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  1. Asus Rog GL703VD worst laptop on the planet. Serious problems.
  2. smart gesture issues again always
  3. GL703GS 8th Gen Strix Scar Editions - Issues Day One
  4. GL503VM Hero Edition fan noise whilst charging and battery charge
  5. ROG STRIX GL703 RAM Form Factor?
  6. Window 10 Sound Problems on Battery (GL702VI)
  7. GL503VD Need The Clone FIle
  8. GL703VM - Many issue
  9. problems GL702! - hard time waking up from sleep/restarts
  10. Dual booting Win7 with the GL503VD Win10 OEM
  11. ASUS ROG GL752VW Randomly shuts down on battery
  12. Sound quality of GL502VS with headphones vs. external sound card?
  13. Can't install GL503GE Precision trackpad driver Windows 10 1803(April 2018) - solved
  14. ROG 503VM Keyboard and mouse stops working randomly issue
  15. Asus GL702VM Water Damage - Where do I go from here?
  16. GL503VM esupport
  17. eDriver for SCAR GL503VS
  18. Shutdowns while playing games on GL502VS
  19. Calling all GL502VSK owners
  20. Game Crashing Problem After 4 Minutes with Laptop GL753VD
  21. How to copy/clone gl703gm Os to new ssd..??
  22. GL703 and Wave 2 Wi-Fi, Not getting 1.7GBps
  23. Asus gl553vd-dm078t - bios problem
  24. anyone ever benchmarked standard; extreme settings game center, seen any difference?
  25. GL702ZC question about SSD upgrade and losing warranty?
  26. GL753VD keyboard not working
  27. GL503VD Rog gaming center Not Working with error 1001 problem
  28. GL702VM found air flow defect? 10c cooler
  29. GL703VD Sonic Studio vs touchpad lag
  30. Asus gl502vmk battery issue, says it has 95% charge, but keeps shutting down...
  31. Compatible Ram GL502VS
  32. I am not too sure whats wrong with it.
  33. GL502VS - Dies when unplugged
  34. Asus Rog Gl 703Vm keyboard stuck and stop working
  35. GPU Memory Frequency constantly maxed out and other issue
  36. Can't Find Bios Update GL702ZC
  37. Please share GL753VD bios
  38. GL703VM with some concerns
  39. Gl502vs Stuck at REPUBLIC OF GAMERS when i try to "reset this pc" - solved?
  40. GL503VS Can't install ROG GameVisual
  41. GL703GS Scar Questions and Concerns?
  42. GL552VW - Backlight not working after updating to Windows 10, 1803 April Update
  43. Touchpad Not response after format gl702zc Ryzen
  44. GL702vs-RS71 and SSamsung 960 PRO NVMe 1TB
  45. Can someone upload Sonic Studio 3 ?
  46. Rog gl502vt upgrade
  47. GL702VM or GL702VS or GL702?? VRM Heatsink plate is flimsy and flopping in the wind.
  48. G551JW - power issues
  49. [GL553VD] Bottom cover screws/Hinge issues
  50. GL703GE Touchpad issue (jitters/slowdowns/random-movement)
  51. W key is not Working on my GL502VS Laptop.
  52. GL502VS cannot reduce temps, tried everything.
  53. is it possible to get 4k@60 hertz output from gl552vw?
  54. Asus GL703VM Performance/Temperatures After Upgrading BIOS from 306 to 311?
  55. Car charger for GL702vm?
  56. [gl553ve] poor battery life
  57. GL503VS having issues with screen turning on when powering up or waking from sleep
  58. GL703VM in SSD area makes noise when idle ?
  59. GL502VSK BIOS Versions Mismatched
  60. ASUS ROG STRIX GL503 CPU overload??
  61. asus GL553vd speaker makes constant crackling noise unless its muted
  62. Gl702vmk RAM upgrade
  63. Bios/firmware to solve Spectre/Meltdown issue for Asus FX753VD...
  64. How can I start ROG GL753 laptop using only external keyboard?
  65. aura in gl503vd can change keyboard brightness but cant change color
  66. Asus GL553VD missing A key...
  67. Upgrading the GL703 M.2 drive to 512GB
  68. Asus GL 553 VW - Display not as crisp like the other Competitors
  69. How to get dual boot working on GL703
  70. GL503 slow after factory reset?
  71. GL703GM - Reinstalled Windows, but can't find ROG Aura Core software
  72. Disappointed with my ASUS gl503
  73. Scratchy noise out of speakers whenever I move the mouse
  74. GL503GE-ES73 Lag closing applications after WIndows 10 1803 Update, solved?
  75. Asus G-series (GL703 specifically) fan control notification?
  76. GL703GS Bios update
  77. GL702VMK overclocking 75Hz panel to 100Hz.
  78. ASUS ROG Strix GL504 SCAR 2 Question About Cooling and Running with Lid Closed
  79. Is your ELAN1200 touchpad not working on Linux? :D
  80. Installing new SSD and doing fresh install of win10
  81. GL703GS windows install failed out of the box... Nothing works.
  82. Asus ROG Strix GL503GE SCAR - wrong ram slot, scratchy noise, cpu always on max clock
  83. GL503GE ROG BIos C1E
  84. ASUS ROG GL553VD BSOD (Video_TDR_Failure)
  85. GL503GE-EN073T eSupport folder request
  86. GL702VS-RS72 - Battery fails in less than 1 year - Laptop begins to degrade
  87. Official "eSupport" source thread
  88. GL703GM - Does it have G-SYNC?
  89. Gl702vmk Intel Core i7-7700hq cpu speed?
  90. ROG GL503V - Invalid password in BIOS
  91. GL702V bad hard drive
  92. GL502VM owners. OPEN YOUR LAPTOP. Bulging battery.
  93. GL503 - Game Visual software Needed
  94. ROG GL553VD - Game Center and GPU Memory Speed
  95. Why are there no plans to update the GL702ZC bios to accept new Ryzen CPUs?
  96. GL702V not showing up driver section
  97. GL503VM ROG Game Center no CPU info(keep on 0, static 2400 memory frequency) - solved
  98. GL703VM back light bleed
  99. Turbo Gear option missing in ROG Gaming Center after Windows reinstall (GL503VD)
  100. Gl553vd fan issue, my gaming center FAN BOOST lost its AUTO option
  101. Gl553vd ram upgrade
  102. Colores invertidos en pantalla por momentos, GL553VE
  103. Brand new ROG GL503VM Overheat problem or normal?
  104. GL702ZC Screen Bleeding Brand New
  105. ASUS ROG Strix GL702ZC High Temp / Fan Noise
  106. Serious Boot problem with ROG Strix GL703GS Scar Edition
  107. Gl703gs scar edition Gaming Center Fan control is not working
  108. GL702VMK bios confusion
  109. GL552VX - Audio: disable all enhancements but keeps activating - solved?
  110. GL502VS Battery not detected
  111. what is causing battery to discharge 5% while plugged in?
  112. GL703VM ROG Gaming Center GPU Memory In Red
  113. GL502VM Locking up and freezing.
  114. ASSU GL702VS - the $1800 laptop with no support from ASUS?
  115. GL703GE Normal Temperature Range?
  116. Unexpected shutdowns upon starting up my laptop from sleep mode.
  117. 4 Zone LED backlit GL503VD raindbow effect
  118. GL552JX Plugged in,Charging but the battery won't pass 85%.
  119. GL502VS Fans started to spin at max rpm
  120. GL503VS battery indicator not working?
  121. Undervolting help for my gl502vm
  122. GL503VS power throttling?
  123. GL502VS Weird double screen issue? Maybe overheat realted..
  124. FPS Drops Asus ROG GL552VW Notebook.
  125. Asus GL503 VD buzzing sound
  126. How to Change 8 Bit Depth - 32 Bit Depth in my laptop display?.
  127. GL702 AH73 - Problem with AURA
  128. Asus ROG GL702VS not working after Windows 10 1803 update
  129. Replace a key on the keyboard?
  130. GL503VS-DH74 touchpad issue
  131. Can't Install Windows 7 on GL703GS-E5011
  132. Where to purchase new screen and speaker GL503VS
  133. ASUS GL703VM fan control + heat problrms
  134. GPU Fan going bonkers when idle/normal use in GL502VM-FY022T
  135. GL503VS-DH74 Charging options
  136. ASUS GL702VI - did I jsut get a lemon or all models are garbage?
  137. ROG-GL553VD is it a gaming laptop that works with ROG Aura?
  138. Need Help rgb keyboard connecter location on GL553VD motherboard
  139. GL553VD Keyboard replacement tutorial request
  140. [need help] [asus rog strix gl 503 ge] original folder name on c
  141. GL703VM overheat cpu 93 gpu 94
  142. ROG Strix GL703GS-E5011T draining battery while on mains power
  143. [GL503GE HERO EDITION] ROG GameVisual doesn't working after reinstalling windows
  144. Am I harming my GL502VS laptop by plugging in so many devices?
  145. GL503GE Scar edition, flimsy touchpad
  146. FX553VD ROG Game Center does not show CPU or GPU info
  147. Very big dual-boot problem with Asus ROG Strix GL703GS SCAR Bios !! Help me guys !!
  148. ASUS ROG GL753VD - Keyboard problem
  149. ROG Strix GL702ZC New and got it yesterday, guide to use and start gaming?
  150. Accessing full BIOS/reducing latency on GL702VS-AH73 laptop
  151. Windows 1803 June-July updates maybe increased CPU usage and temperatures on GL502VMK
  152. GL503VS Scar Edition - Bad Battery, or?
  153. Asus GL703GE BIOS update [bricked]
  154. ROG Strix GL702ZC Upgrade Questions
  155. ROG Strix GL702ZC low volume for some games like doom as well as music?
  156. gl703 vm long cold boot
  157. CPU Not Working in GL553VD ROG Gaming center
  158. Laptop discharges while plugged during games/AutoCAD(Already RMA twice) GL703GM-DS74
  159. Notebook GL503VM;ASUS/ Keyboard Stops working
  160. Problems Reinstalling Win10 on a GL502VT
  161. How do I install Bios on ROG Strix GL702ZC?
  162. ASUS ROG STRIX GL503GE SCAR No G sync
  163. Urgent ! Need your suggestions ..battery drained even if i'm not using it gl503vd
  164. Please help me out! I just purchased an Asus RoG GL552JX and it's giving me so many p
  165. ASUS ROG GL703 SCAR EDITION - Screen Off toggle issues
  166. ASUS ROG GL703 SCAR EDITION - When in sleep, weird keyboard lighting
  167. GL753VE Low Battery Performance.
  168. Strix SCAR II GL504GS Fan Question, Stuck on High for a while?
  169. Asus GL753VE problem with rog gaming center
  170. ROG gl502vs freezes on Asus logo after restart
  171. Gl552 wont turn on just heats up
  172. What are your CPU and GPU temps while gaming on ASUS GL503 VM with GTX 1060
  173. Asus ROG Strix GL503VD sound enhancement problem
  174. GL702VS 4K Display Output - 4K Panel!
  175. Replace GL551 battery?
  176. How to use Ryzen Master on ROG Strix GL702ZC safely?
  177. GL753VE BIOS 307 missing in the download area?
  178. GL553VD Bios 307 feedback, Spectre/Meltdown ?
  179. GL703-Is installation of drivers recommended on laptop when W10 already preinstalled?
  180. BIOS version 308 for the GL502VSK, any feedback?
  181. GL702VS BIOS 310 out *with* Spectre protection
  182. Where to get new GL702ZC audio drivers for louder headphone and speaker volume?
  183. GL503VS eSupport / eDrivers Request
  184. ASUS ROG GL703VM (Scar Edition) 2nd drive upgrade
  185. ROG Strix GL702ZC CPU Upgrade Confirmed w/Links
  186. NEWBIES GUIDE FOR ASUS ROG G|GL: read anyone considering buying ASUS
  187. GL702ZC lag and FPS issues with online gaming only?
  188. How to find drivers from AMD based on my pc setup?
  189. Syetm restore not working
  190. GL702ZC completely died last night
  191. Can someone share eSupport file for GL702VS?
  192. Poor video quality on GL553VD
  193. Does the ROG GL702VS supports 15mm 2.5 Hard drives?
  194. GL703VD Cloned Windows 7 - Keyboard and Mouse doesn't work
  195. GL553VD support for Intel Optane
  196. GL702ZC FPS drop at online games
  197. GL503VS Fan Overboost not working
  198. BIOS LAG on GL703GS, Unable to update the BIOS.
  199. Battery drainage during shutdown in GL703GE
  200. All of the Asus ROG laptops with 17.3" 120 hz screen are not working correctly
  201. Upgrade display in GL502VMK 7th gen
  202. GL753 IPS glow or more?
  203. When is the next GL702ZC audio driver correction update?
  204. Asus Rog GL553VD (Too low,restarts,issues).
  205. Need help to instal Windows 7 SP1 UEFI on GL753VE bios 306
  206. power bank for GL703GM ?
  207. GL702VS possible video card issue
  208. GL702VMK restarts randomly and stucks in BIOS settings
  209. what happens if I don't charge gl503ge for a few hours for first use?
  210. ASUS GL703 GM high temperatures at (almost) idle
  211. Asus ROG Strix GL503GE laptop keyboard is not working in BIOS and windows FIX [100%]
  212. [GL503VM] Is this temperature at idle normal?
  213. GL703VD - what to name microphone key when remapping
  214. GL753-VE does not auto-hibernate on battery
  215. m2 ssd compatibility with GL502vm
  216. GL502VM weird self shut down issue
  217. Help ROG strix scar, not reading my HHD
  218. GL703G laptop warranty is a joke because they won't fix the problem
  219. ROG Strix GL702ZC and Mining Is it worth it?
  220. Strix hero gl503ge fan GPU problem
  221. GL553VD Laptop freezing.. overheating issues
  222. Does anyone with a GL703G laptop NOT have coil whine?
  223. GL702ZC vs GTX1060 laptops?
  224. ROG GL502VS - SSD and RAM upgrade
  225. New Asus GL503GE
  226. Is it possible to upgrade my Asus GL552vw-cn656d with this WLAN card?
  227. ROG Strix GL503VM SSD Upgrade
  228. GL752VW Disable touchpad for mouse button region
  229. My GL503G only gives me 2 hours of estimated remaining time when 90%
  230. GL502VS fps drops, not more overheat..Maybe battery?
  231. Battery Icon Problem After Windows 10 Feature Update (1803-2018) On Laptop ROG GL552v
  232. New Asus GL503GE Strix Scar Edition Portuguese
  233. GL702VI input hangs/unresponsive
  234. GL703 - Sonic Radar 3 - Not supported in PUBG?
  235. New GL703VD freezing constantly
  236. ASUS GL703GS -> When will ASUS release a working VGA driver?
  237. GL502VS CPU fan running at full speed intermittently, no CPU load
  238. Problems with GL553VD brightness
  239. ROG GL752V Battery Problems
  240. GL703GM Battery discharging while plugged in
  241. ASUS ROG GL703GE capacity limit for SSD
  242. ASUS ROG GL703GE lost its XMP profile when installed a new RAM?
  243. GL702VS Can't change fan speed instantly
  244. GL703GS Samsung PM961 m.2 BSOD
  245. GL702VS power supply adapter charger very underpowered - and the solution
  246. Anyone have a stable GL703GS-DS74?
  247. ME Update pls help on ASUS GL752VW
  248. New Asus GL503GE Strix Scar Edition and Gladius II
  249. GL702ZC 32GB RAM installed, 16GB usable
  250. GL502VS realtek microphone/speaker driver not migrated