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  1. round one FIGHT!!
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  4. Maximus V Series: OC World Records & Achievements Update [Sept '12]
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  12. need more cpu power LOL
  13. The Real World Record
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  15. Rampage IV Extreme RAM
  16. 7GHz Core i7-3770K Hits SuperPi 32M World Record By Andre Yang
  17. ROG Super PI Challange
  18. Expression of Interest ROG Vantage Challange
  19. Heaven Dx11..............Lets get ready to rumble..
  20. ROG December VGA Challenge
  21. hwbot
  22. Where is the RMA at??
  23. Vantage SIngle Card WR
  24. strange hwbot submisson
  25. OCing ponderings...
  26. A Team MileStone is Reached
  27. New 3DMARK
  28. Competition at hwbot
  29. The FireStrike Hysteria has begun..
  30. Well I went and did it...
  31. MaxxMem showing constant latency of 150ns!!
  32. Vantage Full-out>>>>>> GO Supremes!!
  33. 3DMark03 Single GPU. SC 2>>>>>> GO Supremes!!
  34. 1M Challenge. SC 1>>>>>> GO Supremes!!
  35. "Live Performance". SC 4>>>>>> GO Supremes!!
  36. HWBOT Team Cup 2013... General information...
  37. How to submit a benchmark score at HWBOT..
  38. My First 3DMark run. Are the scores fine?
  39. Anybody have Phase Change cooling? I need feedback...
  40. ASUS, AwardFabrik & friends Team-Session Haiger 04/2013 - 1200L LN2 and much fun!
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  42. May Madness a ROG Challenge
  43. Catalyst 13.5 Beta 2,
  44. Wierd benchmark results Windows 8
  45. May Madness Results and Discussion
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  47. Summer Sizzler - time to get hot, real hot.
  48. A Beginner's Guide To HWBot
  49. [GUIDE] 3DMark Score Calculation - how to calculated your 3DMark Score -
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  51. 3d Mark, tips and techniques to score higer
  52. L3gendary Gamng // Gaming Sponsorship
  53. Summer Sizzler Winner and post contest discussion
  54. arnie!! feeling my breath?
  55. Windows 8 Benchmarks, not allowed by HWBOT
  56. ROG need a call of duty serie teams?
  57. Vantage Global WR using ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 motherboard!!
  58. Who can you spot? OC Main Event Gallery
  59. 2013 Autumn Folly
  60. Call to AMD owners to join in some fun.
  61. Hereford and Worcester Autumn Folly
  62. Carolina's Clockers
  63. Team Viking Roughnecks
  64. Team Pennsylvania-USA
  65. ROG United
  66. 5K
  67. Team Young
  68. The sLackers TeaM
  69. Autumn Follies - Team Grapevine
  70. benchmark some old hardware :)
  71. Team Play3r
  72. INSANE conept for future ROG desktops cooling system
  73. Winter Wonderland 2013
  74. CG8480 graphic card upgrade problem! help needed please! thanks you!!!!
  75. asus matrix r9 280 gpu and asrock mobo problem
  76. More AMD love and AMD 32 mil WR
  77. Consigli per un mio primo overclock
  78. 3DMark Advanced Edition 90% off on Steam
  79. Maximus VI Extreme or something else?
  80. OC with fx 8350 and asus Formula V Z
  81. Merry Christmas ROG
  82. Congratz guys!!!!!
  83. ROG 7 OS user looking for help please read
  84. Any Idea Why The Forum is Sluggish
  85. Rampage IV Black Edition is strong
  86. ROG and OCUK Pro benching live from Wed.
  87. how to run hwbor prime
  88. Pitch Black
  89. 8Pack benching ASUS Matrtix and DC2 live on RIVE BE Tuesday 11am!!!
  90. Early 3D weapon of choice...
  91. I've got 10 Matrix 'OC Tool's to give out Team ROG folks!
  92. 98K Vantage Done on RIVE BE.
  93. @hwbot
  94. AS SSD Borebom
  95. bios flashing 780dc2 oc
  96. Deliding a Haswell
  97. I Sure could use a challenge
  98. ROG realbench
  99. Overclocking key (key oc)
  100. HWBot Team Challenge! (Realbench included!)
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  103. Hivizman - Brazilian Carnival Challenge
  104. asus tytan rog cg 8890 help
  105. Quick Challenge: Bring out the GIMP
  106. Media Encoder 9 on various Benchemarkers
  107. ROG OC Showdown - Get your Z97 boards ready!
  108. what programmes, service and/or bios settings in Win 7 and Win8.1 would cause this
  109. HWBOT on AMD?
  110. Aquamark HW#1, to bad it was a bugged run :)
  111. Phenom II X6 @ 1 core
  112. HWBot - Rookie Rumble AMD #4
  113. HWBOT Prime
  114. Stripping W7 install disc for benching
  115. We are ordering in tonite honey
  116. 3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme
  117. ASUS AOOC 2014 Qualifiers Open Aug-Sept 15th [EU/CIS]
  118. Any interest for an FM2+ Event?
  119. August Team ROG Challenge: Bring Out The GIMP! (990FX + Z87/Z97)
  120. Menthol Number 2 in the WORLD in Catzilla@720 x 2gpus
  121. 3DMark
  122. Dota gaming clan
  123. I7-5960X listed and unlisted;-)
  124. Voltmodding 8800GTX
  125. G750jw
  126. Nvidia's LOD Effect on HWBOT Benchmarks
  127. Mouse MOBKUL doesn't detect after i installed a new windows
  128. ASUS Republic of Gamers Team and HWBOT
  129. How to submit scores on HWBOT - Tutorials
  130. How to create an account and join a team at HWBOT - Tutorial
  131. More Insane GPU Cooling system
  132. Most advanced CPU closed Permanent cooling Ever
  133. AOOC 2014: Final in Moscow 22-23 November
  134. 5930 K cpu current limit 135A not taken into account
  135. Help please? :)
  136. V.I.P For Big guys in Team Asus
  137. Need some advices is i good for overclock, and is it good configuration...
  138. DRAM Setup - Does this look right?
  139. Overclocking a 5960x on RVE
  140. Join ROG OC Showdown 2015 Formula Series: For Air & Water-cooled OCers!
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  142. asus z97-a and 4790k
  143. Maximus VI Extreme Z87 - 4790K OC HELP
  144. Maximus Hero VII - correct adaptive vcore settings
  145. new to intel
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  147. e5 2643 v3 realy more oc-able then other xeons?
  148. ROG OC Showdown Extreme Series - Round3
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  150. AI Suite with oc profile
  151. Back on the Team
  152. Asus 1080 GTX Strix Bios update, brauche Hilfe need help
  153. Volt Mod MSI GT 710
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  155. Benching non K Skylake
  156. LN2 in a box
  157. [HWBOT Team] ASUS Republic of Gamers - Presentation and Discussions
  158. ROG OC Showdown Team Edition runs from April 14th to June 5th
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  160. 3Dmark Benchmark for Ryzen 1700 (see my specs)
  161. ROG OC Showdown Team Edition 2 runs from September 22nd to November 6th
  162. Help!! Horrible fps with gtx 1070 after playing around with it
  163. R15 Score from another planet :D
  164. Some questions i need help with
  165. Compare & Contrast OC'ing setups; help others Achieve stability or boost OC!
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  167. 2019 challenge stage ii ?
  168. Jab33
  169. HWBot Team Cup 2019
  170. Maximus 7 Gene can't set RTL/IO-L (Z97)
  171. XMP on ROG Strix III G731GW - No UEFI BIOS No Extreme option in the Gaming Center
  172. Big Wins for Team Asus
  173. Asus Cerberus 1050TI OC Edition 4GB
  174. 980Ti Matrix Platinum - Safe Mode GPUTweak wont reset my bios - Win10
  175. Good to see so many team members competing
  176. Upgrade BIOS got a small improvement in overclock
  177. Gtx 980ti Matrix platinum safe mode
  178. Help with i7 4790k @4.5Ghz or @4.6Ghz on Asus Z97 Deluxe motherboard
  179. Requesting help regarding encore and cmw32gx4m4k4266c19 dram