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  1. The new Asus ROG "armor" mechaincal keyboard
  2. Asus G75VW-DS72 keyboard
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  4. M801 Keyboard?
  5. Asus Strix DSP
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  9. Strix DSP ANC
  10. Keyboard gets interfered when someone switch the light off in my living room?
  11. Strix Tactic Pro LED flashing
  12. Does ASUS M801 Keyboard goes Retail?
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  14. ASUS M801 Mechanical Keyboard...
  15. Asus Strix Tactic Pro Problem
  16. STRIX 2.0 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset Review
  17. I got my hands on the Strix 2.0 early, here's my review
  18. STRIX TACTIS PRO Macro Keys Unresponsive
  19. 390x Strix?
  20. Strix Keyboard
  21. ASUS Strix 7.1 Spectrum/profile change dont work
  22. Strix Tactic Pro: ALTGR+2 and ALTGR+3 not working
  23. Strix tactic pro not detecting any more
  24. ASUS Strix Tactic Pro Not WORKING or EVEN DETECTED.
  25. Strix Tactic Pro LED
  26. Strix Tactic Pro: Key remapping?
  27. Strix DSP
  28. Strix 2.0 Problem - please read
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  30. Mouse rog gx860 Buzzard & Keyboard Rog GK2000
  31. Asus Strix Tactic Pro Key Chattering
  32. ASUS Strix Tactic Pro
  33. Asus Strix 2.0 mic problem
  34. ROG GK2000 is coming
  35. Questions about ASUS Strix Tactic Pro Keyboard
  36. Asus Strix 7.1 ENC not working
  37. is there any release date for the ROG Claymore yet?
  38. strix 7.1 bass/treble control?
  39. Strix mechanical KB - how to remove on-the-fly macros?
  40. Strix mechanical KB - Macro Cover?
  41. Strix tactic pro, shift key issue
  42. Headphones Asus Strix 7.1 problem micro/audio
  43. Strix 7.1 keep reloadin
  44. ASUS ROG Claymore Mechanical Keyboard
  45. Asus Strix Tactic Pro Keyboard problems.
  46. ASUS Strix Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard FN key not working
  47. Do you diable armory after saving settings?
  48. Strix DSP not working on windows 10
  49. ASUS ROG GK2000 Horus Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  50. Strix Tactic Pro Issue
  51. ROG Claymore
  52. G74sx keyboard Replica/ similar for desktop
  53. STRIX Tactic Pro: How do i put the spacebar back on?
  54. Asus Claymore Rainbow Effect
  55. Rog claymore custom lighting
  56. ROG Claymore Rainbow Effect overwritten :(
  57. ROG Claymore detachable numpad
  58. STRIX Tactic Pro: Ctrl and media keys not working
  59. ROG Claymore Bug
  60. Any info on MX Blue Claymores?
  61. Only one custom effect set for Claymore in armoury????
  62. ROG Claymore On-The-Fly Macro Issue
  63. Asus rog sheats how to clean it
  64. Asus Rog Claymore
  65. My ASUS ROG Claymore Core MX BROWN US is functioning weirdly
  66. Asus claymor can't use numpad
  67. Asus Claymore LED and software problems
  68. Driver for CERBERUS backlit keyboard?
  69. Claymore Shortcut Features Guide
  70. ROG claymore core
  71. When is the new ROG horus going to be released?
  72. Claymore Cherry MX Brown - Australia?
  73. Using KeyBot II along with Aura Sync
  74. [Claymore] Lack of supplies in the Netherlands, EU
  75. ROG Horus GK2000 - No Aura Sync? [Resolved]
  76. [Claymore] Numpad buttons miscolored
  77. Asus Armoury and Claymore problems
  78. ROG Claymore breaks Win Key after firmware update
  79. ROG Claymore - issues after latest firmware update - Resolved
  80. Claymore keyboard availability
  81. Asus Rog Claymore LED Problem
  82. Asus Rog Gk2000 Horus audio passthrough problem
  83. ROG Claymore feedback
  84. Strix Tactic Pro dim backlight
  85. Claymore - CAPS lock LED not working
  86. where i can order or buy keycaps (with right font) for claymore, have a broken "a"
  87. Armoury 2 for claymore?
  88. Claymore, S5, BOOT UP, BIOS & OC features how to?
  89. ROG Strix Flare
  90. Switch fan profiles in AI Suite with Asus ROG Claymore
  91. ROG Armoury II - V2.04.07
  92. S5 + Keybot USB slot = Claymore LEDs lit
  93. Rog logo not lighting up properly after firmware update [Resolved]
  94. ROG Horus GK2000 RGB - T,Y, LShift and Backspace do not work out of the box
  95. Cerberus RGB Keyboard help
  96. ROG Strix Flare stopped working - [PLEASE READ TO AVOID]
  97. claymore: Armoury or aura, one or the other? Does this include the ROG flare?
  98. Any feedback on the new ROG Strix Flare keyboard?
  99. Windows Update ASUSTek Mouse driver update uninstalls Armoury
  100. New Armoury version released
  101. ROG Armoury II - v2.04.09
  102. ROG Claymore Ghosting
  103. ROG Armoury II - v2.05.01
  104. Strix Tactic Pro keyboard stopped working during POST/boot
  105. Key combination problem with ASUS CERBERUS [Resolved]
  106. Fire effect
  107. ROG Claymore keyboard + PS2 compatibility
  108. How to customize the ROG Strix Flare acrylic insert
  109. Keys to the Features - ROG Strix Flare
  110. STRIX Tactic Pro: F Keys and Ctrl stop working
  111. ROG Claymore - AURA SDK
  112. Where can I download firmware update 0.00.35 manually?
  113. ROG Armoury II - v2.06.01 [Report any issues here]
  114. ASUS Cerberus RGB - Why not Aura compatible? [Resolved]
  115. Strix Flare - FW won't update [Resolved]
  116. ROG Claymore Core Cherry MX Blue ?
  117. ROG Strix Flare Aura Sync not working
  118. Claymore Custom Lighting Brightness ?
  119. Share your Custom Effects for the ROG Claymore
  120. ROG Armoury II - v2.06.04 [Report any issues here]
  121. What is the official status with ROG GK2000 Horus RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?
  122. Strix Flare - Status keys not working (Num, Caps, S lock)
  123. ROG Armoury II - v2.06.05 [Report any issues here]
  124. Claymore on RVE - Getting keybot functions to work [emoji22]
  125. Is there a way to assign hotkey's to created macros? [Resolved]
  126. ROG Armoury II - V2.06.06 [Report any issues here]
  127. Rog claymore lighting and profile problems
  128. ROG Strix Flare Play/Pause button light
  129. How come my other Tactic Pro keyboard is a little bulkier?
  130. Strix flare and Armoury [Resolved]
  131. Claymore Num Lock Light
  132. Strix Flare COD ed Macro problem
  133. Claymore RGB is slightly off for some effects
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  135. Replacement parts for ROG Horus GK2000 RGB
  136. Claymore new user | Keybot Issues, Macros & thoughts
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  138. System locks when i install Armory for Claymore
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  140. ROG Strix Flare profile download
  141. Claymore - Scroll volume control no longer works
  142. Asus rog Flare keyboard bug-resolution
  143. ROG Claymore backlit light not bright enough when syncing with aura
  144. Asus aura will it ever be fixed? G703gi
  145. Code 64 or b4 usb error claymore
  146. Strix flare where netherlands
  147. Claymore Core LED issues
  148. Problem with ROG Strix keyboard..
  149. Feature Request - ROG Strix Flare
  150. ROG Strix Flare Keyboard
  151. ROG_Armoury_v30020
  152. Rog claymore right arrow key problem !
  153. Aura and Armoury (Strife)
  154. strix and gladius2
  155. Adding a 2nd numpad to the Claymore?
  156. ROG Claymore Custom Wave Lighting issue
  157. ROG STRIX Flare Dead - Firmware?
  158. Strix flare switch soldered or not
  160. Rog Strix Flare Firmware
  161. Rog Strix Flare problem Or Rog Armoury II problem
  162. 0.00.38 Firmware problem
  163. ROG Strix Flare Restarting Every .5 Seconds (FW Issue?)
  164. Strix Tactic Pro JIS layout
  165. How to download rog strix flare firmware 0.00.38 manually?
  166. GK2000 RGB (Horus) UK vs US layout
  167. No Light on Keyboard # 8
  168. ROG Claymore Dim light
  169. Repost please help rog claymore #8 no light
  170. Rog flare connect and disconnect repeatedly
  171. ROG Claymore - Exchange Cherry MX Reed-Switch?
  172. Rog strix scope deluxe how do i toggle between function keys and media function
  173. Flare RGBs slower than other AURA components
  174. ASUS ROG Strix Flare Keyboard firmware issue
  175. Strix Flare Keyboard firmware issue.
  176. [ROG Claymore] Double-click to activate Caps Lock
  177. Claymore Bond Lights
  178. Problem with flare
  179. Armoury Crate Installer
  180. Can ROG Claymore be made wireless
  181. Asus Strix Flare RMA Return ? What should I do ?
  182. Strix Flare Armoury Crate Issue
  183. Problem with TUF Gaming K5 keyboard
  184. Asus Rog Strix Scope issue and question
  185. Rog Claymore General Problem?
  186. ROG Strix Flare - unable to assign macros
  187. ROG Claymore Core not syncing with either Aura or Armoury Crate
  188. Problems with Claymore config software
  189. Strix Flare holding down key is broken
  190. Strix Flare keyboard having problems with 'Z' key!
  191. Claymore gaming keys wearing out
  192. ROG STRIX SCOPE keyboard red message on armoury
  193. ROG Strix Flare Lighting Problem
  194. Claymore keys overly sensitive and started sticking out off the blue
  195. how to configure a nice RGB profile with GK2000 v2
  196. Claymore W Key Randomly Unresponsive
  197. Rog flare keyboard firmware !!!
  198. Strix Flare "Play/Pause" media key is dim and blinks
  199. Aurus GK 2000 RGB: Looking about animated RGB profiles for downloaded
  200. Do you know in 2020 a software (freeware)
  201. Claymore Keyboard RGB stops if you use Escape key. [RESOLVED]
  202. [ROG Claymore] Colour of keys not matching
  203. Asus Strix Flare Backward Media Button Light Not Working
  204. ROG Strix Flare keyboard firmware [RESOLVED]
  205. Asus Falchion
  206. ROG Claymore German Layout
  207. Strix Flare changing profile on it's own
  208. Keyboard ROG Claymore with GNU/Linux
  209. Keyboard Rog Flare Backlight Issue
  210. ROG Strix Flare keyboard bricked after update from Armoury
  211. Keyboard Rog Flare COD
  212. Asus Flare Problem
  213. Rog Strix Scope TKL backlighting and syncing problems.
  214. rog strix scope problem
  215. Asus Flare Problem (help please !!!!) URGENT
  216. Strix Flare XA01 doesn't seem compatible with Win 10
  217. Can you run TWO Bonds on a Claymore?
  218. Asus Strix Flare Call of Duty Black Ops 4
  219. ROG Strix Scope (error 1003 )
  220. Claymore Stopped Production?
  221. ROG Strix Scope
  222. Asus Flare Cod4 Black Edition
  223. Rog Claymore Firmware
  224. ROG Flare: Macro help needed.
  225. Asus Rog Falchion where to buy in Italy
  226. ROG Strix Aura Sync Numpad
  227. asus rog flare
  228. Rog Strix Flare frequently stops working on alienware M15
  229. ROG Scope RX
  230. Aurus GK2000 RGB Keyboard disconnect & connnect all the time after a windows update
  231. ROG Falchion
  232. ROG Falchion
  233. ROG Strix Flare Call of Duty - Black Ops 4 Edition Need new firmware
  234. ROG claymore 2
  235. Strix Flare & Armoury Crate
  236. ROG Falchion Armoury Crate connection
  237. RoG Claymore 2 - modular numpad constantly spamming an input
  238. again strix flare and need firmware
  239. Claymore II Issues.. How to reset entire keyboard firmware?
  240. Asus claymore II is off during Post - HELP
  241. Strix Flare not appearing in Armoury Crate correctly
  242. ROG Falchion start & FN keys not switchable
  243. Asus Claymore II Caps-Lock stuck
  244. backlight keyboard asus issue
  245. My Keyboard ROG STRIX FLARE have the Red Light when turn on dark mode.
  246. One Key number 9 not working on new keyboard
  247. Claymore RGB Lights cut out constantly
  248. Repeat Acceleration Just On One Key?
  249. Claymore 2 RGB profile per game
  250. Claymore II firmware update fails (doesn't recognize keyboard?)