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  13. front page, swift monitor.
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  18. PG278Q vertical stripes esp. in 3D mode.
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  20. Swift PG278Q flickering
  21. Really? price asus rog swift 278Q in USA is 649$
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  31. Red Ring on PG278G
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  36. Seriously Disappointed in Asus handling of ROG SWIFT release for N/A
  37. The real reason you cant get a ROG Swift in NA! - Now Disproved
  38. Blinking Lights on backside and backlight bleed on PG278Q!
  39. PG278Q - OSD buttons not working
  40. A few problems with PG278Q
  41. Linus whit his option/view of the swift
  42. Wierd issues with my Asus swift PG278Q
  43. Asus ROG swift in stock at new
  44. asus swift pg278q on back order at new egg
  45. PG278Q Missing 144hz option?
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  48. ROG Swift PG278Q flicker / Set up G-Sync missing
  49. NVIDIA G-Sync Surround Demo Live Stream and Q&A PG278Q
  50. Problems with PG278Q
  51. PG278Q issues with BF4
  52. Viable surround options with PG278Q in the equation?
  53. Advice from Rog Swift PG278Q Owners
  54. PG278Q Turbo key
  55. PG278Q G-Sync problems
  56. no 120hz or 144hz options on Rog Swift?
  57. PG278Q Ghosting and crosshair not going away
  58. PG278Q sticker on box QC PASSED?
  59. Mixed Nvidia cards for 3 x PG278Q ok or not?
  60. Issues with my ROG Swift
  61. 3 GB or 6 GB effectively required for driving the PG278Q?
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  63. Stuck at 60hz on ROG PG278Q
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  65. PG278Q, Secondary monitors, and ULMB
  66. pg278q problems/bugs
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  70. How do you have your Swift calibrated?
  71. PG278Q color loop pattern when on standby?
  72. Top Bezel PG278Q leaking light on top ridge
  73. PG278Q works with new Nvidia Optimus laptop @144hz.. until reboot.
  74. Issues with idle clocks and temps when running ROG Swift at 144hz?
  75. ROG Swift and 144hz problem
  76. PG287Q and tri sli issues
  77. PG278Q-Half green screen on first use.
  78. PG278q OSD Turbo button not working
  79. Any chance of a 1080p version of PG278Q underway?
  80. pg278q black screen once windows starts
  81. To buy Rog Swift or not to buy
  82. ROG Swift ordered :)
  83. ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q vertical lines in blue range
  84. ROG Swift pg278q question/issue
  85. Swift PG278Q Exessive Darkness ????
  86. Blurry text and G-Sync flickering
  87. AMD and PG278Q
  88. PG278Q and 900-series Nvidia cards in surround
  89. Warranty on used monitors (PG278Q)
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  92. Help PG278Q GTX 980'
  93. Rog Swift 27 - Bad Flickering at 144Hz, none at any lower refresh rate, is it broken?
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  97. Rog swift pg278q
  98. So is surround G Sync possible now with the ROG Swift and GTX 970 / 980?
  99. 2 x Ares III in crossfire with 3 Swift's - need your opinion pls!
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  102. help with the pg278q!
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  104. PG278Q Vertical Lines / Pixel Inversion / Inversion Artifacts
  105. ROG Swift problems at 100+ HZ
  106. PS4 And Asus Swift ROG !?
  107. pg278q minor but annoying issues
  108. ASUS PG278Q severe issues
  109. 3x PG278Q in g-sync surround - power?
  110. pg278q driver
  111. PG278Q dead pixels
  112. PG278Q Cannot turn off gsync / get 3D vision working
  113. PG278Q issues: does not turn on on first power-on + newest GPU drivers (+-solutions)
  114. PG278Q - GSYNC and Fluctuating brightness
  115. Cannot get diaplay on pg278q swift monitor
  116. PG278Q and 780ti no signal on first card
  117. PG278Q - G-Sync/ULMB disabling for some reason
  118. Connecting Asus PG278Q with my GTX 980 with Displayport 1.2 ?
  119. PG278Q on WINX XP(...) - Turbo button doesn't work
  120. how to get a Swift?
  121. PG278Q with Windows Vista
  122. Blank screen with ROG Swift PG278Q
  123. PG278Q Colors fading at bottom of screen
  124. Asus Rog Swift 144hz major problem
  125. ROG SWIFT PG278Q - Indefinite backorder?
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  132. Big issue with PG278q
  133. Asus Rog Swift PG278Q moire problem
  134. ROG SWift PG287Q on a Clevo Laptop P375SM-A not working
  135. ROG SWIFT PG278Q - Desktop Wallpaper issues
  136. ROG Swift PG278Q Setup Link to OCN
  137. Problem with ROG Swift
  138. ROG SWIFT Power Issues
  139. How to identify the driver on device Manager of the Swift PG278Q
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  141. ROG PG27Q randomly shifts pixels? Please help!
  142. ROG Swift Display Light Type
  143. ROG Swift Monitor Menu displaying partially.
  144. ROG Swift Low FPS in Fullscreen, Gsync Disabled, windowed works fine.
  145. Should I get the ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q?
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  147. ROG Swift Dead Pixels Dilema
  148. When will ROG SWIFT restock everywhere?
  149. No image period on ROG Swift
  150. PG278Q turning back on by itself?
  151. Horror Stories About The Swift ?
  152. ROG Swift price hike?
  153. PG278Q loses signal in Dark Souls 2 in 3D Vision
  154. PG287Q - Widonws resizing on standby mode
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  157. Another Rog Swift Fault thread
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  160. Swift in stock at Amazon 3:17PM PST 1/7/15
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  167. Asus Swift base lighting
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  169. 3rd PG278Q
  170. Please help me on my new ROG SWIFT PG278Q MONITOR
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  172. Rog Swift experience
  173. PG278Q Weird start up problems
  174. Running 2x Swift monitors?
  175. EON17-SLX /w PG278Q
  176. PG278Q ROG Swift: Out of Range above 100hz refresh rate
  177. Swift Undocumented Incompatibility with GTX 690
  178. Swift or Strix?
  179. PG278Q Surround with 3 x 780ti nearly impossible to get enabled
  180. Questions about ASUS PG27AQ and ASUS PG278Q
  181. ROG SWIFT flickers and blurry text
  182. asus rog swift noisy
  183. Am I ready for the ROG SWIFT PG278Q?
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  185. Asus Swift / VG248QE dual monitor setup problem.
  186. Bought 2 ROG swift PG278Q today
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  188. ASUS PG278Q HDMI adapter possible?
  189. ROG Swift dark spot on bottom right
  190. Advice Needed: ROG G751 Laptop & ROG Swift Monitor
  191. Just purchased the ROG Swift & have a couple of queries
  192. Asus PG278q rotation detection
  193. ROG SWIFT Repair - Fixed Issue But Scratched My Screen
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  197. PG278Q and 980GTX a good idea?
  198. ROG SWIFT fps drop
  199. PG278Q - G-Sync often dropping off
  200. Rog Swift and fps
  201. Cheaper Swift for us Free-Sync users?
  202. KVM Switch with Asus Swift (PG278Q)
  203. PG278Q G-Sync black flash (frame drop) at 144Hz
  204. Interested in the RoG swift, but seriously concerned with QC issues
  205. ROG Swift "vs." Acer Predator XB270HU
  206. Rog Swift can't get past 60mhz
  207. Rog Swift - How to check Manufacture date???
  208. ROG SWIFT PG278Q Flickering and blurry text
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  213. Strange problem whit my PG278Q @144Hz
  214. ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q makes my computer freeze when I change refresh rate
  215. Interested in the Swift, negativity is a turn off...
  216. Buy ROG Swift PG278Q
  217. PG27AQ Availability (4K, IPS, Gsync)
  218. PG278Q stuck @120Hz
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  220. Problem with the Swift White line appeared
  221. Asus Swift PG278Q October 2014 heat issue ?
  222. Does the Asus ROG Swift Come with any firmware or drivers?
  223. RMAing rog swift?? working sense RMA or no?
  224. Purchased a brand new Swift, Its October build date
  225. More problems whit my Rog Swift
  226. Release date on new rog swift?
  227. Pg278q OSD
  228. when can i but PG279Q ??
  229. go for the pg278q now ? also a new build so any advice would be gr8
  230. New asus rog pg279q
  231. Asus rog swift strange color effect question.
  232. swift issues
  233. Pg278q and dead pixels
  234. Motion blur problem with my swift.
  235. Monitor stuck at 60hz (PG278Q)
  236. New Swift Owner - Trouble with no image or OSD
  237. PG278Q fullscreen failure
  238. Would like to see ROG improve the Crosshair overlay on the PG278Q
  239. PG278Q Red Ring no longer working and have to unplug monitor to turn on
  240. Polish ASUS service broke my PG278Q - Abroad ASUS please help...
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  242. PG278Q ROG Swift malfunctioning
  243. Cant runt Trippel swift monitors...
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  245. ROG Swift Power on
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  250. ROG Swift is dying??? Already????