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  1. Samsung SM951 M.2 SSD not seen in BIOS (ROG GL552JX)
  2. Bought a new RoG GL552JX and facing loads of problems
  3. GL552VW HDD click of death [sound attached]
  4. GL552JX-DM144D FPS Issues
  5. Battery drain problem on ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 , is this normal?
  6. Samsung 950 pro m.2 not recognized in gl552vw
  7. GL552vw secondary ssd not showing up
  8. gl552vw aftermarket trackpad???? PLEASE
  9. Asus ROG GL551JM going into sleep mode randomly
  10. GL552JX battery wear level concerns
  11. GL552VW-CN104T Losing a lot of charge while off
  12. ROG GL552VX vs ROG G551JW
  13. Asus Rog Gl552jx Backlight Bleeding/Screen Bleeding.
  14. Where to purchase GL552j keys/keyboard replacement ?
  15. New gl552vw wow.... Problems!!!!!!
  16. GL552VW - CPU fan speed and temperatures
  17. Asus Rog Gl552jx LED Missing/dead From Backlit Keyboard
  18. GL552JX suddenly turned off
  19. can the backlight bleeding in asus rog gl552jx be fixed?
  20. New Bios 217 for GL552. Anyone try it yet?
  21. asus rog gl552jx speaker problems?
  22. [GL752VW] : adding an SSD drive
  23. ROG Gl552JX HDD bay doors plastic tabs broke
  24. gl752vw-dh71 bios update now screen wont turn on after sleep/kb light buttons funky
  25. Asus Rog Gl552jx poor build quality.
  26. GL752VW Changing Asus Splash to ROG
  27. Confusing report in GPUz when Gl552jx idle - Nvidia Optimus
  28. 5Ghz Wifi network not detected for GL752VW!
  29. GL 552 Lost sound on @wwek old machine!!!
  30. GL 552 Track pad intermittently not regstering left click
  31. Which Drivers to use for Asus GL551JM-CN212M?
  32. Can i use my GL551 jx laptop while its charging ?
  33. New Win10 ROG GL552VW - with Windows.old folder? How to delete?
  34. Upgrading to Killer Wireless-AC 1535 on Asus GL551 laptop
  35. GL752VW issues - fan working at maximum speed in Win7
  36. New GL752VW-DH71 computer - WoW causes reboot
  37. Does my GL552JX with one red stuck pixel qualify for ZBD?
  38. GL552JX M.2 SSD Caused Bios hang Freezing after dual boot
  39. GL752VW fan control
  40. GL752VW good enough for VR Occulus Rift?
  41. GL752VW Win 7 Touch Pad Driver?
  42. GL752vw not recovering from sleep mode
  43. GL551JW-WH71(WX) - Left Speaker Crackling Noise
  44. gl552vw-dh71 - Display scaling question
  45. Is my Asus Rog Gl552jx hard drive damage fine or serious?
  46. Anybody try Gl551jw bios 209?
  47. Diagonal refresh line? In 3d games..vertical sync does nothing. GL752VW
  48. GL552vw-d71 keystroke lag in battle.net games-hearthstone, heroes of storm, WOW.HELP!
  49. GL552VW-DM351T Temperatures !
  50. GL752VW Grapic card problem
  51. GL552 Potential Buyer with a few questions
  52. Is it bad having my GL752 constantly plugged in?
  53. Gl552vw-dh74 bluetooth malfunction, not working at all
  54. Has anyone opened his asus rog gl552jx maintenances hatch?
  55. GL551JX Display or GPU issue: Deep black colors displayed as purple
  56. CPU, GPU - Somebody know of free Throttling Test Software?
  57. GL552VW M.2 SSD Upgrade - help
  58. GL552VW-dh74 Extremely poor sound volume and quality
  59. Need Help! How or can I upgrade my Gtx 960m in my gl551jw-ds71 ROG laptop?
  60. ASUS GL752vw ram upgrade compatibility, G.SKILL Ripjaws 16GB 260-Pin DDR4 SO-DIMM?
  61. Need help with my GL551JW-DS74, SSD stopped appearing in POST screen, not booting
  62. Asus GL552JX keyboard light not working
  63. ROG GL552VW-DM210T M.2 SSD Upgrade options?
  64. GL752VW Can't install Asus Splendid Giving me ICM file error. Pls help.
  65. ASUS ROG GL552VW-CN471T frequent crashes
  66. Anybody tried GL752 Bios 213 ?
  67. GL502VT STRIX Laptop US Release Date and Price??
  68. [ASK] When GL552 screen become off
  69. GL552VW-DH74 Battery purchase?
  70. How to use ASUS Gl552vx ROG Gaming Center?
  71. Does the GL752VW-T4077T support Thunderbolt 3 over USB 3.1 Type C please
  72. ASUS GL552jx fresh windows install not working
  73. GL552JX Shadow Play not working
  74. My asus rog gl552jx bottom cover flexes, Is it Normal?
  75. Any Suggestions for GL752VW Keyboard Protector that fits properly?
  76. Max RAM on GL552VW-DH71?
  77. [GL752VW] brightness too bright after reboot issues for Windows 10 build 10586.218
  78. Useful GL752 Threads
  79. touch pad issue on asus rog gl552vx
  80. Useful GL552 Threads
  81. gl752vw-dh71 What kinda of M.2 slot do i have SataIII or PCIE
  82. Are GL552VW Wobbly Hinges Normal?
  83. Asus ROG GL552VW-CN471T (Europe version) M.2 SSD?
  84. 2 glaring GL752VW issues that have no been resolved...hello Asus?!
  85. Laptop Buying Inquiry (GL552VW)
  86. GL752VW died after connecting HDMI
  87. ASUS ROG GL752VW USB Ports not working
  88. Has anyone tried BIOS 218 for the GL552VW-DH71 ?
  89. Tips on keeping GL551j usb ports tight ?
  90. GL552VW Issues
  91. Question about GL502 models and specs
  92. This GL752VW-DH71 sleep/screen issue is really getting old
  93. asus 551jw keyboard backlight not lighting up
  94. GL552VW Wont boot/turn on
  95. ROG STRIX GL502VT Question~
  96. ASUS ROG GL552VW Ram Capacity?
  97. Useful GL502/ GL503/ GL504/ GL531/GL552/ GL553/ GL702/ GL703/ GL704/ GL752 Threads
  98. Possible to Restore GL752vw from dvd / get restore media ?
  99. Why does the GL502VT not have G-Sync
  100. Has anyone opened his asus rog gl552jx service cover and broke clips?
  101. GL552JX vs GL552VW
  102. GL552VW - CN461D Temp goes to 98 C while gaming
  103. GL752VW black screen
  104. DOOM on the GL552VW GTX 960M Runs Very Well
  105. Will the USB Type-C ports of the GL502VY have future Thunderbolt 3 capability?
  106. Random Shutdowns Asus ROG GL552
  107. GL552VW bricked with BIOS 218 update
  108. ASUS GL752VW yellowish screen
  109. Some questions about GL552VX before buying...
  110. Lagging webcam ASUS GL551 ...internal or external. Is there a solution?
  111. Trying to set up SanDisk X400 (AHCI) SSD boot, GL552VW
  112. If you've bought the GL552VW and are having problems
  113. GL551-JS random shutdowns when playing games
  114. My Asus GL551J Overheats Quick
  115. My GL552VW is freezing quite often
  116. Bought GL752VW - Need some suggestions !!!!
  117. GL752VW DH71 lagging when playing multiple low graphic game
  118. GL551 running very slowly
  119. "Asus rog gl552jx user come here." I have question about the HDD bay or service cover
  120. Strix GL702 Release Date ???
  121. Gl552vw event Id 56 random reboot
  122. GL502VY-DS71, Space Available to add more Storage?
  123. GL552VX Heating noticeable between touchpad and spacebar, is this normal ?
  124. Cleaning a ASUS GL551j?
  125. Suddenly in my GL552jx the Smart gesture driver is not working in windows 8.1
  126. I lost my recovery partition for my GL551JM ... Please help!
  127. Is gl552vw have keyboard ghosting problem?
  128. thermal throttling on asus rog gl552jx
  129. Is the Asus GL552VW Able to run Windows 8.1?
  130. Asus GL752VW-T4077T HDD Swap
  131. Asus gl502 supporting asus ROG XG2 external gpu?
  132. GL552VW-CN174D, Temperature & Cooling question.
  133. My Asus GL551J Overheats Quick
  134. GL502VY-74 Slight ticking sound on touchpad
  135. GL752VW GPU temperature always skyrockets to 83 C
  136. GL552VW HDD and Extended Battery?
  137. Asus ROG GL552VW having problems turning on after shutdown
  138. Motherboard that uses the laptop asus rog GL752VW-DH71?
  139. Asus GL552VW, laptop shutdown when flashdrive plugged in
  140. Rog GL552VX Internet speed is slow
  141. GL752V won't start
  142. Want to RMA, sticker is a little damaged, will they take it?
  143. GL752VW Not reconizing DDR4 3000 memory at full speed
  144. Guide To Disassembling A ASUS GL551j For Cleaning Out Dust
  145. Black screen on gl552vw after windows 10 installation - solved?
  146. Asus GL752vw BIOS 214 update changelog?
  147. GL552VW Cooling Fan - is cooling the bottom of the laptop necessary?
  148. RoG GL502 refresh rate?
  149. Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Upgrade Issues
  150. GL502/GL552/GL752 Triple Display
  151. GL502 VT - SSD upgrade help
  152. GL552VW-DH71 Compatible M.2 SSD's?
  153. GL552VW laptop freezes if it goes to sleep?
  154. Gl502VY-DS74 URGENT HELP !! Been looking to solve image quality issue for a while !
  155. GL502VT Battery indicator blinking orange AND green-- 98% forever
  156. GL502VS No Thunderbolt 3?
  157. GL552VW - Audio jacks are not working
  158. Clean install/Recovery GL752VW
  159. issue with M.2 ssd for Gl752vw-DH71
  160. GL552VW Anti-aliasing not working on the Nvidia control panel in Windows 8.1
  161. GL552VW making strange noise - possibly the fan
  162. Asus ROG GL502VS 4k UHD? When its available?
  163. GL752VW Low volume issue
  164. Inquiry about GL502VS...
  165. GL551JM SSD raid with intel RST
  166. Trying to install GL-552V with Windows 7 x64bits... HELP PLEASE.
  167. GL552VW bad mic problem and slow speakers
  168. GL552VW RAM Upgrades Necessary? Will it really make a difference?
  169. GL552VW and Battlefield 1 + question about components temps
  170. When is the GL502VS (GTX 1070) available for purchase in The Netherlands?
  171. asus rog gl552vx m.2 SSD support?
  172. Microphone input not support stereo sound input
  173. Question about GL502vs nvidia driver
  174. I need help on using the battery in the laptop GL 552VX
  175. ROG GL552V fn + volume keys not working
  176. GL552VW Bluetooth connect then disconnect issue in Win10
  177. GL552VW Keep getting black screens! Need help!
  178. GL752VW-DH74 Slow Wifi on Wireless AC
  179. GL752VW No Battery Is Detected
  180. ASUS GL502VT Buzzing Noise
  181. GL502VS Ventilators blocked by monitor..
  182. GL552VW windows 10, Touchpad not working while gaming :(
  183. Brand new asus rog gl552vw shutting down when gaming
  184. GL551 Laptop Overheating?
  185. HELP! Best Cooling Pad/Cooling Alternatives for Asus ROG GL502VY-DS71 Notebook?
  186. Driver Issues with GL502VM
  187. Upgrading RAM GL702VM
  188. What size of screwdrivers are needed to disassemble the back of a Asus gl551j?
  189. GL552VW - No webcam found - solved!
  190. GL552VX popping audio
  191. ASUS GL502VS (GeForce GTX 1070) + ASUS MG279Q via DisplayPort -- No Signal, solved?
  192. GL552vw screen tear problem when scrolling
  193. What Hard Drive to purchase for GL502VT
  194. ROG GL502VY Notebook Heating Issues When Gaming
  195. How To upgrade GL552vw BIOS?
  196. ASUS ROG GL752VW Camera Problem
  197. GL551V Restarting from Gestures
  198. ROG GL752VW Wifi problem (Intel Wireless-AC 7652)
  199. When will the GL502VS come to Europe (Netherlands)? Any ideas about the pricing?
  200. GL551JW FPS Issue
  201. GL502VS sleep problems and loud fans?
  202. Recovery from sleep GL552VW issue
  203. fan problem with GL552JX ?
  204. High temps Gl551jw laptop
  205. High temps Gl551jw laptop
  206. GL502VS Battery drain when gaming (on AC power)
  207. Asus GL502 touchpad not working
  208. Upcomming Pascal models for the GL Series
  209. i dont seem to be able to manually control GL752VW fan speed in any way?
  210. asus rog gl752vw white fade on the display
  211. Best buy gl702
  212. GL502vs Crashing in Chrome and then restarts
  213. GL502VS disappointing performance
  214. ASUS ROG GL752VW touchpad not stable one side up
  215. GL552V M.2 SSD not showing.
  216. Gl752vw and ssd m.2 samsung 950 (nmve)
  217. What is the additional 128 SSD for when there is also a 1TB 7200 HDD?
  218. GL522VW-CN108T external GPU options?
  219. HD Caddy in GL752VW for Sata SSD
  220. GL552VW-CN211D problems
  221. GL502VS Weird Noise around Enter/Backspace key
  222. GL502VM Webcam and Mic Drivers?
  223. Requesting Information about GL502VM, Virtual Machine, Optimus, USB-C Thunderbolt ?
  224. GL502VS Issue on Keyboard Shortcuts Using Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3
  225. GL552JX force shutdown
  226. GL502VM high temps!
  227. GL552VW New BIOS 300
  228. GL502VM random freezing and crash
  229. ASUS ROG GL522VW (with SSD) lagg when HDD spins up
  230. GL502VS Faulty Realtek Sound? Stopped working a few hours after receiving laptop...
  231. GL552vw-dh71 ram upgrade questions
  232. GL502VS No more dvd drive... how install programs, softwares?
  233. Screen blinking on new GL502VS
  234. No Touchpad on GL552VW
  235. Rog GL552VW memory upgrade help
  236. Help me choose a laptop
  237. GL502VS 1TB 7200 RPM HDD or 528 GB SSD better?
  238. Will this ssd work on my GL552JX?
  239. GL502VS Discharging while Plugged-in
  240. There was a problem resetting your PC
  241. GL702VM Performance issues?
  242. GL702VM-db71... possible to boot from Samsung 950 Pro?
  243. Battery saver for GL552VX
  244. GL552 and Wins 10 Anniv Update Issue
  245. Please help Asus ROG laptop GL752
  246. GL702VM Heavy GPU throttling
  247. GL502VM and Thunderbolt 3 confusion
  248. GL552VW - 960M idle clock/memory speed too high
  249. GL502 VS problems
  250. different model recorded on the Asus site, GL552VW has changed to FZ50VW ?