order another heatsink? (the thing placed on top of the CPU)
  42. Good News! AI Suite II will work with Windows 10. [Tested]
  43. Clean Install - Driver Help (SSD Upgrade)
  44. Overclocking G20AJ with i7 4790k
  45. G20AJ GTX 760 not detected. Am I SOL?
  46. 980 TI's
  47. G20bm
  48. Drilled vent in case?
  49. G20 Crashing
  50. Original Asus ROG G20 wallpaper
  51. ROG G20 SSD Upgrade
  52. G20 BIOS update step by step
  53. G20AJ Upgraded to GTX 980 Having Problems
  54. Asus ROG g20aj
  55. G20 temps
  56. GR8 wifi driver for linux with good performance
  57. New ROG G20AJ, low FPS (under 25) in all games.
  58. R20 Transportation Bag
  59. Intel XTU on G30AB
  60. ROG G20AJ static and crackling noise in headphones.
  61. Bios issue No Boot
  62. New G20 User with a couple of Questions!
  63. BluRay Playback SW windows 10
  64. About G20CB with EVGA GTX 980 Ti Superclocked ACX 2.0+.
  65. hard drive removal
  66. Maxing out GTA5 with G20 + GTX 980 Ti
  67. Hyper-V issues?
  68. New python code to control lighting hardware on the G20aj series on github
  69. Future Mod Options
  70. Asus rog g20aj uk question
  71. G20AJ Windows 10 upgrade fails to install
  72. Clean Windows Install, lots of drivers missing!
  73. BIOS unable to boot up dedicated graphics card
  74. ASUS G20 Blank screen on startup. (might need to re-enable intel integrated)
  75. nvidea gtx 970 overheating/higher temps then usual?
  76. G20 GTX 760 Power Help
  77. ROG GR 8 Gamer PC ?
  78. Got the basic G20 with an i3 and 745..
  79. ROG G20 GPU Upgrade Help
  80. Asus Rogue G20 Upgrading Gtx 760 to EVGA GTX 970 FTW+
  81. GR8-R047R: graphics processors fighting each other? LOW FPS!!
  82. G20aj-b07 Audio and power questions
  83. My gaming rig
  84. GTX 980 Upgrade, Does blower or open air design matter? Should I cancel my order?
  85. GTX980Ti Reference Overclocked - Make it even cooler than non-reference models
  86. Worth breaking the Warranty? Upgrades
  87. ASUS OEM Unit, TAMPERED with. GPU: broken brackets, missing screws. WOW ASUS!
  88. GTX 970 - too much power? + Need a pic of your jumpers!
  89. Just got G20CB, and 2 questions:
  90. Choppy gameplay in games like Tera, and Blade & Soul
  91. G20aj - Bios update black screen
  92. G20 RAM Specs: Maximum Memory Clock-pin number
  93. Asus Audio Wizard & MAxxAudio-How to work it?
  94. G20 AJ - How to get surround display back in PhysX option with VGA (GTX750)
  95. Asus G20, Nvidia GTX 960 Upgrade...Jumper Hell
  96. I have some questions about G20.
  97. High SSD temperature
  98. ASUS Command Lighting on G20AJ Not Appearing
  99. rog gr8 upgrade ssd
  100. Rog tytan g30ak
  101. ROG G20AJ SSD upgrade ssd to Samsung 840EVO Worth it ?
  102. Are the G20AJ BSOD and similar Problems resolved?
  103. Internet Problems
  104. ASUS G20AJ i5 Version Triple Monitor?
  105. Would I be able to put an Asus 980 Strix Card into The asus rogue G20?
  106. G20AJ GPU Replacement
  107. How much VRAM for triple monitor gaming- G20AJ
  108. G20AJ upgrade gpu
  109. New software with the G20CB
  110. After installing latest BIOS update (0703) cannot control case lightning
  111. G20AJ - Inseted SSD, advice needed re: setting to boot and recovery please.
  112. G20AJ- Will it a fit a reference 780ti?
  113. Asus ROG AJ20 - Compatible with EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti HYBRID GAMING ???
  114. G20AJ Won't turn on?
  115. G20AJ i5 Version - Removed Graphics Card and now it's not being recognised
  116. Cg 8480 psu and gfx advice
  117. G20AJ fans running up during shut down
  118. ROG G20AJ and GTX 970?
  119. G20AJ Bios not compatible with Windows 10 upgrade
  120. https://rog.asus.com/forum/images/smilies/confused.png G20CB Advice Needed #TRHOG
  121. G20 BM - getting SSD to work as boot?
  122. G20AJ undervolting / Windows on USB
  123. Thanks for helping turn my rog i5 gtx 750 into a i7 4790, GTX 980, 16gb ram & 1tb ssd
  124. Have question about my new upgraded g20cb 980ti
  125. Uninterruptible power supply for the G20
  126. Any way to disable GR8 standby power light
  127. Asus rog20aj with both power supplies
  128. Q-Fan Control - optimal settings for 4790(K) / 4460and others
  129. Overclocking failed error after RAM upgrade
  130. biosupdate in windows 10 update ?
  131. G20 CB i7G Review
  132. Must read: tricky situations with PSU`s and power sockets terminals
  133. Help needed - Dell 330w PSU goes down
  134. Taking the plunge
  135. Is my g20cb-b10 overheating?
  136. Is it fine to lay the rog g20 desktop gaming pc on its side?
  137. YouTube videos showing how to open up and upgrade the G20AJ computer.
  138. HOW to SET The Jumper PIN Correctly?
  139. ROG G20AJ Inside Case Thermal Tape Question
  140. G20 ultra-cooling case-modding, WIP
  141. Will this GPU fit in the G20?
  142. GTX980Ti: The Ultimate PSU Solution
  143. How do I get headphones with mic working?
  144. Asus G20AJ-B11 Color Change Question?
  145. How to get power from a second power adapter? New GPU?
  146. Is it possible that Asus could make external gpus adapters possible?
  147. What RAM did you use for your G20AJ upgrade ?
  148. New G20CB-B10 ... M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 SSD...more questions than answers...
  149. G20AJ Windows 7 ACPI not compliant fix
  150. Asus G20AJ with AMD R9 Nano is it possible ?
  151. Waves MAXX Audio is GONE after reinstalling my Asus G20AJ
  152. Windows 10 Theme download after clean reinstall
  153. upgrade Rog GR8 SSD
  154. Asus command g20 led lighting issue
  155. redditt thinks game first slows performance on ROG?
  156. Delidding success: 4790K 10C cooler
  157. Upgrade help?
  158. Running 32 GB of Memory in the G20AJ?
  159. Asus ROG G20AJ
  160. Asus Rog G20CB - where to buy in Canada ?
  161. HELP! BOSD is killing my g20 aj
  162. Upgrading G20AJ GPU.
  163. How do I use dual monitors?
  164. Asus ROG G20 Keyboard?
  165. EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB FTW GAMING ACX 2.0 in a G20AJ
  166. Any ETA on GT51 release?
  167. GTX 980 ti, win 10, nvidia driver won't install for v361.xx
  168. Crash / Videocard Disabled Issue
  169. Asus G20AJ HDMI Help.
  170. Asus Rog G20 wont boot
  171. Asus Rog G20CB-B10 Audio Wizard not working
  172. He's dead Jim
  173. Hardware lockups with overheating 3d gaming solved
  174. Games keep crashing/closing for no reason.
  175. Oculus Rift G20's Revealed
  176. Help running Windows 10 OS from SSD - i5 G20AJ
  177. Help with intel graphics.
  178. How do I replace a power adapter for Asus ROG G20AJ-US023S?
  179. ASUS ROG G20 Problem (Reboot+Crash+Fans Soaring)
  180. dual monitor gaming
  181. Asus ROG G20CB-B10 M.2 Slot Found
  182. Asus ROG G20 Graphics card Power Cables Found
  183. Lighting software finally fixed with ASUS G20CB NEW AEGIS II V2.01.05 SOFTWARE!!!!!
  184. Rog g20aj will not let me downgrade to windows 7 from 10
  185. This is why I hate windows 10 and why I hate the g20aj
  186. G20bm motherboard
  187. What power port does your power adapter use on the ROG G20aj?
  188. HUGEEEEE Issues with G20aj ROG desktop
  189. Asus ROG G20AJ Some questions
  190. Trying to upgrade my Rog G20aj
  191. G20bm No signal issue
  192. G20cb no signal with hdmi
  193. Rog g20 i7 and 970 700 USD
  194. Scammed by amazon 660 istead of 970
  195. G20CB crashing while playing Fallout 4
  196. G30AB Bios Updated, now can't use the computer :(
  197. Nvidia Driver Update.
  198. rog light effect for G20AJ ?
  199. Can i run this? - Tom Clancy The Division
  200. Asus ROG G20AJ Video list Updated!
  201. GTX 1080 on Rog G20AJ
  202. ASUS ROG G20CB Audio/Light Sync?
  203. Looking for the right G20aj power supply
  204. Upgraded G20AJ running 980TI GPU not starting first try, hard reset ok
  205. New Nvidia drivers solved my nightmares!
  206. EVGA now offering low power versions of GeForce GTX 950
  207. Asus G20AJ with custom watercooling, is it possible ?
  208. G20 BM Radeon R9 255 upgrade
  209. ASUS-G20AJ-IT004S. How restore the ssd hard disk ?
  210. ROG G20AJ Spare Parts Information Request
  211. Upgraded to ref GTX 980 and get a VRel warning in GPU-Z Need some advice on voltage
  212. new to forum, how to set up 7.1 speakers on the g20aj ?
  213. Installing an Intel Core i7-5775C in the G20-AJ
  214. GTX 1080 - kinda psyched
  215. Asus ROG G20AJ Fan Speed
  216. Gt51ca option with GTX 1080 in SLI instead of the Titan X ?
  217. Will the new GTX 1080 Fit in the Asus ROG G20aj?!
  218. Thinking of buying an ROG G20, Which model is the best bang for the buck?
  219. G20 Arcrylic Cover/Case Mod Idea. Advise/recommendation is appreciated.
  220. Mini PCs ROG GR8 and GR6 with 4k monitor at 60hz
  221. Desktop PC Asus ROG G11 weird / strange noise
  222. Thinking of doing a live GTX 980 install into the Asus ROG G20AJ
  223. GTX 1080 driver issue
  224. New G20 machine coming soon?
  225. GTX 1080 FE + G20AJ = Short Summary
  226. The New ASUS ROG G31 with 1080 SLI!
  227. Asus ROG G31 ~ Review
  228. ASUS ROG G20AJ HD Failed
  229. ROG G20 Power Brick Problems
  230. G20-CB Not Recognizing 802.11ac networks - solved?
  231. Asus G20Aj Fan Wavering
  232. Windows 7 on ASUS G20AJ
  233. Help! CG8480 factory restore crash
  234. Guides on installing Solid State Drives (SSD) in G20 towers?
  235. 180W Power Supply Upgrade for ROG G20AJ (where to buy?)
  236. How to install EVGA GTX 970 graphic card / additional power supply?
  237. G20CB Water cooling project
  238. GTX 1080/1070 Temps on your G20
  239. Upgrade G20AJ to 1070
  240. Blu Ray Drive Specs for G20AJ?
  241. What would I need to buy to get a gtx 1070 to work on my Asus ROG G20CB-B10 Desktop?
  242. Founders Edition & Reference Card Are Both The Same
  243. 1070 for g20aj
  244. Going to buy: G20CB-Ws71
  245. G20 Video Card Upgrade
  246. PC Help to upgrade G20aj i3 4150 cpu or cooling system?
  247. Asus ROG G20 Case Swap
  248. G20 AJ trouble with intel hd
  249. Power supply issues with ROG G20AJ
  250. Power supply issue with ROG G20AJ